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Enterprise Friendly Office ApplicationsGarry Stewart Ajilonhttp://www.SharePointSaturday.org/Perth


Who are you?Garry Stewarthttp://www.garry-stewart.comhttp://www.twitter.com/garry_stewart


What is an Enterprise Friendly Application?Provides a home for a concept within a businessPlays nice with othersAllows IT to do their jobhttp://www.SharePointSaturday.org/Perth

Application Maturity ModelOpportunisticTacticalStrategichttp://www.SharePointSaturday.org/Perth

Why cant everything be strategic?


How can we have our cake & eat it?In scope:Reduce the cost of tactical systemsEmpower the end usersOut of scope:Encourage an environment where users feel comfortable approaching IT with their business needsEducate and train users on how they can solve their own issues using the tools provided by IT


How can SharePoint 2010 help?SharePoint provides tools for the 3 main data concepts that users are familiar withDocumentsForm Libraries & InfoPathDocument Libraries & Word/PDF etc.Reporting Services/ PerformancePoint ReportsVisio ServicesSpread sheetsExcel ServicesDocument Libraries & ExcelTablesAccess ServicesSharePoint List based applications

You are herehttp://www.SharePointSaturday.org/Perth

What is Access Services?Think InfoPath Form Services but for AccessAllows hosting of Access tables, reports and forms in SharePointLets you look at Access Forms & Reports through a browser without having Access on the client


So what is it doing?Generates a new SharePoint Site for your applicationAccess Tables becomes SharePoint listsData Macros become SharePoint WorkflowsAccess Forms become ASPX pagesUI Macros become JavaScriptAccess Reports become Reporting Services RDL FilesAccess objects are serialised and put into a SharePoint List (MSysASO)


Didnt MOSS 2007 do this?Yes and noHosting Access tables as SharePoint lists is not newWeb Forms and reports are newUI and Data Macros are newhttp://www.SharePointSaturday.org/Perth

Can I just migrate old Access DBs?Yes and noTables must be compatible with SharePoint lists otherwise they will not migrateNew Web forms and reports end up on the webClient based forms/reports/external tables can co-exist, but you need to open Access to use themNo VBA on the serverhttp://www.SharePointSaturday.org/Perth

What happens to objects I cant migrate?By opening the database in Access you can still use:Client based forms and reportsLinked tablesCustom code (e.g. VBA)Uses the Microsoft Sync Framework to ferry data and structure between the client and serverImportant: Can only have Web or client tables, not both. http://www.SharePointSaturday.org/Perth

12How is this Enterprise Friendly?Allows a traditionally opportunistic tool to create tactical applicationsApplications can still be created by power users in a tool they are familiar withhttp://www.SharePointSaturday.org/Perth

Facets of a tactical application include:You have a conceptual home for your applicationAll your data and logic are now centralised in a controlled environmentIT are aware of the system and can control security, back it up etc.The data and logic are now available to other applications within your enterprise.

13What type of applications can I build with this?Table CentricLeaf Node ApplicationsAccess Style Reports, Forms and Navigationhttp://www.SharePointSaturday.org/Perth

Reports and Forms are Access StyleSingle data source for reportsForms can deal with single tables or composite queriesDatasheet view for bulk data entryTends to suit leaf node applications used to supply data to other systemsNavigation and internal components must be able to be produced via the access form editor

14Can I integrate Access Services with other applications?External data from within AccessAccess data from other applicationshttp://www.SharePointSaturday.org/Perth

15Why not create SharePoint apps?Access Services is effectively a SharePoint application generatorOne tool for end users to useStandard architectural frameworkIts a familiar tool to many business usershttp://www.SharePointSaturday.org/Perth

Choice is not always goodEndless debate is not appropriate for small scale projectsConstraints make for predictable resultsPredictable results make for predictable costsThey also make it easier to train both users of the system and the people creating the systemhttp://www.SharePointSaturday.org/Perth

Can I leverage all the features of SharePoint Lists?Most standard list features are availableSharePoint will only let you modify certain objectsExternal Content Types dont work out of the boxhttp://www.SharePointSaturday.org/Perth

Most standard list features are availableSecurity ModelAdding columns to a list syncs it back with AccessList field validation and validation messages sync backSharePoint tries to guide you by only letting you modify things that will syncNo SharePoint designerNo customisation of Data Validation WorkflowsExternal Content Types dont work out of the boxMay be able to hack MSysASO


How does dev/test/prod work?First ask yourself Does it need to?If it does:Databases can be republished between environmentsCan test in Access then publish when readyCan use versioning on SharePoint listsConsider data migration!


First ask yourself Does it need to?Not all scenarios need to have 3 environmentsYou can republish the database to another siteNeed to use the Save as Local option firstCan test in Access then publish when readyOnly data changes are reflected immediatelyStructural changes require a syncCan use versioning on SharePoint listsConsider data migration!Remember that the deployed version of your application will have data in it that you wont want to lose

20What about source control?Use Access Developer Extensions for Source Control supporthttp://bit.ly/bHKcuXPrimarily TFS & VSShttp://www.SharePointSaturday.org/Perth

Think bigger than the individual applicationStick to the golden pathDevelopers are not the big winner here; the Enterprise isThis is about being able to respond quickly to work requests that provide real business value without costing the worldhttp://www.SharePointSaturday.org/Perth



More InfoChannel 9 Access Services Demohttp://bit.ly/OI4OHMS Access Bloghttp://blogs.msdn.com/access/MS Access on Twitter (Ryan McMinn)http://twitter.com/msaccessUsing TFS with Accesshttp://bit.ly/aDv12mhttp://www.SharePointSaturday.org/Perth

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