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2015-026 Vancouver South Presbytery (VSP) FULL COURT · PDF file 2015-027 Vancouver South Presbytery (VSP) FULL COURT MEETING April 21st, 2015 @ Gilmore Park United Church (UC) Motion:

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  • 2015-026

    Vancouver South Presbytery (VSP) FULL COURT MEETING

    April 21st, 2015 @ Gilmore Park United Church (UC)

    Present: Rev. Diana Sung, Rosemary Collins, Dawna English, Susan King, Rev. Sandra Nixon,

    Rev. Start Appenheimer, Stephen Fung, Rev. Richard Bott, Rhona Panton, Doug Smart,

    Rev. Yoko Kihara, Rev. Neil McRae, Nora L. Shione, Rev. Everest Kao, Keiko Norisue

    Rev. Gary Gaudin, Rev. Yutaka Zama, Rev. Warren McKinnon, Rev. Elizabeth Bowyer,

    Rev. Ibi Chuan, Rev. Brian Thorpe, Rev. Judith Stark, Rev. Dan Kierkgaard, Sue


    Regrets: Barb Mikulec, Maggie Hosgood, Louise Smith, Rev. James Kong, Marleen Soutar,

    Cathy MacKean, Rev. Blake Field, Eric Hamlyn

    Guests: Toni Fu, John Hsu, and Shan Shan Hsu

    The meeting was preceded by dinner, after which we were led in worship by Rev. Liz Bowyer.

    The meeting began with Joys, Concerns and Announcements

    - Rev. McRae updated us on the progress of the development plans for Oakridge. He

    also recommended a prayer resource, “50 Ways to Pray” by Theresa A. Blythe

    - Laurel Chapman announced that Eric Hamlyn has returned from his sabbatical, but

    couldn't be with us tonight because he is at Loon Lake.

    - Dan Kirkegaard let us know that Marleen Soutar is home and well after undergoing

    emergency surgery last week. She is under Dr.'s orders to rest for the next 6 weeks.

    - Rev. Jim Short shared details of the Final Financial Report of Ladner's redevelopment.

    There is a surplus of $88,000!

    - Rev. McKinnon updated us on the funding for the Dramatic Discoveries Workshop. A

    $3,000 Pro-Vision grant has been received and other grants are being sought.

    - Rev. Kierkgaard announced that Tsawwassen United is hosting its third annual Art Fair

    June 5th, 6th and 7th. Dan will send out a poster.

    - Dan also reported on the success of a fundraiser for the Community Fund of Faith,

    which is supported by South Delta Churches. The Fund, now in its 20th year, assists

    people in need and can respond to a need in 24-48 hours.

    - Doug Smart told the Court about the Pre-Conference Event “Inspired to Act”, a joint

    Stewardship Team/Social Justice Circle event, featuring Dr. Kofi Hope, a community

    activist, youth advocate and the Managing Director of Community Empowering

    Enterprises (CEE). The focus of the event is Child Poverty in BC and how churches

    might respond.

    Corresponding Privileges

    Motion: (Dawna English/Judith Stark) That corresponding privileges be

    extended to Toni Fu, John Hsu and Shan Shan Hsu. Carried

    Minutes Richard Bott amended the original information regarding Summer Stream United. The

    First three services will be held at Dunbar Heights, the next four will be held at Ryerson

    And the last 2 will be held at Shaughnessy Heights.

  • 2015-027

    Vancouver South Presbytery (VSP) FULL COURT MEETING

    April 21st, 2015 @ Gilmore Park United Church (UC)

    Motion: (Doug Smart/Stuart Appenheimer) To adopt the minutes of the March 17th Full

    Court meeting as amended. Carried

    The minutes of the March 3rd Executive meeting were received for information.


    The secretary read a letter from Shanna-Lee Sanchez, Spiritual Health Practitioner at St.

    Vincent’s Langara Residence, in Vancouver, which was forwarded by Doug Goodwin.

