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Cambridge ESOL Certificates in ESOL for WorkReading and ListeningAdditional materials: Answer sheet

D141Sample Test


Approx. 110 minutes

Do not open this paper until you are told to do so. Write your name, Centre number and candidate number at the top of this page. Listening: About 50 minutes. As you listen, write your answers in this Question Paper. When the listening test finishes, you have 5 minutes to copy your answers onto your answer sheet. 60 minutes. Write your answers on your answer sheet.


Write clearly in pencil, not pen.


Listening Reading Overall This question paper consists of 29 printed pages and 3 blank pages.500/2178/3, 500/2177/1 UCLES 2008

50 60 110

[Turn over





LISTENINGPART ONE Questions 1 10 1 You will hear 10 short recordings. For questions 1 10, circle one letter A, B or C for the correct answer. You will hear each recording twice. Which of the products ordered are out of stock?





What is the first thing that the speaker usually does at work? A B




Which is the companys best selling range?





Which piece of equipment needs to be repaired?






Where has the company sold most of its new products? A B



Which training courses does Claire decide to take? A B C quality assurance production processes operations management


What is the mans opinion of Garveys? A B C They offer value for money. They produce high quality goods. Their deliveries are reliable.



What does the woman want her colleague to do? A B C demonstrate how to operate some new equipment answer questions from new employees write a user guide


Who is the shop assistant talking to? A B C her boss another assistant a customer


What does the man do? A B C He's a trainer. He's a receptionist. He's a student.


PART TWO Questions 11 22 You will hear three conversations. Fill in the missing information in the numbered spaces, using one or two words or a number. You will hear each conversation once only.

Conversation One Questions 11 14 Look at the form below. You will hear a woman questioning a visitor at a trade fair for a market survey.

Market Survey QuestionnaireCompany name: Product: Agri-Techno

farm (11) James (12) (13)

Name of delegate: Position in company: Length of visit:


Conversation Two Questions 15 18 Look at the notes below. You will hear a man giving some information to new hotel staff on their first day at work. Notes for First Day The staff room is on the (15) . floor Room F249. (16) . will be issued on Wednesday. Collect (17) . from laundry at midday. There will be a test of the (18) . at 3.30pm today.


Conversation Three Questions 19 22 Look at the note below. You will hear a man leaving a message for his companys printing department about changes needed on a print order. Message from: Paul Kwok, Accounts Department (job reference (19) .) Requirements:

Letterhead: Put correct (20) . Invoice Pro Forma: Include space for writing in the (21) . Expenses forms: Add category for (22) . (visitors)


PART THREE Section One Questions 23 27 You will hear five trainee managers saying what they find difficult about their jobs. As you listen, decide what each speaker finds difficult. Choose your answer from the list A I, and write the correct letter in the space provided. You will hear the five pieces once only.

Example: ...... I ....... A B 23 24 25 26 27 Person 1 ................................. Person 2 ................................. Person 3 ................................. Person 4 ................................. Person 5 ................................. C D E F G H I telephoning writing letters writing reports contributing in meetings giving presentations socialising with customers taking minutes interviewing writing memos

Section Two Questions 28 32 You will hear five speakers talking about mistakes made by retail companies. As you listen, decide which mistake each speaker refers to. Choose your answer from the list A I, and write the correct letter in the space provided. You will hear the five pieces once only. A B 28 29 30 31 32 Person 1 Person 2 Person 3 Person 4 Person 5 C D E F Staff lacked training in customer service. Space in the shop was wasted. A popular item was discontinued. Sales assistants were not made familiar with products. Deliveries of stock were inadequate. Too much money was spent on display fittings.

Example: I

G Some items were stocked in a limited number of stores. H I Nobody had responsibility for stock control. Items seemed out-dated.


PART FOUR Section One Questions 33 38 33 You will hear two friends, Matthew and Anthea, discussing a curriculum vitae (CV) that Matthew has written. For questions 33 38, circle one letter A, B or C for the correct answer. You will hear the conversation twice. What does Anthea say about the length of CVs? A B C 34 CVs should always be a maximum of two pages long. Shorter CVs tend to please most employers. Length should depend on the type of job people want.

According to Anthea, what should Matthew have included at the top of his CV? A B C full contact details age and nationality marital status


What does Matthew say he will do before he finalises his CV? A B C find out about the work of an employer make his achievements sound impressive give examples of responsibilities he had in his last job


What information does Anthea suggest Matthew should add to his CV? A B C the fact that he enjoys reading a club he belongs to the foreign language he speaks


What does Anthea say Matthew should change about the presentation of his CV? A B C He should use two columns. He should reduce the font size. He should use bold type for headings.


What does Anthea offer to help Matthew with? A B C looking for some useful websites choosing a suitable photograph checking spelling and grammar


Section Two Questions 39 44 39 You will hear a supervisor, called Belinda, talking to new recruits at AnswerCall, a call centre. For questions 39 44, circle one letter A, B or C for the correct answer. You will hear the talk twice. Jane Westwood decided to set up AnswerCall because A B C 40 shed sometimes received poor service on the phone herself. shed seen how phone calls needed to be dealt with. shed been asked for help by a number of companies.

The supervisor says AnswerCall helped one particular company when A B C it was short-staffed due to illness. it wanted to close for holidays. it had a lot of extra business.


AnswerCalls main clients are A B C health care providers. catering firms. car manufacturers.


What does the supervisor think is the main reason for AnswerCalls success? A B C It has a close relationship with clients. Its callers are unaware its a call centre. Its staff have a highly professional manner.


What will training for the recruits include? A B C dealing with angry callers general customer service assessing callers needs


What does the supervisor say call centre staff often forget? A B C to use simple language to be aware of body language to speak loudly enough


Section Three Questions 45 50 45 You will hear Dan and Kasha, two junior managers working for the shoe manufacturer, Kingston. They are discussing a seminar Dan attended on quality control (QC) issues. For questions 45 50, circle one letter A, B or C for the correct answer. You will hear the discussion twice. What was the first part of the seminar about? A B C 46 the differences between quality assurance and quality control the importance of the consultation process in quality control a general history of quality control in their industry

Dan thinks the most interesting part of the seminar was on evaluating A B C the raw materials. the production process. the finished products.


Kasha thinks the current quality control systems at Kingston are A B C too expensive. carried out too late. too difficult to follow.


Dan thinks that Kingstons existing quality control processes A B C do not fit in with modern production techniques. send a negative message to clients. affect employee morale.


What does Kingston plan to do to improve its QC systems? A B C specify who is in charge of each stage do a full cost/benefit analysis present data in a more manageable way


Dan and Kasha agree that following on from this seminar, Kingston should try to improve its A B C choice of managers. health and safety record. internal communications.

That is the end of the Listening Section. You now have 5 minutes to copy your answers onto your answer sheet.


READING and LANGUAGE KNOWLEDGEPART ONE Section One Questions 51 57 Look at the following messages and notices. For questions 51 57, mark one letter A, B or C on your answer sheet.

Example: STORE CONTENTS IN A COOL PLACE OUT OF DIRECT SUNLIGHT A B C The contents should be kept at a constant temperature. The contents are sensitive to heat and light. The contents must be kept frozen. 0 51To: George From: Clare