2014 OHSU Equity & CURE Research Internship Handbook

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The Center for Diversity and Inclusion administers summer research internship opportunities for diverse college and high school students. www.ohsu.edu/equity-research

Text of 2014 OHSU Equity & CURE Research Internship Handbook

  • Summer Research Handbook OHSU Center for Diversity & Inclusion


  • 2014 OHSU Summer Equity and CURE Intern and Mentor Handbook 2

    Table of Contents Page(s)

    Section 1: About the Summer Equity and CURE Internship Programs

    Welcome and Acknowledgments 3

    Program Contacts 4

    What are the Equity and CURE Programs? 5

    2014 Summer Internship Calendar 6-9

    Section 2: Information for Interns

    Intern Expectations and Responsibilities 10

    Section 3: Information for Mentors

    Mentor Expectations and Responsibilities 11

    Your Role as a Faculty Mentor 12-13

    Guidelines for Hosting Minors in Labs at OHSU 14-15

    Section 4: Meet the 2014 Summer Equity and CURE Interns and Mentors

    CURE Interns and Mentors 16

    Equity Interns and Mentors 17-18

    Visiting Research Interns 19

    Mentor Contact Information 20-23


  • 2014 OHSU Summer Equity and CURE Intern and Mentor Handbook 3

    Welcome and Acknowledgments

    Congratulations and welcome, OHSU summer research interns! Whether you are taking part in the Equity or the Ted R. Lilley Continuing Umbrella of Research Education (CURE) Intern Program, we are excited to have you here at OHSU this summer. Both internship programs are quite competitive and selective. Your application was among hundreds of both local and national applicants from across the United States. Your excellent credentials, impressive academic background and strong interest in health and science careers propelled you to the top of the heap. For the duration of the research internship and beyond, we are eager to provide you with the tools and skills necessary to ascend to the next level of your academic and career aspirations. We are pleased to offer you a summer program that will provide hands-on experience, academic advising, and professional development to help you prepare for your long-term career goal. The Center for Diversity & Inclusion (CDI) administers student enrichment programs with the support of many OHSU partners. Tracking the academic success of our interns, CDI is pleased to report that former interns have matriculated into OHSU programs. Some have already completed their respective program of interest at OHSU and other institutions. To provide our interns and faculty mentors with high-quality service, CDI is pleased to welcome David Martinez, OHSUs new Manager of Student Recruitment & Retention. David, who will oversee our summer programs, comes to OHSU with a wealth of experience in student advising and recruitment. He has served in key student affairs roles at Portland State University, Western Oregon University and Portland Community College. Most recently, he was a policy manager for the Oregon Education Investment Board. As manager of the Equity and CURE programs, David is your point person and key contact during the next eight weeks. You may contact David at martdavi@ohsu.edu or (503) 494-9512. The Equity Summer Program is sponsored by the Center for Diversity & Inclusion, the School of Dentistry, the School of Medicine Deans Office, Graduate Studies, School of Nursing and the Portland Alcohol Research Center (PARC). The Ted R. Lilley CURE program receives administrative and financial support from the Knight Cancer Institute and the Ted R. Lilley Family Endowment. The Equity and the Ted R. Lilley CURE programs would not be possible without the support and mentorship of OHSU faculty members and providers. Your participation as mentors furthers OHSUs commitment toward increasing the pipeline of future researchers and health providers. We appreciate your unwavering support of our interns by providing invaluable hands-on experience and critical research and analytical thinking skills. Again, congratulations and thanks to each and every one of you for your participation and partnership. Warmly, Leslie D. Garcia, M.P.A. Assistant Chief Diversity Officer Assistant Vice President Director, Center for Diversity & Inclusion Oregon Health & Science University

