12th India Digital Summit - iamai. - Johorey, Head –Payments Digital Initiatives, IDFC Bank

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<ul><li><p> 12th India Digital Summit </p><p>Digital India: A Trillion Dollar Economy by 2022 </p><p> DAY 1 - Wednesday, 17th January </p><p>Conference 1 - Policy Matters! | Crystal Ballroom </p><p>1000 - 1100 hrs: Inaugural Session: </p><p>1000 1020 hrs: Theme Address - Rajan Anandan, Chairman, IAMAI &amp; Managing Director, Google India </p><p> 1020 1040 hrs: Lead Talk 1: </p><p>Ajit Mohan, Chief Executive Officer, Hotstar </p><p>1040 1100 hrs: Discussion and Audience Interaction Lead by Neeraj Roy, Managing Director &amp; CEO, Hungama Digital Media Entertainment </p><p>1100 1105 hrs: Changeover </p><p>1105 1120 hrs: Lead Talk 2: </p><p>By Satyan Gajwani, Vice Chairman, Times Internet &amp; Board Director, Times of India Group* </p><p>1120 1130 hrs: Break </p><p>1130 1230 hrs: Keynote Address 1: 25 Unicorns in India by 2022 </p><p>Amitabh Kant, Chief Executive Officer, NITI Aayog </p><p>Moderated by: Sriraman Jagannathan, Vice President, Amazon Payments </p><p>1230 1235 hrs: Changeover </p><p>1235 1305 hrs: Lead Talk 3: The Quintessential Cloud - Path to the Trillion Dollar Digital Economy </p><p>Niraj Prakash, Senior Director - Solution Consulting, Digital Innovation, Oracle India </p><p>1325 1430 hrs: Lunch </p><p>1430 1515 hrs: Fireside Chat 1: Data Protection and Privacy </p><p>Baijayant Panda, Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha </p><p>Moderated by: Chetan Krishnaswamy, Country Head - Public Policy, Google India </p><p>1515 1520: Changeover </p><p>1520 1600 hrs: Keynote Address 2: </p><p>Aruna Sundararajan, Chairman TC &amp; Secy.(T) Dept. of Telecommunication, Govt. of India </p></li><li><p> Moderated by: Gautam Sinha, Chief Executive Officer, Times Internet </p><p>1600 1615: Networking Break </p><p>1615 1645 hrs: Lead Talk 4: A Trillion Dollar Economy by 2022: Is the Internet Ready for the Digital Push </p><p>Amol Mathur, Director of Security Products APJ Region, AKAMAI Technologies </p><p>1645 1650 hrs: Changeover </p><p>1650 1730 hrs: Keynote Address 3: </p><p>Sunil Bajpai, Principal Advisor (QoS &amp; IT), TRAI </p><p>End of Day 1 Sessions </p><p>1900 hrs onwards: CXOs Dinner </p><p>DAY 1 - 17th January - Parallel Stages </p><p>Conference 2: Crypto Conference | PTG Hall Conference 3: Entertainment Tech | Regency </p><p>1 &amp; 2 Conference 4: Design Matters! | Regency 3 &amp; 4 </p><p>Conference 5: LeaderCast | Regal Room </p><p>1120-1135 hrs: Lead Talk 1: Indias Opportunity to become a New Cryptocurrency Global Hub By Sandeep Goenka, Co-founder &amp; COO, </p><p>Zebpay </p><p>1120 1220 hrs: Plenary Session 1: Online Content Addressing Concerns Moderator: Vikram Chandra, Consulting Editor NDTV </p><p>Panelists: </p><p> Nalin Mehta, Executive Editor, TOI Online </p><p> Vidya Nath, Director Digital, Frost and Sullivan India </p><p> Karuna Nundy, Advocate, Supreme Court </p><p> Sohni Kaur, Public Policy Manager, Netflix </p><p> Prabh Singh, Head of Content &amp; Revenue, Hotstar </p><p>1120-1135 hrs: Lead Talk 1: Eric Schaffer, CEO, HFI </p><p>1120 1220 hrs: Leadercast Session 1: What went behind creating India's leading digital agency By Shamsuddin Jasani, Managing Director, Isobar India </p><p>1135 1220 hrs: Plenary Session 1: ROI of UX - Global Trends and Indian Cases Moderator: Eric Schaffer, CEO, HFI Panelists: </p><p> Rajnish Khare, Head - Digital Transformation, Social Business &amp; New Media and Mobility Banking, HDFC Bank </p><p> Abhay Johorey, Head Payments &amp; Digital Initiatives, IDFC Bank </p><p> Gaurav Mathur, Sr. Director UX Design, Myntra </p><p> Advit Sahdev, Head of Marketing, Infibeam </p><p>1135 1220 hrs: Plenary Session 1: Bitcoins &amp; Cryptocurrencies: Opportunity for Startups Moderator: Ajeet Khurana, Cryptocurrency </p><p>Expert </p><p>Panelists: </p><p> Saurabh Agrawal, Co-founder &amp; CEO, Zebpay </p><p> Rahul Raj, Co Founder &amp; CEO, Koinex </p><p> Hesham Rehman, Co-Founder &amp; CEO, Bitxoxo </p><p> Shikha Mehra, Certified BitCoin Professional &amp; Co-founder, MainChain </p></li><li><p> Jiten Jain, Chief Executive Officer, India Infosec Consortium </p><p>1220 1225 hrs: Changeover </p><p>1225 1240 hrs: Lead Talk 2: What is Mining and Key Role it Plays By Marco Krohn, Co-founder, Genesis Mining </p><p>1225 1325 hrs: Plenary Session 2: Trends in Digital Content: opportunities &amp; challenges Moderator: Akash Banerjee, AVP - Radio </p><p>Mirchi </p><p>Panelists: </p><p> Neeraj Roy, Managing Director &amp; CEO, Hungama Digital Media Entertainment </p><p> Aneesh Madani, Head of Sports Partnership, Twitter </p><p> Zubin Dubash, COO New Media, Shemaroo Entertainment </p><p> Akash Banerji, Senior Vice President, Head Marketing, Licensing &amp; Partnership, Viacom18 </p><p>1225 1325 hrs: Plenary Session 2: UX: The Marriage of Art &amp; Science Moderator: Lisa Rath, Partner, Itu Chaudhari </p><p>Design </p><p>Panelists: </p><p> Tanmay Modi, CEO, ScreenRoot </p><p> Shuchita Baranwal, Head of Design Consumer Products, Oyo Rooms </p><p> Anish Tripathi, VP Design, BookMyShow Ekta Jafri, Design Director, IBM </p><p>1225 1325 hrs: Leadercast session 2: Building India's first insure-tech from scratch By Devendra Rane, Founder &amp; CTO, Coverfox 1240 1325 hrs: Plenary Session 2: Bitcoin </p><p>Mining- Indian and Global Outlook Moderator: Ajeet Khurana, Cryptocurrency </p><p>Expert </p><p>Panelists: </p><p> Marco Krohn, Co-founder, Genesis Mining </p><p> Sunil Aggarwal, Author, Bitcoin Magnet and Advisor, Simpal &amp; Signzy </p><p> Karamveer Singh, Founder, Ayush Software &amp; Medifee </p><p>1325 1430 hrs: Lunch </p><p>1430 1515 hrs: Plenary Session 3: Legal, Regulatory and Taxation Environment for Cryptocurrencies in India Moderator: Vaibhav Parikh, Partner, </p><p>Nishith Desai Associates </p><p>Panelists: </p><p> Sandeep Goenka, Co-founder &amp; COO, Zebpay </p><p> Sathvik Vishwanath, Co-Founder &amp; CEO, Unocoin </p><p> Nappinai N S, Advocate, Supreme Court &amp; Bombay High Court </p><p> Anirudh Rastogi, Co-founder, TRA </p><p>1430 1530 hrs: Plenary Session 3: Massive potential of OTT: capturing emerging markets Moderator: Vidya Nath, Director, Digital, </p><p>Frost and Sullivan India </p><p>Panelists: </p><p> Uday Sodhi, Head - Digital Business, Sony India </p><p> Salil Kapoor, MD India, HOOQ </p><p> Ajay Chacko, CEO &amp; Co-founder, Arre </p><p>1430 1530 hrs: Plenary Session 3: UX Design for AI, IoT, and Conversational Applications: Guiding a New Wave of Technology Moderator: </p><p>Apala Lahiri Chavan, President HFI - Middle </p><p>East, Asia, Africa, Australia (MIDAAAS), HFI </p><p>Panelists: </p><p> Apurva Mudgal, VP Product, Haptik </p><p> Beerud Seth, CEO, Gupshup </p><p> Neha Modgil, Co-Founder, Techved </p><p> Dheemant Thacker, Head Mobile Innovation, HDFC Bank </p><p>1430 1530 hrs: Leadercast Session 3: Bootstrapping to Listing Challenges Overcome by Matrimony.com By Murugavel Janakiraman, Founder &amp; CEO, Matrimony.com </p><p>1515 1520 hrs: Changeover </p><p>1520 1550 hrs: Special Address: Future of Blockchain in India By Shri M Sivasankar, Secretary - </p><p>Electronics &amp; Information Technology </p><p>Department, Government of Kerala </p><p>1550 1555 hrs: Changeover 1530 1535: Changeover </p></li><li><p>1555 1640 hrs: Plenary Session 4: Exploring and Building Blockchain Solutions for Banking Moderator: Rajesh Dhuddu, Senior Vice-</p><p>President, Quatrro </p><p>Panelists: </p><p> Richa Shrivastava, VP - Strategy &amp; </p><p>Marketing, Fintech, Government of Andra </p><p>Pradesh </p><p> Prasanna Lohar, Head- Technology, </p><p>Innovation &amp; Architecture, DCB Bank </p><p> Ankit Ratan, Co-founder, Signzy </p><p> Gawrav Mehta, TEDx Speaker, Author </p><p>and National Digital Asset Exchange </p><p> Raj Chowdhury, Managing Director, </p><p>HashCash Consultants </p><p>1535 1635 hrs: Plenary Session 4: Power of content in Indic Languages Moderator: Deepak Agarwal, Head Social, </p><p>Dainik Bhaskar </p><p>Panelists: </p><p> Ramakrishnan Laxman, Head of Digital Business, ABP News Network, ABPLive.in, FilmyMonkey.com </p><p> Amit Gupta, CEO, Asianet News </p><p> Ravi Sharma, Director Content, Hoi Choi </p><p> Rajeev Dhal, Head- Monetization, Dailyhunt </p><p>1535 1635 hrs: Plenary Session 4: Institutionalization of UX: Grading Our UX Champions and Establishing Sustainable Capabilities in India Moderator: Mohit Hira, Strategy Consultant </p><p>Panelists: </p><p> Eric Schaffer, CEO, HFI </p><p> Suhas Bendre, Director, Cognizant Interactive, Cognizant Technology Solutions </p><p> Laxmidhar Gaopande, CTO &amp; Technical Director, Rolta India Nitin Gupta, Associate Principal, McKinsey &amp; </p><p>Company </p><p>1535 1635 hrs: Leadercast Session 4: The Spirit of Bouncing Back from Failures By Dinesh Agarwal, Founder &amp; CEO, IndiaMART </p><p>Sessions to be continued at Conference 1 </p></li><li><p>12th India Digital Summit Digital India: A Trillion Dollar Economy by 2022 </p><p> DAY 2 - Thursday, 18th January </p><p>Conference 1 - Keynotes | Crystal Ballroom </p><p>0930 1015 hrs: Fireside Chat 3: </p><p>Rajan Anandan, Chairman, IAMAI &amp; Managing Director, Google India </p><p>Moderated by: Rishi Srivastava, Founder CEO - AARK TechAccess &amp; Board Advisor, BOV Capital, Singapore </p><p>1015 1020 hrs: Changeover </p><p>1020 1100 hrs: Lead Talk 5: </p><p>Priyanka Sehgal, Vice