    The letter, which has also been forwarded to Presbyters, is enquiring as to the availability

    of a minister or ministers who would be willing to do a simple service or hymn service at

    Langara Residence for the United Church members who reside there. If you are able to

    assist please contact Ms. Sanchez at (604) 806-9771 Ext: 69771 or at

    [email protected]

    Business Arising From The Minutes

    Richmond Chinese United Church – Dawna English

    Dawna English read the notice of Motion as well as a letter in support of the motion

    Mark Paektau of Dunbar Heights. {Appendix 2015-027 A}

    Neil McRae, a former Minister of Richmond Chinese United, also spoke in favour of the


    Motion: (Dawna English/Susan King) That Richmond United Church be constituted as a

    Pastoral Charge of the United Church of Canada. Carried Unanimously

    Richard Bott rose on a Point of Privilege and asked the Chair to lead us in prayer for

    Richmond Chinese United Church. The Chair led us in prayer in English, followed by

    Rev. Everest Kao, who led us in prayer in Chinese.

    The Chair announced that the next Full Court meeting on May 19th will be held at

    Richmond Chinese United Church, preceded by a celebratory dinner at 5:30pm, hosted by

    Richmond Chinese United Church. She asked Presbyters to RSVP via the sign-up sheet at

    the sign-in table at the front of the room.

    Financial Support for Students – Rhona Panton & Sandra Nixon, Convenors

    Rhona Panton summarized the letter received from the BC Conference Candidates

    Admissions Board regarding the potential to transfer funds budgeted for students and the

    offerings collected at covenanting services to a BC Conference Fund that provides

    financial support to students. {Appendix 2015-027 B}

    Rhona explained that the Presbytery already has an Education and Students line item in its

    budget. The funds are used to provide financial gifts and support to students.

    mailto:[email protected]

  • 2015-028

    Vancouver South Presbytery (VSP) FULL COURT MEETING

    April 21st, 2015 @ Gilmore Park United Church (UC)

    The Convenors recommended that we not participate in the Conference Fund, because the

    Presbytery already budgets for the financial needs of its students. Being able to respond

    directly to the financial needs of students is an important way for the Presbytery to be in

    relationship with its students.

    Regarding the offerings collected at Covenanting Services, the Convenors provided two

    options for the court:

    A) Donate the offerings received at Covenanting Services to the Vancouver School of Theology, which is where most of our students pursue their theological studies.

    B) Apply the offerings received at Covenanting Services to a Presbytery Emergency Fund for students in need of financial assistance.

    The Court discussed the Convenors' recommendations. Questions were raised regarding

    the administration of a Presbytery Emergency Fund for its students and how the suitability

    of requests made to the fund would be determined. The question of donating to the Centre

    for Christian Studies, where our Diaconal Ministers are trained, was also raised.

    After some discussion the following motion was moved:

    Motion: (Jim Short/Jon Jessiman) That both questions be deferred to the next Full

    Court meeting so the Convenors can bring test motions to the court for its

    consideration. Carried


    Dan Kierkgaard presented a report from Knox United Church regarding the progress of its

    property development, to the Court {Appendix 2015-028 A}

    This led to a brief discussion about the role of the Property Committee and the Presbytery

    in property matters.

    Rev. Stuart Appenheimer confirmed that the Brighouse property is still in the hands of

    Conference. Although the original development deal fell through, it was recommended

    that the property remain in the hands of Conference in case another development

    opportunity come up, which appears likely.

    Dan Kierkgaard noted that property matters are now in the hands of the Conference team.

    A new process is going forward and Dan has no updates on that process to share with the


    Re-Appointment of Rev. Yutaka Zama

    Keiko Norisue, Lay Representative for Vancouver Japanese (Japanese Speaking) told the

    court that she has been in contact with Conference and that Rev. Zama will be re-

    appointed for another 3 years from July 1st, 2015 – June 30th 2018.

  • 2015-029

    Vancouver South Presbytery (VSP) FULL COURT MEETING

    April 21st, 2015 @ Gilmore Park United Church (UC)

    Nominations – Diana Sung, Chair

    We need to nominate one more Representative to Vancouver YAYA to serve along with

    Laurel Chapman.

    Marleen Soutar has nominated Dan Kierkgaard to the position of Vice-Chair. The Vice-

    Chair’s term begins June 1st. The Vice-Chair will be covenanted with the Executive at our

    June Full Court meeting. A vote will be held at the next Full Court meeting and

    nominations are still open.

    Vote on Quorum – Doug Smart

    Motion: (Doug Smart/ Richard Bott) That for the 2015-2016 pastoral year the

    quorum for a full court meeting of Vancouver South Presbytery be established as:

    (1) at least 1/5 (20%) of the members of Presbytery who are entitled to

    vote must be present;

    (2) at least 1/3 of the members present must be members of the Order of

    Ministry or designated lay ministe

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