2010-2011 Virginia Beach Education Foundation in Virginia Beach City Public Schools. ... Owl's Creek environment for raising oysters. ... their own digital portfolio website using

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Text of 2010-2011 Virginia Beach Education Foundation in Virginia Beach City Public Schools. ... Owl's Creek...

  • 2010-2011 Virginia Beach

    Education Foundation Grants

    The Virginia Beach Education Foundation is awarding $100,000 in grants to support the teachers and students in Virginia Beach City Public Schools.

    This funding support is the result of community collaboration with the

  • 2010-2011 Building Futures Grants


    First Colonial High School Audio Adventure CheMystery Director: Barbara Besal Team: Donna Draeger, Rachael Stimis, Jennifer

    Kelly Amount: $4,999.70 Underwriter: The Nigel Holland Foundation Description: Students in journalism, orchestra, business marketing and theater will create a mystery about a particular crime. Chemistry students will take on the role of investigators, then present their findings in a mock trial and stand up to cross examination. John B. Dey Elementary School "Probing" for Answers: Learning on the Go! Director: Jody Carroll Team: Leah Carden, Maury Joy, Leslie Law Amount: $4,682.00 Description: Students will use technology to conduct experiments and collect data for science units in their grade levels. Vernier LabQuests (portable handheld devices) and Go! Probes will allow them to choose where they go without being tied to a computer. King's Grant Elementary School GRACE Club Director: Gloria Jefferson Team: Aisha Rucker, Sharon Miller, Mary Routten Amount: $3,214.95 Underwriter: In Memory of Joni Brackman Description: Students will meet monthly with female engineers, engage in specific hands-on engineering activities, and organize their own electronic portfolio and end-of-year presentation. They'll also give a quarterly "Engineering Moment" on the school's morning news. Ocean Lakes High School The Dolphin News Splash: the Ripple Effect Director: Amy Jo Harrell Team: Jim Cartwright, Jake Miller, Nancy Hicks Amount: $2,981.89 Description: Each week, a different team of students will create live news and information broadcasts on stories relevant to the needs of the school for the entire student body to view. These pieces will become part of each student's English Portfolio.

    Ocean Lakes High School From Planting to Picking to Cooking - A Cross-Curricular Learning Experience Director: Debra Sawyer Team: Andy Bedinger, Laura Wood, Kristina

    Dasher Amount: $3,400.00 Description: With the help of community volunteers, parents and teachers, 9th-12th-grade students in Technical & Career Education culinary and science classes will research, plan, plant, maintain, harvest and prepare food from their garden. Thoroughgood Elementary School Learning as We Grow Director: Krista Clark Team: Susan Ruhl, Josh Miller, Nicole Ulrich,

    Michelle Jenkins Amount: $5,000.00 Underwriter: HBA Architecture & Interior Design Description: Students will research gardening aspects to design and implement their own outdoor garden "lab" where they can study their garden ecosystem, weather conditions and the impact on gardens and create sustainability through composting. Bayside Tri-Campus Triple E (Eagles Excel in Education) Director: Jeneshia Ferebee Team: Shirley Haywood, Molly Swan, Dawn

    Carlucci, Sandy Stallings, Melissa Craft, Kirsten Rutkowski, Stephen Orr

    Amount: $5,000.00 Underwriter: Beach Fund of the Hampton Roads

    Community Foundation Description: One night per week for 10 weeks, 60 students along with their parents and siblings will participate in this school-based program designed to strengthen and support the educational needs of the students, and improve family functioning and address communication styles, mental health issues, community resources, and parent/teacher relationships.

    2010-2011 School-Wide Grants

    Beach Fund Awarded Grant

  • 2010-2011 Building Futures Grants


    Corporate Landing Middle School Meeting Oysters and the Watershed They Live In Director: Sherry Kelly Team: Thomas Frohlich, Stephanie Riddell Amount: $900.00 Underwriter: Beach Windows & Siding Description: Seventh-grade "scientists" will test the Owl's Creek environment for raising oysters. They will test water salinity, dissolved oxygen levels, temperature, pH, algae, etc. and share data nationally using graphics and photos for PowerPoint presentations. Green Run High School Cyber Book Club: Exploring Visions of the Future Co-Directors: Patricia Caskill and Cheryl Foster Team: Michelle Jacobs, Jane Lauter Amount: $1,000.00 Description: All students will read three to five books dealing with technology (an element of or lack of in a future world), then respond to questions posted in a blog. A culminating activity will provide face-to-face discussion on issues pertaining to the stories. Linkhorn Park Elementary School GREEN is the Color of our Grand, Relevant, Exciting, & Engaging Newsroom! Director: Hiroko Burch Amount: $550.00 Underwriter: Lifetouch Description: Teams of fifth grade students will research historical figures, write scripts, record and edit video to produce a time travel news video using green screen technology. Final projects will be shared with parents and community members.