President, Content &amp; Strategy, Digital &amp; TV, Network 18 Media &amp; </p><p>Mitesh Jethva, Branded Content Video Producer, Network 18 Media </p><p>1100 1105 hrs: Changeover </p><p>1105 1205 hrs: Lead Talk 6: </p><p>Sanjeev Bikhchandani, Founder &amp; CEO, Info Edge </p><p>1205 1225 hrs: Networking Break </p><p>1225 1315 hrs: Keynote Address 4: </p><p>Sriraman Jagannathan, Vice President, Amazon Payments </p><p>1315 1420 hrs: Lunch </p><p>1420 1520 hrs: Fireside Chat 4: </p><p>Deep Kalra, Vice-Chairman, IAMAI &amp; Chairman and Group CEO, MakeMyTrip.com </p><p>Moderated by: Shaili Chopra, Founder, SheThePeople.TV </p><p>1520 1525 hrs: Changeover </p><p>1525 1610 hrs: Lead Talk 7: </p><p>Dilip Asbe, MD &amp; CEO, National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) </p><p>1610 1630 hrs: Networking Break </p></li><li><p>1630 1730 hrs: Lead Talk 8: </p><p>Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Founder, Paytm </p><p>1730 1740 hrs: Changeover </p><p>1740 1830 hrs: Valedictory Address: </p><p>Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, Member of Parliament, Rajyasabha &amp; National Vice President, BJP </p><p>1830 1900 hrs: Networking Break and Awards Night Changeover </p><p>1900 hrs onwards India Digital Awards </p><p>1905 1935 hrs: Fireside Chat 5: </p><p>Virender Sehwag, Former Indian Cricketer </p><p>Moderated by: Manish Maheshwari, Chief Executive Officer, Digital - Network18 Media </p><p>DAY 2 18th January - Parallel Stages </p><p>Conference 6: AdTech | PTG Hall Conference 7: Digital Transformation | Regency </p><p>1 &amp; 2 Conference 8: Government CEO Conference | </p><p>Regency 3 &amp; 4 Conference 5: LeaderCast | Regal Room </p><p>1105 1145 hrs: Address 2: Integrated CX </p><p>in the Age of Discontent. Meeting </p><p>Skyrocketing Customer Expectations </p><p>through #SmarterCX </p><p>By Wendy Hogan, Customer Experience &amp; </p><p>Marketing Strategy Director, APAC, Oracle </p><p>Corporation </p><p>1105 1205 hrs: Plenary Session 1: Digital Transformation: Education Moderator: Roman Saini, Co-founder, Unacademy Panelists: </p><p> Manpreet Singh Manna, Director- AICTE &amp; Project Incharge, SWAYAM </p><p> Raj Nehru, Vice Chancellor, Vishwakarma Skill Development University, Government of Haryana </p><p> Vineet Chaturvedi, Co-founder, Edureka </p><p> Nishant Rai, Asst. Director, Amity University </p><p>1105 1205 hrs: Leadercast Session 5: By Pravin Kumar Teotia, Ex-Naval Officer, Indian Navy </p><p>1205 1220 hrs: Networking Break </p></li><li><p>1220 1320 hrs: Plenary Session 1: Mastering Cross Device Marketing in an Attention Deficit World. Moderator: Prasad Shejale, CEO, Logicserve Digital Panelists: </p><p> Wendy Hogan, Customer Experience &amp; Marketing Strategy Director, APAC, Oracle Corporation </p><p> Vishwajeet Parashar, Head Marketing, Bajaj Capital </p><p> Sanchita Johri, Group Digital Marketing Lead, Johnson &amp; Johnson </p><p> Sai Narayan, Associate Director &amp; Head of Marketing, Paisabazaar.com </p><p> Prashant Puri, Co-Founder &amp; CEO, AdLift </p><p> Archan Banerjee, Head (SM)- Digital </p><p>Marketing, Dabur </p><p>1220 1250 hrs: Special