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15.9/15.10: MAIL MERGE

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Used in Schools. Mail Merge is a method of taking data from a database, spreadsheet, or other form of structured data, and inserting it into documents such as letters, mailing labels, and name tags. In offices. Department Stores. Corporate Companies. 15.9/15.10: MAIL MERGE . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of 15.9/15.10: MAIL MERGE

15.9/15.10: MAIL MERGE

15.9/15.10: MAIL MERGE DONE BY: VINIDU DEVENDRA13GMail Merge is a method of taking data from a database, spreadsheet, or other form of structured data, and inserting it into documents such as letters, mailing labels, and name tags.

Used in SchoolsIn officesDepartment StoresCorporate Companies15.9: setting up fields to control record selectionThere are a variety of ways to select records for mail merge.Select individual records from the source data Using the SkipIf command to omit records

The SkipIf command lets you enter the criteria or rules that are required.It then processes the data inputted and according to the rules, skips the records that match your commands. In other words, those records will not be shown.

These are the records before the filters are set

TOTAL RECORDS BEFORE= 10Lets do an example: Task 15.9Question: Produce a letter for ladies who do not live in Skipley.

Answer: To have records of just ladies, select the Edit Recipient List in the Mailings caption on the tool bar. Then in the title field, click on title and then on AdvancedAnd this opens the Query Options window.Step 1:

Step 2:

In the fields section: use the drop-down menu to select the title field.In the comparison section: use the drop-down menu to select Not equal to.In the compare to section: enter the text, Mr.

This will filter out all of the men from the available records.NEXTStep 2:

NextTo remove the people who live in Skipley, select the And option from the available logical operators.

In the field section, use the drop-down menu to select the Add_3 field.In the comparison section, use the drop-down menu to select Not equal to In the compare to section, enter the text Skipley.

When you have checked that all search criteria are correct, click on OK to create the query. Step 3:

The new records are:

TOTAL RECORDS AFTER= 2ADVANTAGES OF SETTING UP FIELDS OF QUERIESEasy and simple to useNo complex input methods requiredVery straight-forward sortingDifferent queries can be inputted together, rather than individually. So it saves timeThe sorting can take place together to give the same resultsDisadvantages of setting up fields of queries Evidence cannot be seen when printouts are taken. Wordings such as Not equal to female and Equal to male can often confuse people. It can also give wrong search results.

What are Mail merge labels?

Letters and packages need labels to identify the addressee and the sender.Mail merge produces standardized mailing labels from adata setthat complies with postal standards.15.10 Creating mail merge labelsUsed in post officesIn SupermarketsBanksUtility Companies such as DEWAAdvantages of labels:It saves timeAll postal requirements are fulfilled by the inbuilt labels.Step-by-step instructions are available in MS WordEasy to useMultiple labels can be made, following the standardized approach using the Update all labels radio button, but each label contains personalized information

DISADVANTAGES OF LABELS:It needs training and a person with computer skills to create labels and follow the systematic pattern

The page settings of labels; including the margins size, label size, pitch, etc. can cause some confusion. It also requires some mathematical skills.

Lets do an example: Activity 15.6 Produce some mail merged address labels using the following data:These labels must be 4.5 cm wide and 3.5 cm high and fit four across the page and six down the page. There must also be a 0.5 cm gap between each label.FirstOpen a new word documentClick on Mailings on the tool bar.Start Mail MergeStep by step mail merge wizard

Once you have this taskbar on your right, click on labels radio button and then Next: Starting document at the bottom.Preview 1:

Preview 2:

NextClick on Change document layout radio buttonLabel options in the Change Document Layout section.This will open the label options window


LaterIn the Label Options Window, under Label information, choose Other/custom as your label vendorsThe New Label at the bottomAfter that, change the label name to something like: 6 by 4 label for Activity15.6 (6 down the page, 4 across the page. Refer to the question)


Making changes:Set the label height to 3.5 cmSet the label width to 4.5 cmTo achieve the gap of 0.5 cm between each label the Vertical Pitch must be set to 4 cm (which is the 3.5 cm for the label height plus the 0.5 cm gap.)The Horizontal Pitch must be set to 5 cm (which is the 4.5 cm for the label width plus the 0.5 cm gap.)Set the number across to 4 as specified in the taskSet the number down to 6To work out the side margin, you need to add the 4 labels and 3 gaps spacing between them. This will be 4.5+0.5+4.5+0.5+4.5+0.5+4.5. This is a total of 19.5 cm. But the page width is 21 cm so 1.5 will be the size left for both sides of the margins. So for one side margin, it will be 0.75 cm. Press OK twice.

NOTE: Top margin is set by printer settings. You do not have to change this!!25Filling in the details

Next:On the mail merge window panel on the right, click Next: Select recipients Under Select Recipients section, click on the Use an existing list radio buttonUnder Use an existing list, click on Browse and select the file CarJan.csv then click on OKThen on the bottom side panel, Next: Arrange your labels Here, under Arrange your Labels section, click on More items.Then, click on the required fields. In this case it will be Title, Forename, Surname, Address 1, Address 2 and PostcodeThen click OK. Finally, in the side panel under Replicate labels, click on Update all labels


Preview 2:

TOTAL RECORDS= 12Preview 1:Click on Next: Preview your LabelsUnder Make Changes section, click on the Edit Recipients ListOver here, make changes by following the criteria in Activity 15.5It says: Produce this letter for ladies who do not live in Kings Lynn and Trumpington.Once this is done, click on Next: complete the merge and youre done!

Preview 2: