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2013 Medical Directory

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  • Southeast Indiana & Southwest Ohio


    2013 Community

    MEDICALMEDICALMEDICALMEDICALMEDICALMEDICAL2013 Community2013 Community2013 Community2013 Community

    MEDICAL2013 Community

    MEDICALMEDICAL2013 Community

    MEDICAL2013 Community

    MEDICAL2013 Community

    MEDICAL2013 Community

  • Short Stay Program

    Designed to help you get out of the hospital and

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    of Rising SunRecuperate Rejuvenate Rehabilitate

    405 Rio Vista Lane Rising Sun, Indiana

    Welcome to our Rising Sun facility!

    Our Medical Director, Dr. Gary Scudder has been taking care of our families

    for over 15 years!

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    Adult Day Care ServicesWell deserved rest for

    caregivers. Hot meals and medications administered

    Activities, Beauty Shop on site and much more.

  • At first, it may look like another mural painted on a wall. But for students in an English Club in Ecuador, it means much more.Their creation is part of the Peace Corps World Map Project, led locally in part by volunteer Marissa Schaefer, daughter of Fredrick and Julie Schaefer, Hidden Valley Lake.

    The mural is just part of an adventure that started for Schaefer a little over a year ago when she joined the Peace Corps.My Dearborn County ties are relatively new, as my parents moved to Hidden Valley Lake around six years ago, said Schaefer, 27, by email from Ecuador.Born in Cincinnati, Schaeffer graduated from Mil-ford High School, but lived with her parents in HVL while attending college.She earned a bachelors degree in Spanish and Inter-national Studies from Northern Kentucky University and a masters in education from Xavier University.After graduating from college, she decided to join the Peace Corps instead of heading straight into the workforce, said Schaefer.I wanted an adventure, I wanted to travel, and

    m o r e than anything I wanted to do something bigger than me. I needed a different purpose, and I knew that I have my whole life to work and earn money, so why not do something different?, she said.She already had fallen in love with Latin America, during trips to Mexico and Costa Rico, she said.Ive always said that I did not want to be one of those people who said I wish I would have. I am single and have no kids so I didnt really have any-thing holding me back, said Schaefer.The lengthy application process began in February 2011. Her departure date, to assigned country Ecua-dor, was Jan. 18, 2012. She arrived in the capital of Quito Jan. 19. After three months training, she was sent to Machala in the province of El Oro, on the coast not far from the Peruvian border, she said.It is hot and tropical and I absolutely love it!, said Schaefer.


    1-3B, 8B


    budgets in 13

    Most of the youngsters and Peace Corps vols who worked on the world map.

    By Denise Freitag BurdetteAssistant [email protected]

    Peace Corps teacher Marissa Schaefer shows off her painted hands after helping a group of stu-dents paint a map in Ecuador.

    Lawrenceburg City Coun-cil passed its additional ap-propriations budget ordinancpropriations budget ordinanc-es for the riverboat and mu-nicipal development funds. The passage came after the budgets were budgets were

    vetoed in October by Mayor Den-nis Carr.

    The bud-gets balance income and expenditures, and its the first time Carr can re-call the bud-gets balanc-ing, he noted in a press re-lease.

    C o u n c i l -woman Jane Pope said by phone Tuesphone Tues-day, Feb. 5, all of city council and the mayor worked as a team with both sets of financial advisors to get this done.There were two special meetings to hash out differ-ences and make cuts, with passage of the ordinances

    passage of the ordinances coming Monday, Feb. 4. The MDF and riverboat fund budgets come in at just over $42 million, reflecting a projected decrease in revenue projected decrease in revenue from Hollywood Casino as a new casino comes online in Cincinnati this year, and fol-lowing the opening of three other casinos in Ohio in 2012.The initial riverboat and MDF budgets initially came in at $68 million. Lawrence-burg Redevelopment Direc

    burg Redevelopment Direc-tor Grant Hughes said in the initial budget departments put together a wish list, and the

    budgets are pared down from budgets are pared down from there.

    City Council initially cut about $11 million in a special meeting Thursday, Jan. 17, then made more cuts Monday, Jan. 28, and more cuts before the ordinance was read at councils meeting Feb. 4,

    million to $2.45 million, said Hughes.

    version the schools had been cut, but it was put back. Were going to tell them change is a comin instead of hitting them cold turkey, said Hughes, adding the budget changes and cuts were a product of team work.The final budgets include $1.2 million in constructionprojects that were notin 2012 due to weatherother circumstances; $60,000 for theAdult Center; $350,000 for LawrenceburgMain Street; $115,000 forWinterland; $80,000 for ADA compliance; $1.5 million for streetprovements; $500,000 for park improvements.

    By Erika Schmidt [email protected]

    Moores Hill senior center will double as emergency shelteremergency shelterThe next time Moores Hill residents need an emergency shelter, they will have some-where to go, thanks to the town council.

    Tuesday, Feb. 5, council president Lanny Dell sugpresident Lanny Dell sug-gested the Moores Hill Se-nior Center be supplied with a generator and a key to the

    ley seconded the motion, ley seconded the motion, which passed.

    Council members said residents have gone to the firehouse when the sirens sounded in the past, but that large metal structure could be blown over. The firehouse is a ground-level building, whereas the senior center has a downstairs built into the side of a hill.

    By Chandra L. MattinglyStaff [email protected]

    for 2013, from $4.5 million to $2.45 million, said Hughes.

    In one version the schools had been cut, but it was put back. Were going to tell them change is a comin instead of hitting them cold turkey.Grant HughesLburg Redevelopment


    See BALANCE, Page 6A

    See MAP, Page 6A

    Lady Trojans Lady Trojans Lady Trojans Lady Trojans Lady Trojans Lady Trojans Lady Trojans Lady Trojans OUTOUT RRReReR aeae dada eded rere ofofo tf tf ththt eheh W

    Why Reading the NewspaperContinues to Have Its Place

    When it Comes to Your HealthYour mind likes reading and it actually has a number of important health effects you cant get in any other way.

    Reading requires a great deal of concentration, which calls your intelligence to action. Just like any other muscle in the body, the brain beneits from a good workout every now and then. A greater amount of stress relief can be provided by reading. Reading is also a great way to improve peoples mood. Keep your memory sharp and your mind basically hardier as you age.

    Come see us at the Country 103.9 WRBI Senior Citizens Expo coming up on April 17 at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Batesville,

    IN. Weve got the perfect reading material for a healthier you!

    The Dearborn County Register The Journal PressThe Rising Sun Recorder The Ohio County News

    The Harrison Press The Market PlaceOver 50 HVL Echoes

    Reaching over 30,000 homes each and every week!


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    Adult Day Services at Pine Knoll 607 Wilson Creek Rd.Lawrenceburg, IN

    See ad page 5


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