Address: </p><p>By Amol Mathur, Director of Security Products </p><p>APJ Region, AKAMAI Technologies </p><p> 1220 1320 hrs: Leadercast Session 6: By Amit Jain, Co-Founder &amp; CEO, GirnarSoft </p><p>1320 - 1415 hrs: Lunch </p><p>1415 1515 hrs: Plenary Session 2: Scalability of Personalization of Customer Experience Moderator: Kunal Tomar, General </p><p>Manager, Cheetah Digital </p><p>Panelists: </p><p> Aman Satija, Head Marketing, Lenskart </p><p> Rajat Gupta, Head-Growth Marketing, TIL </p><p> Uma Talreja, Chief Digital Officer, </p><p>Raymond </p><p> Sameer Jain, Director - Digital Strategy &amp; </p><p>Customer engagement, ShopClues </p><p> Gagan Arora, Chief Marketing Officer, </p><p>Foodpanda </p><p>1415 - 1515 hrs: Plenary Session 2: Digital Transformation: Banking &amp; Finance </p><p>Moderator: Amol Mathur, Director of Security </p><p>Products APJ Region, AKAMAI Technologies </p><p>Panelists: </p><p> Bhavik Vasa, Chief Growth Officer, EbixCash </p><p> Tina Singh, CDO, Mahindra Finance </p><p> Yashish Dahiya, Co-Founder &amp; CEO, PolicyBazaar </p><p> Rajat Gandhi, Founder &amp; CEO, Faircent </p><p> Nitin Bhandari, Head Digital &amp; New Initiatives, Western Union </p><p>1415 1515 hrs: Session 3: e-Development for transition into a developed and empowered Digital India With Sanjay Kumar Rakesh, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology Session Moderator: Pratibha Jain, Partner, Nishith Desai Associates </p><p>1415 1515 hrs: Leadercast Session 7: By By Kuntal Joisher, Everest Mountaineer </p><p>1515 1520 hrs Changeover </p></li><li><p>1520 1620 hrs: Plenary Session 3: Bridging the divide in a Trust Deficient Economy Moderator: Gopa Kumar, Executive VP, </p><p>Isobar India </p><p>Panelists: </p><p> Virginia Sharma, Director - Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn India </p><p> Kanika Mittal, Director - Brand Marketing </p><p>and Communications, Reebok India </p><p> Neha Sharma, Head - Digital Media </p><p>Marketing, Dunkin' Donuts </p><p> Amit Gujral, Chief Marketing Officer, LG </p><p> Gaurav Mehta, Chief Marketing Officer, GirnarSoft </p><p> Nadeesh Ramachandran, Vice President - Sales &amp; Strategy, Vserv </p><p>1520 1620 hrs: Plenary Session 3: Digital Transformation: Healthcare Moderator: Alok Agarwal, Ex - FMCG Marketing </p><p>Director, Digital Marketing Head, GSK Consumer </p><p>Healthcare </p><p>Panelists: </p><p> Viren Prasad Shetty, SVP - Strategy and Planning, Narayana Hrudayalaya </p><p> Hari Thalapalli, CEO, Callhealth </p><p> Ravi Virmani, CEO &amp; Founder, Credihealth </p><p> Niveditha Viswanathan, VP Business Development &amp; Strategic Alliances, HealthifyMe </p><p> Kiran Pai, Chief Digital Officer, Cipla </p><p>1520 1620 hrs: Session 4: Promoting Entrepreneurship and Developing Skills With Ajay Mishra, Deputy Director General &amp; Chief Vigilance Officer, National Skill Development Agency, Ministry of Skill Development &amp; Entrepreneurship Moderator: Ajay Data, CEO, Data Xgen Technologies </p><p>1520 1620 hrs: Leadercast Session 8: To be finalized </p><p>Sessions to be continued at Conference 1 </p><p>* Speaker yet to Confirm </p></li></ul>