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2013-14 CCAA Manual

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  • 2013-14 CCAA MANUAL



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  • TABLE OF CONTENTS CONSTITUTION ARTICLE I - PURPOSE & POLICY 1.1 Official Name of Organization 1 1.2 General Purpose.. 1 1.3 Specific Purposes. 1 1.4 Fundamental Policies. 2 ARTICLE II - MEMBERSHIP 2.1 History 3 2.2 NCAA Membership.. 3 2.3 Provisional Membership 3 2.4 Regular Membership. 3 2.5 Affiliated Membership 3 2.6 Application for Membership 4 2.7 Withdrawal from Membership.. 4 2.8 Termination or Suspension of Membership 5 2.9 Dues 5 2.10 Dues for Affiliated Members..5 ARTICLE III - ORGANIZATION 3.1 Governance of the CCAA..7 3.2 Presidents/Chancellors Group..7 3.3 Presidents/Chancellors Board of Directors.7 3.4 Presidents/Chancellors Board of Directors Meetings 8 3.5 CCAA Management Executive Council..8 3.6 Powers and Responsibilities of the Executive Council..9 3.7 Executive Council Board of Directors.9 3.8 Standing Committees.9 3.9 Special Committees Reporting to the Executive Council 10 3.10 Administrative Liaison 11 3.11 Executive Council Officers and Duties.. 11 3.12 Executive Council Meetings 11 3.13 Personnel. 12 3.14 Parliamentary Authority 18 ARTICLE IV - REGULATIONS 4.1 Eligibility 19 4.2 Financial Aid 21 4.3 Gender Equity 21 4.4 Amendments.. 22

  • SPECIAL GROUP CODES 5.1 General Special Groups Regulations 23 5.2 Baseball Regulations 33 5.3 Basketball Regulations 37 5.4 Cross Country Regulations 41 5.5 Mens Golf Regulations 43 5.6 Soccer Regulations 47 5.7 Softball Regulations.. 51 5.8 Outdoor Track and Field Regulations ..55 5.9 Womens Volleyball Regulations .61 5.10 Sports Medicine Regulations .63 5.11 Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Regulations 65 5.12 Sports Information Regulations . 67 APPENDICES I Standing Committee Assignments 69 II Administrative Liaisons 70 III Rotation for Host Institution 71 IV Special Groups Action Sheet 72 V CCAA Student-Athlete Eligibility Form 73 VI CCAA Permission to Speak Form 75 VII CCAA Intra-Conference Transfer Release Form 76 VIII CCAA Eligibility Waiver Form 77 IX CCAA Hardship Waiver Form 78 X CCAA Medical Absence Waiver Form 79 XI CCAA International Competition Waiver Form 80 XII CCAA Annual Financial Aid Report Form 81 XIII CCAA Conference Letter of Intent Form 82 XIV CCAA FARs Guidelines.. 83 XV CCAA General Game Management Protocol. 84 XVI CCAA Membership Criteria 86 XVII CCAA Sportsmanship Statement... 88 XVIII NCAA Medical Documentation Standards for Waivers....89 XIX CCAA Baseball Game Management Protocol 93 XX CCAA Basketball Game Management Protocol 98 XXI CCAA Soccer Game Management Protocol.104 XXII CCAA Softball Game Management Protocol. 109 XXIV CCAA Womens Volleyball Game Management Protocol.113


    Article/Code Topic Page CCAA All-Academic Awards 28 Digital Video Exchange Policy 30 Digital Video Exchange Policy - Volleyball 30 Digital Video Exchange Policy - Basketball 30 Baseball Game Conduct Game Times 33 Baseball Game Conduct Double Headers 33 Basketball Game Conduct Shooting/Practice 37 Basketball CCAA Championship Tournament 38 Mens Golf CCAA Championships Location 43 Mens Golf CCAA Championship Policies Tee Times 44 Mens Golf CCAA Championship Policies - Course 44 5.5.6 Mens Golf Special Situations Host Inst. Rotation 46 Soccer Special Equipment/Specific Situations - Practice 50 Softball Game Conduct Time of Contest 51 Softball Game Conduct Infield Practice 51 Softball Game Conduct Infield Tarps/Drying Agent 52 Sports Medicine Travel Without Trainer - Care 63 Sports Information Statistics Requirements 67 Sports Information Statistics Deadline for Changes 67 Sports Information Stat Crew Short Names 67 Sports Information Roster Formats 67 Sports Information Athletes of the Week 68 Sports Information - Meeting 68 Sports Information Meeting Minutes 68 Deleted CCAA Bylaws Article/Code Topic Page 5.10.4 OSHA Compliance Blood Born Pathogen Standards 64 Fax Service 68 Publications CCAA Media Guide 68 Publications Institutional Media Guides 68 All new or changed articles and special group codes are indicated in the 2013-14 Manual by a shaded gray box highlighting the designated article or code.