  • 2014 OHSU Summer Equity and CURE Intern and Mentor Handbook 4

    Program Contacts

    David Martinez Manager for Student Recruitment & Retention

    Center for Diversity & Inclusion

    martdavi@ohsu.edu | (503) 494-9512

    Gabriela Alarcon

    CURE/Equity College Mentor

    Graduate Student, Ph.D. Candidate


    Gloria Harrison

    Administrative Coordinator

    Knight Cancer Institute

    Contact for CURE administrative processing tasks

    harrisog@ohsu.edu | (503) 494-8376

    Center for Diversity & Inclusion

    Oregon Health & Science University

    3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Road, L601 Portland, Oregon 97239-3098

    cdi@ohsu.edu | (503) 494-5657

    Web: www.ohsu.edu/diversity

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/OHSU.CDI

    Twitter: @OHSU_CDI | www.twitter.com/OHSU_CDI

    Instagram: @OHSU.CDI |www.instagram.com/OHSU.CDI

    Knight Cancer Institute

    Oregon Health & Science University

    3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Road, HRC 14D40

    Portland, Oregon 97329

    (503) 494-8376 | www.ohsu.edu/cancer

  • 2014 OHSU Summer Equity and CURE Intern and Mentor Handbook 5

    What are the Equity and CURE Research Programs? The OHSU Equity and CURE Summer Research Program offers an exciting opportunity for college undergraduate and high school students to spend eight weeks working with faculty and graduate students in a research setting. The Equity program attracts college undergraduates from throughout the nation. The CURE program targets high school students from the Portland area. Selected students excel academically and come from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The Equity program has four tracks; Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, and Graduate Studies. All students will participate in weekly seminars, meetings and present a scientific research poster at the end of the program. Students will also receive career mentoring from OHSU faculty and academic advising from the Center for Diversity & Inclusion (CDI). Program Goals The goal of the Equity and CURE programs is to give hands-on research experience and science exposure to underserved and underrepresented students in health and sciences research. The Equity and CURE programs strive to increase the enrollment of talented disadvantaged diverse applicants in OHSU academic programs. CDI will also track the interns academic progress and provide additional advising and mentoring opportunities. Advising and Presentations Equity and CURE interns are provided with educational advising and resources that support the individuals academic endeavors. In addition, preparatory lectures and advising appointments have been incorporated in the summer program for additional career guidance. Interns participate in presentations that highlight the pathways and opportunities in the Ph.D., DMD, M.D., M.D./Ph.D., SON and M.D./M.P.H. programs. Other presentations related to medicine, health science careers and community outreach are incorporated in the program. CDI maintains a file for each participating student, noting his/her progress during the summer and upcoming academic year. Advising sessions are mandatory throughout the year to ensure interns are cognizant of the prerequisites required in their selected field. Interns are required to contact CDI yearly at the end of winter term/semester to report academic goals and progress.

  • 2014 OHSU Summer Equity and CURE Intern and Mentor Handbook 6

    Equity and CURE Summer Internship Calendar June 16 through August 8, 2014

    Program Attendance

    Schedules The assigned mentor is responsible for setting a work schedule that works for both mentors and the intern (i.e. time of arrival and departure).

    Attendance Policy: Interns must call or email their lab mentor and David Martinez, CDI (martdavi@ohsu.edu) if they are unable to report to work at their scheduled time. Interns are responsible for making up time missed in their labs. Interns are not to exceed a 40-hour work week, and should typically work Monday-Friday, 8am- 5pm.

    2014 Program Dates Seminars, Events, Activities, Etc. Required Attendees

    JUNE 15 Sunday 6pm University Place Hotel & Conference Center 310 SW Lincoln Street, Portland

    Summer Lodging Move-In Day Ice breaker Dinner Hot Lips Pizza PSU 1909 SW 6th Ave., Portland

    All Equity and CURE interns

    JUNE 16 Monday 9am 4:30pm Medical Research Building 9-10:30am, MRB 310 10:30 10:45am, MRB 310 11am 12pm, MRB 310 12 -1pm Marquam Room Mac Hall 1116

    Equity & CURE Internship Program Orientation Greetings and Welcome Leslie Garcia, M.P.A., Director, Center for Diversity & Inclusion (CDI), Assistant Chief Diversity Officer & Assistant Vice Provost David Martinez, B.A., Diversity Manager, Student Recruitment & Retention Break Program Icebreaker Self Introductions Housekeeping items David Martinez One-on-One Advising Session Equity and CURE Interns Luncheon Introduction to Mentors Leslie Garcia, M.P.A., Assistant Chief Diversity Officer Jeanette Mladenovic, M.D., M.B.A., M.A.C.P. , Provost Brian Druker, M.D., Director, Knight Cancer Institute

    All Equity and CURE interns

  • 2014 OHSU Summer Equity and CURE Intern