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20 year marketing plan tasha

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  • 1. The Michelin Guide: An indulgent stroll through a refined universe accompanied by high tea. 20 year Marketing Plan for Savant Tasha
    Tasha Tan
    October 2010

2. Table of Contents/Ingredients for Success
Vision and Mission
Historical Performance
3. Vision and Mission / Mis en Place
My purpose is to continuously improve myself to achieve savant status bearing in mind that I am here to ultimately share and give back to society and contribute to a brighter more refined future through
Maximizing learning in all fields of interest. To be able to practice medicine as a consultant and create my restaurant or set-up another business, with integrity and competence.
Practicing the correct way to do any procedure be it IV insertions to good accounting practices. Upholding professionalism is paramount.
Respecting all persons I encounter in the workplace and lead by example.
Minimum effort = maximum output.
Creativity is key. Break barriers and take risks.
4. The Key Roles / Procedure
The Dependable Daughter
The Supportive Sister
The Uncooperative Girlfriend
The Reliable Groupmate
The M.I.A. Friend
The Struggling Clerk
The Bottomless Pit
5. The Dependable Daughter
6. The Supportive Sister
7. The Uncooperative Girlfriend
8. The Reliable Groupmate
9. The M.I.A. Friend
10. The Struggling Clerk
11. The Bottomless Pit
12. Monitors / More Procedures
Updated To Do List
Log Book
Study Hour
Restaurant Schedule
Cash Flow
13. Im Hungry!
14. Savant Tasha Ton
Evil Savant
15. The Perfect Surgery StudentSurgical Recall by Lorne H. Blackbourne
Is never hungry, thirsty or tired Prepare to sacrifice! Master yourself and your limits
Smiles a lot and has a good sense of humor good perspective and disposition
Reads from a surgery text every Day Plan, prepare and know your enemy
Makes things happen Initiative! Planning is not enough.
Loves to do scutwork and can never get enough Always have the end in sight.
16. The Perfect Surgery StudentSurgical Recall by Lorne H. Blackbourne
Knows more about her patient than anybody else Strive forand maintain quality!
Never correct anyone during rounds unless it will affect patient care Respect for peers.
Never asks questions he can look up for himself Self-sufficiency! No to stupidity!
Is a team player Learn to deal with people
Is honest and always admits faults and errors Always remain humble. Lead by example.
Gives credit where credit is due. Be grateful
17. The Perfect Surgery StudentSurgical Recall by Lorne H. Blackbourne
Is not afraid to help when needed Be brave! Take risks and learn from them.
Treats Everyone with Respect This applies not only to colleagues and superiors but to patients and juniors as well.
18. Define HammerheadSurgical Recall by Lorne H. Blackbourne
A hammerhead is an individual who places his head to the ground and hammers through any and all obstacles to get a job done and then asks for more work. Innovate and think outside the box but never give up when trying to achieve something.
One who gives 110% and never complains. Dedication!
One who desires work. Learn to love work!
19. Michelin Stars
Struggling Medical Clerk
25 years old
Dependable Daughter
Supportive Sister
Uncooperative Girlfriend
M.I.A. Friend
Reliable Groupmate
Bottomless Pit
Broke and living with parents
Practicing Consultant with at least one medical businesses and affiliation with research in respective field
Healthy and happy 45 year old
Supports parents in their retirement
Practices medicine closely with brother
Not so uncooperative partner
Friend and business partner
Reliable colleague
Future innovator in the food industry
Living in own house earning at least 3 million pesos a year
20. Michelin Stars: Conclusion
The journey to being a savant should never be measured by the number of Michelin Stars I get but should instead be taken into perspective. Trying my best and being brave and firm in principles will often warrant a win in book. Lastly but perhaps more importantly is the way you treat the people you take with you or you encounter on the trip. Much like eating out, the restaurant need not be decorated to satisfy a customer. In fact more can be taken from the experience. That said, I strive to make the people involved in my journey and continue to improve and move forward without losing myself.

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