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    ARTICLE I - PURPOSE & POLICY 1.1 OFFICIAL NAME AND ORGANIZATION The name of this organization shall be the California Collegiate Athletic Association, referred to hereafter as the CCAA. 1.2 GENERAL PURPOSE The general purpose of this corporation is to foster and administer amateur sports competition among its member institutions; to solicit, receive, and maintain gifts of money and property; and, to distribute money for charitable activities related to the corporation. This corporation is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 or the corresponding provision of any future United States internal revenue law. Notwithstanding any other provision of these bylaws, this corporation shall not, except to an insubstantial degree, engage in any activities or exercise any powers that are not in furtherance of the purpose of this corporation, and the corporation shall not engage in any activity which is not permitted to be engaged in: (a) by a corporation as amended; (b) by a corporation, contributions to which are deductible under section 170 (c) (2) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 as amended; or (c) by a public charity described in Section 509 (a) (1), (2) or (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended; or (d) by any corresponding provision of any future United States internal revenue law. 1.3 SPECIFIC PURPOSES The specific purposes of the CCAA are: 1.3.1 To initiate, stimulate, and improve intercollegiate athletic programs for student-athletes and

    promote and develop educational leadership, sportsmanship, physical fitness, sports participation as a recreational pursuit and athletic excellence.

    1.3.2 To uphold the principle of institutional control of, and responsibility for, all intercollegiate sports

    in conformity with the Constitution and Bylaws of the CCAA. 1.3.3 To encourage its members to adopt eligibility rules to comply with satisfactory standards of

    scholarship, sportsmanship, and amateurism. 1.3.4 To formulate and publish rules of play governing intercollegiate sports when necessary to

    supplement those established by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). 1.3.5 To collect, disseminate, and preserve intercollegiate athletic records. 1.3.6 To establish eligibility standards for, and supervise the conduct of, athletic events sponsored by

    the CCAA. 1.3.7 To cooperate with other amateur athletic organizations in promoting and conducting local and

    regional athletic events. 1.3.8 To study, in general, all phases of competitive intercollegiate athletics and establish standards

    whereby the colleges and universities of the CCAA can maintain their athletic activities at a high level.

    1.3.9 Strive for greater access to NCAA National Championships.

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    1.4 FUNDAMENTAL POLICIES 1.4.1 The competitive athletic program of all member institutions is intended to be a vital part of the

    participants total educational experience. Intercollegiate athletics shall be maintained as an integral part of the educational program and the student body. A clear line of demarcation shall be maintained between college athletics and professional sports.

    1.4.2 Legislation governing the conduct of intercollegiate athletic programs of member institutions shall

    apply to basic athletic issues such as admissions, financial aid, eligibility and recruiting; member institutions shall be obligated to apply and enforce the legislation. The enforcement program of the CCAA shall be applied to an institution when it fails to fulfill this obligation.

    1.4.3 The Director of Athletics shall be responsible to the President/Chancellor or her/his designee for

    the proper functioning of the intercollegiate athletic program. 1.4.4 Institutional members of the CCAA and their representatives shall not discriminate against

    student-athletes on the basis of race, gender, creed, or ethnicity in their admission policy or the administration of the intercollegiate athletic program.

    1.4.5 Intercollegiate competition shall be limited to student-athletes properly admitted, in good

    academic standing as determined by the faculty of each member institution and who are maintaining satisfactory progress toward a baccalaureate or equivalent degree. They shall be subject to the same published admission requirements and academic standards as are applicable to all students.

    1.4.6 Participation of student-athletes in CCAA-sponsored events must be in conformance with the

    National Collegiate Athletic Association Constitution and Bylaws and the Constitution and Bylaws of the CCAA.