2 CHANCELLOR`S MESSAGE ''..Lesser minds discuss people, ordinary minds discuss things, and great minds

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    The University of America

    E pluribus Universitatibus , Una !

    General Student Catalog January –December 2019

    41707 Winchester Road #301 Temecula CA 92590 www.uaglobal.us

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    ''..Lesser minds discuss people, ordinary minds discuss things, and great minds discuss ideas....'' Socrates.

    Welcome to the University of America, the institution where great minds are made with great ideas with great tools and

    great experience. Here, there is no room for mediocrity. Our students are being trained to be the best of the best -

    revolutionary thinkers , avid leaders, scientists, engineers, technicians, administrators, entrepreneurs, educators,

    economists, industrialists , philosophers, jurists, theologians and scholars of repute. When you register to study in UA, you

    will have the opportunity to learn from reputable international faculty. Study in an international setting, visit important places

    and people which relate to your studies. You will undertake hands-on practical activities in the laboratories industries,

    banks and work in various settings that will help you develop work relationships plus practical experience in your subject

    area before graduating!

    Does this sound like where you would want to be? If it is, then take your time to browse through this brochure , then come

    and join us in this exciting journey of a life-time.


    Yours truly




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    On behalf of the Board of Regents and Fellows of this university, I welcome all of you as you browse through this brochure.

    The University of America has helped shape the lives of so many men and women from around the world who are now

    leaders and very successful individuals in their communities in the respective areas of their specializations. This is because

    this university is in the business of training and shaping future leaders of the world. Are you willing to eschew mediocrity and

    train to be one of those future leaders and experts of your generation? If yes is your answer, then you must make a

    decision that will impact your life forever. The University of America will help make your dreams come true and will give you

    the opportunity to obtain a global education. This is your opportunity, seize it! Study with a classical university with decades

    of unflinching high reputation for quality education and lofty ideals. visit our glass campus in Temecula, California.

    Wishing you all the best.

    Prof. Gamaliel O. Prince. D.Sc ..PhD.


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    Table of Contents

    Chapter One. Page 5

    Institution Foundation Philosophy,

    Mission, Purpose and Objectives

    Chapter Two. Page. 6 - 9

    University Governing Board and Administration

    Chapter Three. Page 10

    Legal Authority for Institutional Operation

    Chapter Four. Page 11 -27

    List of Faculties and Degree Programs

    Chapter Five. Page 28-45

    Department of Theology and Philosophy

    Chapter Six. Page 45

    Ministry and Pastoral Formation Program

    Chapter Seven Page. 46 - 91

    Department of Economics and Business

    Chapter Eight. Page. 92- 124

    Department of Social Science and Humanities

    Chapter Nine. Page 125

    Department of Education

    Chapter Ten. Page. 126-174

    Department of Computer Science and Engineering

    Chapter Eleven. Page. 175 - 176

    Library and Learning Resources

    Chapter Twelve. Page. 177 - 181

    Academic Policies

    Chapter Thirteen. Page. 182 - 183

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    Student Achievement and Instructional Performance Outcomes

    Chapter One The University of America

    Biblical Foundations – The University of America`s biblical foundation is rooted in 2 Timothy 3:17 and

    founded on being a spiritually , academically and scientifically sound university that offers a holistic Christian

    education for the 21 st century functional man who is well-rounded, perfect, and thoroughly furnished unto all

    good works. .

    A well scientifically informed theological education and a theologically well- informed scientific,

    technological, business and professional education.

    Institutional Foundation Philosophy. A. A mission statement

    “The University of America is a Christian institution of higher learning and has as its purpose the

    offering of programs of study in an environment where academic excellence is emphasized and a

    biblically based perspective is maintained. We are committed to enriching our students spiritually,

    intellectually, and professionally, and to preparing them to serve God in a global and culturally

    diverse society.”

    B. Purpose and Objectives. By Purpose and Objectives, we mean a list of the institutional objectives which are consistent with the institution’s mission statement .In fulfillment of its mission, The University of America is committed to

    Provide instruction, nurture, and enrichment for personal and professional development within a

    Spirit-filled, ecumenical ethos;

    Instill in the student recognition of the authority of Scripture in all areas of life and provide a solid

    knowledge of the Bible by encouraging in them, the development of a biblical and balanced Christian


    Cultivate within students a spirit of thoughtful inquiry and reflective discernment in the quest for

    knowledge and truth; critical rationality, based on sound science and research

    Prepare students for servanthood in the Church and community with sensitivity to the rich ethnic

    and cultural diversity and varied needs of the world;