2013 Influence The Psychology of Persuasion

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  • 1.ReciprocityCommitment and Consistency Social Proof LikingAuthorityScarcity

2. Reciprocity 3. Were hardwiredto help thosewhove helpedus. 4. One of the mostpowerfulpsychologicaltriggers 5. Lyndon Johnson was able to get aremarkable amount of programs throughcongress when he was president basedlargely on how many favors he had beenable to provide other legislators during hismany years in power in the house andsenate. 6. Jimmy Carter on the other hand had a lotof difficulty getting programs throughCongress. He campaigned as the outsideWashington candidate, saying that hewas indebted to no one there. Hislegislative difficulty can be preciselyattributed to this. 7. The real world take away:Go out of your way to help others. Younever know when thats going to comeback to help you.Getting mad or upset doesnt get youanywhere, try being overly nice next time. 8. Commitment andConsistency 9. In the automotive industry. Quoting aprice for a vehicle, the buyer agreeingthen the sales person calls back becausethere was a mistake andtheyre going to lose money on this deal 10. To bump up Jan. and Feb. sales,toy companies advertise their flagship toysin December so parents promise a toy forChristmas.All stores are miraculously out of the toy inDec. but in Jan. after parents havepurchased all their Christmas presents thetoys are restocked. 11. The real world take away:We tend to like and do what is familiar orwhat weve done beforeInconsistency is an undesirable trait 12. Social Proof 13. When were on the fence about adecision we often look to others to see what theyre doing and copy 14. Canned laughter onsitcoms works 15. An Arizona State University research team infiltrated the Billy Graham organization to determine if they actually seed the audience with ringers to come forward and witness. 16. By the time Graham arrives in town andmakes his alter call, an army of sixthousand wait with instructions on whento come fourth at varying intervals tocreate the impression of a spontaneousmass outpouring. 17. Which sign would be more effective to convince people toconserve energy in the summer? 18. #2:#1: Told customers that they couldInformed the customer that prevent the release of 262they could be saving pounds of greenhouse gasses$54/month on their utility every month.bill. #4:#3: Let customers know that 77Encouraged customers that percent of their neighbors weresaving energy was a socially already actively using fans toresponsible thing to do. save energy. 19. The real world take away:If the crowd is on your side its good toshow it Use social proof on important landingpages on your website and when acustomer is close to making a purchase 20. Liking 21. Research has shown that we automatically assign to good-looking individuals such favorable traits as talent, kindness, honesty, and intelligence. 22. A study of Canadian Federal electionsfound that attractive candidates receivedmore than two and a half times as manyvotes as unattractive candidates. 23. Tupperwares viral marketing.People were more likely to buy from people they like.Generally more aesthetically pleasing people tend to use this influence excellently over others. 24. The real world take away:Look good feel good. Dont be afraid todress up.Happiness is hotFind something you have in commonwith a stranger, itll make them like youmore. 25. Authority 26. StanleyMilgrim 27. Implied complianceWho are the influencers? 28. The real world take away:We listen to authority figuresWho are the influencers that peoplelisten to in your industry? 29. Scarcity 30. You want what youcant have 31. Nightclub lineups 32. Sporting eventseating and pricing 33. The real world take away:Making something exclusive can makeothers want it moreIn a world of abundance, scarcity standsout because we dont expect it 34. Fin