1550 B.C. – 1050 B.C

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1550 B.C. – 1050 B.C. The New Kingdom. 1550 B.C. Ahmose (Thebes) marked the beginning of the New Kingdom Beginning of 18 th dynasty Egypt reached its height of power & glory Cities grew large. The Egyptian Empire. Pharaohs began conquering lands to the east - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of 1550 B.C. – 1050 B.C

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1550 B.C. 1050 B.C.The New Kingdom

1550 B.C.Ahmose (Thebes) marked the beginning of the New KingdomBeginning of 18th dynastyEgypt reached its height of power & gloryCities grew large

The Egyptian EmpirePharaohs began conquering lands to the eastPeriod of Conquest & Trade

The Egyptian ConquestSought to gain control of all possible invasion routes into the kingdom1st conquered homeland of HyksosThutmose III conquered lands to Syria and Palestine; south to Kush

Egypt became the leading military power from the Euphrates to Nubia.

The Egyptian WealthCollected tribute money or goods collected from conquered peoplesNubia gold, leopard skins, precious stones, slavesAssyria, Babylonia, & Hittites sent gifts to maintain good relations

The Egyptian TradeDeveloped profitable trade routes (paths followed by traders)Conquered lands had valuable resources

Hatshepsut1472-1458 B.C.Worked to increase trade; not interested in war; built monuments and templeSent traders to kingdom of Punt (Red Sea), Asia Minor, & GreeceMarried Thutmose II (half brother) who left throne to son, Thutmose IIISince he was young, Hattie took throne

HatshepsutBecause many did not think women should rule.She dressed like a man and called herself kingAfter death Thutmose III destroyed monuments that she built during her reign

Religion during the New KingdomThebes became capital of EgyptAmon had been god of ThebesEgyptians combined Amon & Re, the sun godAmon-ReTemples became industrial centers and schools

Amenhotep IV1370 B.C.Did not like priest so he closed temples of Amon-Re and fired all workersSet up new religion

Amenhoteps New ReligionMonotheistic (the worship of only one god)Worshipped AtonChanged his name to Akhenaton Spirit of AtonOnly family and close advisors accepted this new religionFailed to make Egypt monotheistic

1360 B.C.Tutankhamen (son-in-law of Amenhotep) became pharaoh9 years oldPriests forced him to return to old religion Died at 18

Ramses the Great1200sOne of longest reignsLast great pharaohTrained to be ruler and fighterArmy captain at 10

Ramses the GreatFought Hittites no winner but became alliesTehenu invaded DeltaFought them off & built a series of forts to strengthen western frontierTehenu invaded again century later - defeated

Ramses the GreatAfter death invaded by Sea Peoples (?)Sea Peoples strong warriors who crushed Hittites and destroyed cities in SW Asia Took Egypt 50 years to push them back

Decline of EgyptPriest became powerfulPriest owned 1/3 of landPlayed major role in governmentPharaohs power declinedSoon after death of Ramses, the New Kingdom ended Period of violence and disorder

Ahmose Amenhotep I Thutmose I Thutmose II Hatshepsut Thutmose III Amenhotep II

Thutmose IV Amenhotep III Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten) Neferneferuaten Tutankhamen Ay Horemheb

18th dynasty 1550-1295 BC19th dynasty 1295 -1186 BC

Rameses I Seti I Rameses II Merenptah Amenmessu Sety II Saptah Tausret

20th dynasty 1186 - 1069 BC

Setnakht Rameses III Rameses IV Rameses V Rameses VI

Rameses VII Rameses VIII Rameses IX Rameses X Rameses XI