1960 Goldston Looking Into the Future

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<ul><li><p>7/23/2019 1960 Goldston Looking Into the Future</p><p> 1/41</p></li><li><p>7/23/2019 1960 Goldston Looking Into the Future</p><p> 2/41</p><p>T he Book of the Year. Price 4/6 net</p><p>The MAGICIAN Edited by WILL GOLOSTON.A MONTHLY JOURNAL DEVOTED TO MAGIC, HYPNOTISM, &amp;c.</p><p>Gives correct explanation of Practical Illusions, Sleight-of-baad and many interesting article*.</p><p>Published roth each month.4 Id. pe r Copy, Post Free. Annual Subscription 4s. 6d. Post Free.</p><p>Vols L, I II., IV. and V. handsomely bound in Cloth, 5/0 each Vo!, Post Free.</p><p>TH E</p><p>S E C R E T S O F M A K IN G I P .</p><p>By</p><p>J . Atns lcy Brough .</p><p>Till'. MOST USEFUL BOOK ON</p><p>THK SUBJECT PUBLISHED.</p><p>Profusely Illustrated.</p><p>h i g h l y r e c o m m e n d e d BY THE PROFESSION.</p><p>PRICE 1 - POST FREE.</p><p>A. W .Gamage, Ld., Holborn, London, E.C.</p><p>N O W</p><p>R E A D Y</p><p>Compiled and EditedBy WILL GOLDSTOV.</p><p>A book you cannot afford to be without, not n dullmoment in it from cover to cover. Fasclnatingstorie*and personal sketches of men whoscnnroesaresyriony-rnous with all that Is wonderful In magic andentertainment. Many and varied arc the articles explainiiig-w ith wraith o f detail never before attem pted-tlic workings of the most famous tricks and illusionsever presented. This feature alone iB worth a smallfortune to any conjurer. Breery, powerful fiction byllenry' Byntt. that clever writer on stage life whichwill at once grip the attention of anyone connectedwith Magicl.ma. Order early to avoid disappoint-</p><p>meat, as there is bound to lie a rush lor this recordbreak ing annual. He first in the field and team allthat is newest and best in the magic world.</p><p>PRINCIPAL CONTENTS:Apparatus lor Amateurs.A Chat on Magic.My Notebook.Dressing Tricks.Magic Colt.Patter and Gsgs.Odd Notes,Tricks and Improvements.The Lelta Ch ink" Pas*.A Mystifying Card Trick.</p><p>Laughable STMethod ofBorrowing n lint.</p><p>An Original Barrel Hscajie.An addition to the Dice Box.Ingenious Coin Wands.</p><p>Ring, Airing and Wand.Clairvoyant Card and</p><p>Wand Trick.Harry lloudini- by Himself.Thought Reading.Gold Fish.Flying Glasses of Stout.The Imprisoned Hand.The Bee Hive Illusion.The Vanishing Moth.</p><p>The Flying Lady.The Hull of i,ooo Pillars.Will Collision's Frame,lie KoltnV Aecrets.And numerous others.</p><p>T H E M A G I C I A N A N N U A L .</p></li><li><p>7/23/2019 1960 Goldston Looking Into the Future</p><p> 3/41</p><p>CRYSTAL</p><p>GAZING.</p><p>Astrology,Pcilmlstru, Planchette, and Spiritualism.</p><p>Complied Py</p><p>W ILL GO LD5T O N .</p><p>(Entered at Stationers Hall).</p><p>Price 6d.</p><p>LONDON:</p><p>A. W . Gamage, Ltd., Holborn, E.C.</p></li><li><p>7/23/2019 1960 Goldston Looking Into the Future</p><p> 4/41</p><p>PREFACE.</p><p>The Compiler has pleasure in presenting this</p><p>booklet to readers interested in spiritualism</p><p>and the Occult Science. As a Professional</p><p>Conjuror for 15 years, he is in a position to</p><p>judge if spiritualism is genuine or fraud. Aftermany sittings with Mediums the Compiler</p><p>positively declares that conjurors cannot</p><p>duplicate the phenomena as witnessed by</p><p>him under similar conditions.</p><p>Readers who have sittings with professional</p><p>mediums are warned against Dark Seances,"</p><p>your own circle at home should be sufficient to</p><p>give you proof of Spirit Return."</p><p>September, 1905.</p></li><li><p>7/23/2019 1960 Goldston Looking Into the Future</p><p> 5/41</p><p>CRYSTAL GAZING.</p><p>There have been, many times, articles written and lectures, etc., given in disproofof the many branches of occult science, of which " Crystal Gazing " is one.</p><p>It has always seemed to me unfair, and inconsistent as well, to condemn a thingwhich one has not exploited ones self, simply from hearsay or upon the strength ofgeneralities which could not be applied to anything of a physical character, as a matterof course.</p><p>That which is occult or physical, i.t.,belonging to the mind or inner consciousness, cannot be dogmatised upon at a ll ; for it is evident that that which is unknowncannot be governed or contradicted by known laws.</p><p>Now-a-days it would heap ridicule upon the unfortunate head of anyone whosuggested, or tried to prove, that the world we live in was anything but round, yet onceon a time the theories which would now make us a laughing stock were the theories</p><p>which soonest obtained credence!* Those who laugh last laugh longest and so it is with all things ; it remains tobe proved whether those who at present dogmatise as ridiculous and fanciful, thethe theories of ttte psychistof which crystal gazing is onewill not in the end have toacknowledge their philosophy, after all, contained but few things and some of thoseincorrect at th a t!</p><p>It is the purpose of the present article, however, not so much to read a lecture uponthe theories of crystal gazing, etc,, or to argue for or against it, as to give in a conciseform those instructions which will enable the experimenter and student to decide forthemselves whether or no. the " crystal Mis, or is not, what is claimed by those whohave used it and who believe in it.</p><p>Belief! Therein a nutshell lies half the point at issue. To use the crystal one</p><p>must possess two things. Faith, and the Crystal ! Now firstly, what is the Crystal ?Well, it consists of a sphere, or ball, of crystal without flaw or blemish. I say a. sphere or ball, I should have said a solid sphere or ball, for I find that some dealers</p><p>supply a " Crystal in the form of a hollowglobe, and this is not only uselessbut actuallyharmfulinto the bargain.</p><p>Having obtained your crystal which should be simply a globe of crystal, withoutstand or foot of any kind, it is necessary to arrange, as far as possible, that it shalloccupy an isolated position, away from other things which shall distract the attentionfor concentration is needed before all elseto secure this nothing is better than to usea bed of velvet either of a deep purple or black, and the finer the quality the better.</p><p>If possible all ornaments, etc , should be removed from the room, and the roomitself, if possible, should have self-coloured walls, or at any rate a paper of the plainest</p><p>possible pattern, as if at all glaring or large the wall paper will distract the attentionand destroy that concentration which is an absolute necessity to the effectual use ofthe crystal.</p><p>The lightemployed varies with the character and temperament of the student.A person of strong emotions and of neurotic temperament will often succeed better</p><p>in weak or even moonlight; whereas those of calm dispassionate natures frequently finddaylight about sunset, to be the best.</p><p>Others again, seem to visualize more freely in an artificial light. It can only bedecided by actual experiment in each individual case. In any event, the lightemployed should not be too strong. It should come direct upon the crystal and fromone direction only. All cross lightings should be carefully excluded, and the studentmust sit with the light coming from over his shoulder full upon the crystal.</p><p>3</p></li><li><p>7/23/2019 1960 Goldston Looking Into the Future</p><p> 6/41</p><p>Should artificial light be employed, candles are best and should be stationed a littlein advance, or preferably behindtne crystal, one on cither side, so as to form a triangle,of which the globes is the apex.</p><p>The velvet cloth should cover as large an area as possible, and the globe andcandles should occupy a central position. Avoid candlesticks of gaudy or brilliantappearance.</p><p>Now. seated as above, in front of the " crystal, allow the gaze to become con-centrated upon the globe, which may either be held in the hand or, and this is</p><p>undoubtedly the best, placed upon the velvet itself.