1st DAY Monday ( 4 September 2006)

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    September 3, 2006 SUNDAY 14.00 R E G I S T R A T I O N (Ltf Krdar Congress Hall) 17.30 Wellcome Coctail (Ltf Krdar Congress Hall) September 4, 2006 - MONDAY 08.00-08.30 Authors Breakfast 08.00-09.30 REGISTRATION 09:30-10:30 Opening Ceremony (Anadolu Auditorium)

    Exhibition Opening 10:30-11:00 Coffee Break11:00-11.25 Plenary Lecture 1 (Anadolu Auditorium)

    Speaker: Prof.Dr. R. Villas Boas Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5 Room 6 Flotation Fundamentals 1

    Mineral and Material

    Characterization 1 Bio-

    Hydrometallurgy 1 Communition + Classification-1

    Industrial Minerals-1 Sustainability for Min.Extr.-1

    11.30-11.50 11.50-12.10 12.10-12.30

    12.30-14.00 Lunch Break 14:00-14.25 Plenary Lecture 2 (Anadolu Auditorium)

    Speaker: Prof.Dr. S.K. Kawatra Flotation Fundamentals 2 Mineral and Material

    Characterization 2 Bio-

    Hydrometallurgy 2 Communition/

    Classification-2 Industrial Minerals-2 Simulation,

    Modelling,-1 14.30-14.50 14.50-15.10 15.10-15.30

    15.30-16.15 Coffee Break Poster Session-I

    Flotation Fundamentals 3

    Mineral and Material Characterization 3

    +Process Mineralogy 1

    Bio- Hydrometallurgy 3

    Surface Chemistry-1 Industrial Minerals-3 Precious metals-1

    16.15-16.35 16.35-16.55 16.55-17.15

    19.30-22.30 Dinner (Dolmabahe Palace Hasbahe)-

  • September 5, 2006 TUESDAY 08.00 Information Desk Open ( 08.00 17.30) 08.00-08.30 Authors Breakfast 09.00-09.25 Plenary Lecture 3 (Anadolu Auditorium)

    Speaker: Prof.Dr. K.A. Natarajan Flotation Technology-1 Coal Processing 1


    Hydrometallurgy 4 Process Plant Design

    Operational Practice-1 Physical Enrichment-1 Simulation,

    Modelling,-2 09.30-09.50 09.50-10.10 10.10-10.30

    10.30-11.15 Coffee Break Poster Session-II

    Flotation Technology-2 Coal Processing- 2 Bio- Hydrometallurgy 5

    Process Plant Design Operational Practice-2

    Physical Enrichment-2 Simulation, Modelling,-3

    11.15-11.35 11.35-11.55 11.55-12.15

    12.15-14.00 Lunch Break14:00-14.25 Plenary Lecture 4 (Anadolu Auditorium)

    Speaker: Prof.Dr. G. zbayolu Flotation Technology-3 Surface Chemistry-2 Bio-

    Hydrometallurgy 6 Process Plant Design

    Operational Practice-3 Industrial Minerals-4 Simulation,

    Modelling,-4 14.30-14.50 14.50-15.10 15.10-15.30

    15.30-16.15 Coffee Break Poster Session-III

    Flotation Technology-4 Surface Chemistry-3 Bio- Hydrometallurgy 7

    Process Plant Design Operational Practice-4

    Industrial Minerals-5 Simulation, Modelling,-5

    16.15-16.35 16.35-16.55 16.55-17.15

    18.30 20.00-23.00

    Cruise tour on Bosphorous Dinner - Beylerbeyi Pallace-Hasbahe

  • September 6, 2006 WEDNESDAY 08.00 Information Desk Open ( 08.00 16.30) 08.00-08.30 Authors Breakfast 09.00-09.25 Plenary Lecture 5 (Anadolu Auditorium)

