2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS Press Release

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  • 8/9/2019 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS Press Release


  • 8/9/2019 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS Press Release


    lines and surfaces. A unique "dropping line", which begins above the front wheel-wells andslopes downward towards the rear, represents a new interpretation of a renowned designhallmark of his-toric Mercedes sports cars. A distinctive and muscular sports car-like shoulderline above the rear axle highlights the athletic character of the 2012 CLS. The ared wheelarches resemble the powerful stance of a predator waiting to pounce. The side prole is rounded

    off with wide wrap-around tail lights featuring LED technology -- a linking element to the rear of the vehicle. The shape is empha-sized by the broad shoulder line, which is clearly visible frombehind and sup-ports the at roof. A wide metal insert adds a further visual highlight at the rear.

    The interior: design brings quality to life

    The interior of the 2012 CLS-Class is also distinguished by a timeless design which combinesdiscreet elegance with innovative details and handcrafted per-fection. The eye-catching cockpitfeatures a wrap-around dashboard sweeping from the driver's door over the instrument panelsupport and across to the front passenger door. The central display has also been integratedseamlessly into the upper part of the instrument panel.

    The CLS also lives up to its role as a design icon thanks to the innovative nature of the materialsused, including a mixture of satin and high-gloss nishes used on the metal surfaces. Highlightsalso include matte galvanized air vents which ideally compliment a high-gloss-trimmed analogueclock.

    Handcrafted perfection is reected in details such as the stitched seat covers and dashboard. Theindividual parts of the leather dashboard are sewn to-gether by hand in a process which takesseveral hours, after which they are t-ted and upholstered with high-quality padding. Prior to thisprocess, the leather is also heated to preshrink it, so that it will retain its shape even after extremeexposure to direct sunlight.

    The particularly exclusive 1.6-millimeter thick semi-aniline premium leather meets the higheststandards of both look and feel. The natural pore structure remains intact thanks to a lightpigmentation, and the leather has an especially warm and soft feel to it. Premium leather requiresa very precise manual selection process and therefore a high amount of untreated leather.

    The rened interior of the CLS is further reected in the generous use of high-quality trimelements, located on the instrument panels, center console and door linings. Customers canchoose between high-gloss brown burl walnut or high-gloss black ash. The wood has beenperfectly tted around difcult con-tours for a masterful handcrafted nish, and the wood trimhas been matched according to grain as part of a sophisticated selection process to create a con-

    sistent overall impression.

    For an even more progressive look, black piano lacquer or carbon ber trim elements are alsoavailable. Handcrafted as well, up to seven layers are applied and polished for the piano lacquertrim until the high-gloss nish is achieved.