* Gaze into not at the " crystal." and should any reflections of external objectsobstruct the view, do not allow them to influence you at a ll : look calmly through themand you will find that gradually they wilt seem to melt away. Do not force yourselfby any effort of the will to keep your eyes fixed upon the globe, allow them to restpassively upon it, and think ! Try to imagine some scene which is pa st; picture it in</p><p>. your mind ; do not try to see it in the crystal, and if nothing comes to you of its ownaccord put it away and try again after t224 hours.</p><p>Do not at any time force yourself to concentrate the attention, or to see anything inthe crystal by force of will power.</p><p>Simply keep gazing into the centre of the globe until reflections pass and meltaway and there comes the feeling of illimitable space around you, a sense of looking</p><p>into it great void. Gradually, as the crystal exerts its influence you sink into a statewhich is on the borderland of unconsciousness, neither awake nor asleep. It is in thisdreamy condition that you are able to picture to yourself, in your mind, scenes longforgotten: faces long lost sight o f ; and places which were familiar to you in the longago! Soon,though not at the first or second trial perhaps, you will begin to actuallyice in the crystal, or rather in the void which the crystal becomes to the practisedcrystal gazerfor the gazer loses sight of the the glass globe, almost as soon as he (orshe) gains the power of actually seeingvisions or Visualizing" by its aid.</p><p>With use, the pictures should become stronger and more brilliant, and longpractice should make results more certain and their production easier.</p><p>From the stage of Visualizing recent or past occurrences, you should strive to</p><p>visualize that which is not known or only in part known, such as the dwelling andsurroundings of an acquaintance whose home, etc., arc not known, or very little knownto you. In time, it is said that one even acquires a seemingly miraculous power ofobserving happenings at a great distance, and forecasting events, or reading pastunknown occurrences. To those already clairvoyant it is possible to achieve astoundingresults, and only an intelligent exploitation of the "crystal " and its powers can teachits real value and power.</p><p>The scientific reasonfor such power and influence as seems to reside in this curiousglobe cannot be gone into here; but the money invested in one of the "cry sta ls isrepaid, again and again, if only by the curious and marvellous manner in whichit rests the body and, undoubtedly, strengthens the mind and memory. And althoughit is not claimed for it that it will influence anyand everybody, it is an undoubted fact,</p><p>that nine people out of ten possess a clairvoyant power, in greater or less degree, whichonly needs the agency of such a concentrating influence as the crys tal" to blossomout and become perfected in them !</p><p>Finally, to keep the " crystal in good condition it should not be allowed tobecome tarnished in the le ast. ' Before use it should be warmed and wiped over witha velvet cloth. It should not be touched more than is absolutely necessary, by the barehands at any time!</p><p>A note of warning, in conclusion. Faith is absolutely necessary to success;without belief no results can be expected. But Faith, Passtveness, and regular andcontinued study should repay the crystal gazers just in proportion to the latent powerwithin them.</p><p>4</p></li><li><p>7/23/2019 1960 Goldston Looking Into the Future</p><p> 7/41</p><p>By R a l p h D a r i o s .