2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa (NMBM Port Elizabeth)

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Text of 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa (NMBM Port Elizabeth)

  • 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa(NMBM Port Elizabeth)

  • STADIUM SUPPLIESStadium and Precinct supplies completePrecinct lighting due for completion mid AprilGas Turbine - Operational (Test runs conducted regularly)Fettes Rd nearing completion, risk of cable damage minimisedGelvandale Training venue electricity supply complete

  • 2010 PREPAREDNESSTelecommsCommunication conducted by means of 2-way radio, cellphone, Telkom.Repeaters for Radio serviced regularly, back up generation for Repeater sitesIT SupportContingency plan in place, system upgradedBack up generation available for IT Network (UPS, standby generator)

  • 2010 PREPAREDNESS Cont.CommunicationsRadio comms between System Operations and Disaster Management and Eskom Control (ELS)TelkomCell phonesSecurityContingency plans in place (Security NMBM, Eskom)Securing of major substations (listing)

  • 2010 PREPAREDNESS Cont:Disaster ManagementIn place (Fire Services Building), contingency plan in placeElectricity & Energy not part of DM, will however attend de-briefing sessions on daily basis due to 24hr System Operations CentreKey personnel identifiedPersonnelAll personnel to be available during exclusive periodPersons to be despatched to key sites (eg Substations, etc) on match daysRoster in place for exclusive period