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  • 1. STATE OF THE ARTS & HUMANITIES IN MONTGOMERY COUNTY APRIL 2, 2014 the arts & humanities council of montgomery

2. Enhance Quality of Life Drive the Economy Convene Communities In Montgomery County arts, heritage and culture 3. Quality of Life Montgomery County is one of the Top 50 Best Places To Live, CNN Money 2013 "Artists and art making in Maryland fuel our creative economy and expand opportunities for cultural engagement across the state," Dominick Murray, Secretary, Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development World-class performing centers and culturally-diverse neighborhoods make MC Marylands SMART Business Location says MCDED Tourists rank attendance at cultural events and venues in the top 10 reasons to visit MC 4. Driving Our Economy 5. Montgomery County Economic Trends Economy is growing By 2017, the Countys employment base is projected to grow 5.9 percent The arts and humanities are an important part of that growth 6. Convening Communities 58 performing venues 60 galleries 22 theatres 50 historical venues 150 small, midsize and emerging arts & humanities groups 27 book stores 33 dance studios 28 music stores 14 recording studios 9 art supply stores 32 music schools 1500 independent artists & scholars And growing! 7. Montgomery County Arts &Humanities Funding History 2002-2014 8. Our Extraordinary Demography 48% White 52% People of Color Population Estimates: 2013 = 1,016,677 2012 = 1,004,476 Population percent change, 4/1/10 to 7/1/13 = 4.6% 9. Seven Grant Categories Advancement Capital Improvement Project General Operating Support Mid Size Organization Small Organization Individual Artists and Scholars Artists and Scholars in the Community Matching Grants Eight Grant Categories 10. FY15 Budget Recommendation $5,483,700 11. Dynamic Thinking About the Future In forming its new Strategic Plan AHCMC should 12. As a grant maker As an advocate As a capacity building, fiscal sustainability expert To foster incubators and growth with an emphasis on nascent organizations To integrate technology with strategic plan Think Strategically 13. Think Strategically To identify "arts deserts" To help align hubs of cultural development with areas of economic development To encourage, enable and convene collaborations between organizations and individual artists To support diversity and advance equity with an awareness of changing demographics 14. To focus on intergenerational education To encourage public/private partnerships To find & maintain rehearsal, performance spaces To develop more impactful support for Individual Artists and Scholars To mine data and measure/assess against stated goals To adopt an Adaptive Strategy Think Strategically 15. NEXT STEPS Solicit community feedback through meetings with grantees and other stakeholders Integrate resonate themes into the new strategic plan framework Present framework to AHCMC Board for review AHCMC Board to adopt in FY16 Next Steps 16. Questions? Thank You! 17. Providing leadership that sustains arts and humanities organizations, artists and scholars and inspires participation in our Countys rich cultural assets