    Speaker: Prof.Dr. D. Wang Flotation Fundamentals 4

    Waste Treatment-1 Sustainability for

    Min.Extr.-2 Physical Enrichment-3 Environment-1 Precious metals-2

    09.30-09.50 09.50-10.10 10.10-10.30

    10.30-11.15 Coffee Break Poster Session-IV

    Flotation Fundamentals 5

    Coal Processing -3 Sustainability for Min.Extr.-3

    Communition/ Classification-3

    Bio- Hydrometallurgy 8 Precious metals-3

    11.15-11.35 11.35-11.55 11.55-12.15

    12.15-14.00 Lunch Break 14:00-14.25 Plenary Lecture 6 (Anadolu Auditorium)

    Speaker: Prof.Dr. F. Habashi Flotation Fundamentals 6

    Coal Processing -4 Agglomeration Communition/

    Classification-4 Bio- Hydrometallurgy 9 Precious metals-4

    14.30-14.50 14.50-15.10 15.10-15.30 15.30-15.50


  • September 7, 2006 THURSDAY) 08.00 Information Desk Open ( 08.00 17.30) 08.00-08.30 Authors Breakfast 09.00-09.25 Plenary Lecture 7 (Anadolu Auditorium)

    Speaker: Prof.Dr. J.S. Laskowski Flotation Technology-5 Waste Treatment-2 Communition/

    Classification-5 Environment-2 Industrial Minerals-6

    Physical Enrichment-4

    09.30-09.50 09.50-10.10 10.10-10.30

    10.30-11.15 Coffee BreakPoster Session-V

    Flotation Technology-6 Waste Treatment-3 Communition/ Classification-6

    Environment-3 Industrial Minerals-7

    Physical Enrichment-5

    11.15-11.35 11.35-11.55 11.55-12.15

    12.15-14.00 Lunch Break 14:00-14.25 Plenary Lecture 8 (Anadolu Auditorium)

    Speaker: Prof.Dr. H.Wotruba Flotation Technology-7 Waste Treatment-4 Communition/

    Classification-7 Environment-4 De-watering-1 Simulation, Modelling,-6

    14.30-14.50 14.50-15.10 15.10-15.30

    15.30-16.15 Coffee BreakPoster Session-VI

    Flotation Technology-8 Waste Treatment-5

    Process Plant Design Operational Practice-


    Environment-5 De-watering-2 Simulation, Modelling,-7

    16.15-16.35 16.35-16.55 16.55-17.15

    19.30 GALA Dinner ( Hotel Hilton - stanbul )

  • September 8, 2006 FRIDAY 08.00 Information Desk Open ( 08.00 17.00) 08.00-08.30 Authors Breakfast 09.00-09.25 Plenary Lecture 9 (Anadolu Auditorium)

    Speaker: Prof.Dr. V.Chanturia Flotation Technology-8 Waste Treatment-6

    De-watering Coal Processing -5 Soil remediation Industrial Minerals-8


    Modelling,-8 09.30-09.50 09.50-10.10 10.10-10.30

    10.30-11.00 Coffee Break11.00-11.25 Plenary Lecture 10 (Anadolu Auditorium)

    Speaker: Dr. M. Gao Process Plant Design

    Operational Practice-5 Waste Treatment-7 Coal Processing -6 De-watering-3 Industrial Minerals-9 Simulation,

    Modelling,-9 11.30-11.50 11.50-12.10 12.10-12.30 12.30-12.50

    12.50-14.30 Lunch Break 14.30-15.30 Closing Ceremony 15.30-16.30 Closing Cocktail