</p><p>Of all the sciences that are being investigated at the present time, there is nonemore ancient than Astrology. Far back into the dim vistas of the past can we trace itshistory in Chaldea, where the worship and study of the planetary angels formed thereligion and the priests dedicated from birth to the service of their own particular rayor star, invoked the blessings of these higher influences, but only at the appropriatetimes, when these wise men of the East bad calculated the influences to be workingharmoniously so that the most beautiful vibrations must have been experienced by theassembled multitudes. Thei* we can look at the wonderful state of civilization existingwhen the Egyptian dynasties were in the full height of their power, and find innumer</p><p>able correspondencies in the monuments and other remains, of the connection withstellar phenomena, as in the pyramids we find these remarkable secret chambers andpassages built at angles calculated with mathematical precision to admit the rays ofcertain stars at the exact time of great festivals; but we must leave these fascinatingtimes and come down to the present when, sad to relate, astrology does not seem to bein such favour with the powers that be, and much of the knowledge, nearly lost duringthe dark middle ages, is slowly being re-discovered ; but even now the study of thisscience may be most beneficial, not only to all mankind, but to every individual, thestars ruling everything terrestrial, from the movements of insects and earthquakes, tothe destinies of beggars and kings.</p><p>In the fallowing pages the science of astrology will be explained in a concise butnecessarily brief manner, and for the benefit of those readers who may be attracted tothis subject, the symbols and explanations are here appended :</p><p>Tmt S i c k s o p t h e Zo d i a c .</p><p>T Arles * Libraa Taurus III ScorpioH Gemini / SagittariusB Cancer &gt;3CapricornA Leo = Aquariusnj Virgo X Pisces</p><p>T u t Pl a h e t s .</p><p>?Suu 2/ JupiterMoon I; Saturn</p><p>tf Mercury Hi Uranus9 Venus tp Neptune</p><p>! 4 Mars</p><p>As pe c t s . Dis t n c e . Na t car .</p></li><li><p>7/23/2019 1960 Goldston Looking Into the Future</p><p> 8/41</p><p>Each sign has a lord or ruler, as 0 is the ruler of A and each planet is exaltedin certain signs, as is exalted in T as the following table will show</p><p>Sig n Ru l e r or Kx a i.t a t io r</p><p>T V . - .......................</p><p>g</p><p>*1 ' - ................................................... O</p><p>........ 'f ...............................................................-....................</p><p>rn. .. .......... i</p><p>/ ................................. ................................................ 21</p><p> &gt;II W1|| |X .............. ....................</p><p>Mature of the signs:ARIES. (T )Fiery, cardinal sign, disposition warlike, pioneering, quarrelsome.</p><p>TAURUS, (# )Earthy, fixed sign ; disposition. Lethargic, obstinate, endurance.GEMINI, (n )Airy, common sign ; disposition, scientific, nervous, changeable.</p><p>CANCER. (a#)Watery, cardinal sign; disposition, timid, receptive, tenacious.</p><p>LEO. (A)Fiery, fixed sign; disposition, bold, ambitious, benevolent.</p><p>VIRGO, (ny)Earthy, common sign ; disposition, ingenious, critical, graceful,</p><p>L IBRA. (e)~Airy, cardinal sign ; disposition, amorous, refined, sympathetic.</p><p>SCORPIO, (m)Watery, fixed sign; disposition, secretive, mystical, resentful.</p><p>L A G in iA R IN O . ( / ) Fiery, common sign; disposition, generous, fond ofoutdoor exercise.</p><p>CAPRICORN, (n )Earthly, cardinal sign ; disposition, crafty, persevering,melancholic.</p><p>AQUARIUS, ( c ) Airy', fixed sign ; disposition, kind hearted, thoughtful, contemplative.</p><p>PISCES, (x)Watery, common sign ; disposition, mediumistic, lazy, romantic.</p><p>THE HOUSES;</p><p>The First House governs the form of the body, character and health.The Second House: Money, property, liberty.The Third House : Brothers and sisters, short journeys, letters and writingsThe Fourth Hou se; Father, residence, close of life,The Fifth House: Pleasure, children and speculation.The Sixth House : Sickness, servants, psychic.The Seventh House; Marriage, partnerships, lawsuits.The Eighth House: Death, legacies, mysticism.The Ninth House...</p></li></ul>


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