    Rosemont Forest Elementary School GIRLS: Girls Inspired to Real-Life Service Co-Directors: Barbara Imrich and Kathy Mercker Team: Robin VanNess Amount: $1,000.00 Description: The group will read and discuss several books about girls who overcome great obstacles in order to solve problems. The girls in the club will hear from successful women and will work together to transform the school's garden into a butterfly habitat. Rosemont Forest Elementary School Hook 'Em and Book 'Em Co-Directors: Barbara Imrich and Valerie Frederick Amount: $800.00 Description: This lunchtime reading club will build reading interest and enthusiasm in 20 5th grade males. After reading each book, students will explore hands-on learning activities such as conducting experiments included in the book, It's Not Magic, It's Science!

    2010-2011 Replicated Grants

  • 2010-2011 Building Futures Grants


    Advanced Technology Center Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) "Five Minutes to Win it" Director: Ronald Garrison Amount: $999.98 Underwriter: Norfolk Kiwanis Club Description: Tenth thru twelfth-grade engineering students will learn how to design and build a functioning Remotely Operated Vehicle using physics, engineering and design principals. They'll explore concepts of air pressure, water pressure, and buoyancy related to deep ocean environments. Alanton Elementary School Virtual Problem Solving Director: Melissa Taylor Amount: $170.00 Underwriter: Cherry, Bekaert & Holland Description: Using visual representation of algebraic equations with pawns and numbered cubes as part of the Hands-On Equations program, students will also have interactive software enhance their learning of algebra in a more concrete way. Arrowhead Elementary School Second Grade Scholars and Scribes Director: Jennifer Evans Amount: $350.00 Underwriter: Cape Henry Rotary Club Description: This program will place books in the hands of students to read and discuss in lunch book clubs. Their progress will be tracked to ascertain growth and interest. The librarian will assist students in creating a blog for all 2nd graders to respond. Bayside Elementary School Garden Buddies Co-Directors: Mary Anne Decker and Catherine Malley Amount: $1,000.00 Underwriter: Military Produce Group Description: The school and community will collaborate to facilitate hands-on learning of science through a school garden project. This outdoor garden will be a laboratory where students will act as scientists to study a mini eco-system that mirrors local agriculture. Bayside Elementary School Kindling a Fire for Reading Co-Directors: Patty Waller and Pam Gaut Amount: $930.80 Description: Fifth grade reluctant readers will read books using Kindles. The ability to change text size, hold the device more comfortably than a book, access the online dictionary and to have text read aloud may inspire them to become avid readers.

    Bayside Middle School Green Team Environmental Master Gardening Team Director: Michelle Keiter Amount: $1,000.00 Underwriter: Olive Garden, Lynnhaven Description: Seventy students on the school's Green Team will focus on health literacy; cultivating fresh vegetables and fruits to grow inside their greenhouse then share with staff and students while educating them on the benefits of these foods in their nutrition.

    Birdneck Elementary School Dancing to Become a Star Co-Directors: Kenneth Magee, II and Rhonda Harrison Team: Deborah Olds, Regina Wilson, Jackie

    Lowery and Mary Beth Brandwein Amount: $1,000.00 Underwriter: GEICO Description: Motivation, confidence-building and engaging the learner are the primary steps of this program. Students will learn rhythmic movements, multiple genres of music and work in small groups to help each other learn the steps, all while exercising.

    Brandon Middle School Using Weebly Websites to Navigate the Road to Success! Co-Directors: DeTonyah Parham and Barbara Butler Amount: $339.80 Underwriter: Lifetouch Description: Eighth-grade English students will create their own digital portfolio website using Weebly. This provides a unique and tech-savvy way for students to create portfolios and showcase their work as 21st Century Learners.

    College Park Elementary School The Cougar Crew: Going Green Director: Susan Jusell Team: Denise Ollison Amount: $543.41 Description: This school-wide recycling program is aimed at educating students on their global impact on the environment. There will be student-centered instructional activities, class collection competitions and a poster contest with the top nine displayed at the local library.