    PL1 Prof.Dr. Villas Boas (Brasil) Sustainable Indicators for the Extraction Minerals Industries PL2 Prof.Dr. S. Komar Kawatra (USA) Emerging Environmental and Nanoparticulate Challenges PL3 Prof.Dr. K.A. Natarajan (India) Microbially-Induced Mineral Flotation and Flocculation: Prospects and Challenges PL4 Prof.Dr. Glhan zbayolu (Turkey) Boron Mineral Processing PL5 Prof.Dr.Dianzu Wang (China) Electrochemistry of Flotation -The Potential Control Flotation Technology of Sulfide Minerals PL6 Prof.Dr. Fathi Habashi (Canada) Pressure Hydrometallurgy PL7 Prof. Dr. Janusz Laskowski (Canada) Coal flotation the future PL8 Prof.Dr. Hermann Wotruba (Germany) Sensor sorting technology is the minerals industry missing a chance? PL9 Prof.Dr. Valentine Chanturiya (Russia) Diamond-bearing kimberlite processing

    PL10 Dr. Mingwei Gao (Australia) The latest developments in fine and ultrafine grinding technologies

  • A- Comminution & Classification

    F018 Direct Breakage Energy Measurements in a Jaw Crusher E. Stamboliadis, C. Harba

    F034 Prediction of AG/SAG Mill Variables from Surface Vibrations S.J. Spencer and V. Sharp, J.J. Campbell, R.J. Holmes, T. Rowlands, D.G. Barker, K.J. Davey and P.L. Phillips F060 Experimental study of attrition effects in a hematite-goethite iron ore during hydrocycloning. E.Donskoi, J.J.Campbell , J.M.Young and T.Raynlyn F124 Increasing silicate carbonation kinetics by use of mechanical activation R.A. Kleiv, K.L. Sandvik & M. Thornhill F152 Micronized milling of non-metalic raw materials in mills new construction Lj. Andric, M. Petrov, V. Milosevic, S. Mihajlovic F191 The influence of transverse profile of crusher jaws on comminution effects Z. Naziemiec, T. Gawenda, T. Tumidajski, D. Saramak F232 Rheological behaviours in stirred media milling of limestone M. He and E. Forssberg F255 Charge segregation and slurry transport in long sag mills S. Mwansa, P. Condori, M.S. Powell F277 Grindability tests in heated bond mill G. Mucsi, B. CSke, J. Faitli, K. Solymr F284 Measurement of electrical energy consumption in a Bond ball mill. M.J. Daniel F288 Energy Reduction in Semiautogenous Grinding Mills via the Design of Mill Internals R. Rajamani, S. Latchireddi, B.K. Misra,

    F290 Modeling of liberation in recycling passenger vehicles-Part 1: Comparing the modeling of comminution/liberation in minerals processing and shredding of cars

    M. A. Reuter and A. van Schaik

    F309 Production of ultra-fine particles in the new type air classifier J. Kolacz F322 Technological applications of vibrating mills with horizontal chambers L.V.Kuzev, I. Ionkov, J. Dedelyanova F325 Quality control for the production of Alumina grinds using ball Mills B. Cske, G. Mucsi, L. Csende, Z. Balogh F360 Characterization of compressive breakage behaviour M. Bengtsson, P. Svedensten, C. M. Evertsson F401 The normal load on roll surfaces of high-pressure grinding rolls G. Unland, J. Kleeberg F429 New Microprocessor system for control of ore grinding process T.A.Penzov, I.S.Vragov, I.D.Lalov T009 A new concept on sampling system with Air Cannon Mechanism U. Ynel, C. Hiylmaz T073 Image analysis of ball mill and HPGR cements-effects on service properties . B. elik, M. ner F153 Application of Derrick High Frequency Fine Screening Technologies in Iron Ore Concentrator Capacity Expansion and Quality Improvement. Christopher Kelly

    T056 Influence of particle size on the shear strength of mineral filter cakes B. Benli, . zcan Tapnar

    F076 Estimation of the Motor Power of the Tower Mill through Dimensional Analysis S. Nitta, T.Furuyama, A. Bissombolo and S.Mori

    F080 Investigation of Grinding Aids for Bauxite Selective Grinding Y.X. Han, Y.L.Tian, X.S.Yang, and W.Z.Yin

    F118 Fine crushing of iron ore through technical-economi