1000 Greek Vocabularies

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1000 Greek words A gayw (, n) vs. kakw galma (-atow), t gan ganaktv ggelow (-ou ), ggllv gerv gnov vs.( oda) gnw (, n) gor (-w), gorev griow (a, on) gv gn (-now), gvnzomai delfw (-o), delf (-w), dika (-aw), cf. dkh dikow (on) vs.( dkaiow) dikv dnatow (on) vs. dunatw edv e, ae, an yliow (a, on) =ylon, (-ou ), t yumv vs. yarsv yuma (-aw), vs. proyuma yrozv (gerv) adw (-ow), adomai ayr (-row), and ama, (-atow), t anv arv Good Glory Too much Be annoyed at Messenger [Angel] Announce Collect Not to know Holy Market-place Say [Allegory] Wild Lead Contest Contend [Antagonist] Brother Sister Injustice Unjust Wrong, Do Wrong Impossible Sing Always Wretched Prize Be disheartened Despondency Collect Sense of shame, Reverence Reverence Air [Ether] Blood [Anaemic] Praise Take. Mid. : Choose [Heresy]


1000 Greek words arv asynomai asxrv (, n) (vs. kalv) asxnh (-hv), asxnomai atv ata (-aw), atiov (a, on) atiomai axmlstov (on) km (-v), kolouyv kontistw (-o), kontzv kov kribw (w) krow (a, on) kt (-w), kvn (ousa, on) vs. kn lgow (-ouw), t lyeia (-aw), lhyw (w) vs. yeudw lskomai lllouw (aw, llow (h, on) llvw ma maja (-hw), martnv menvn (on) vs. kakvn milla (-hw), mnv mfv mfterow (a, on) nabanv Raise, Set out Perceive ( + Gen.) [Anaesthetic] Disgraceful Shame Be ashamed at Ask, Beg Cause, Blame Responsible, Guilty Blame, Accuse (tin tinw) Prisoner Point [Acme] Follow ( + Dat.) [Acolyte] Javelin-thrower Hurl javelins (at) Hear ( + Gen. of Person) [Acou-stic] Accurate Top. Latin : Summus [Acrobat, Acropolis] Shore Unwilling Pain [Neuralgia] Truth True Be caught, Be taken One another [Parallel] Other [Allegory] In vain, Otherise At the same time Vagon Make a mistake Better Contest Ward off Mid. : Resist Both [Amphibian] Both Go on board ship


1000 Greek words nagignskv ngkh (-hw), nagkaow (a, on) nagkzv naidw (w) nalskv naj (-ktow), nssv naxvrv vs. proxvrv ndrapodzv nemow (-ou ), nxomai, ntxv nr (ndrw), vs. gun ndreow (a, on) vs. deilw nyow (-ouw), t nyrvpow (-ou ), (nr) nhmi nognumi vs. klev nsiow (on) vs. /siow ja (-aw), jiow (a, on) vs. njiow jiv pallttv pantv paw (asa, an) paj peirow (on) vs. mpeirow pexynomai pxv plvw poddomai vs. v)nomai poynskv vs. zv pokrnomai vs. rvtv poktenv pllumi pologomai Recognise, Read Necessity Necessary Compel Shameless Spend Lord Rule Retreat [Anchorite] Enslave Wind [Anemometer] Endure, Hold out Man Brave Flower [Anthology; Chrysanthemum] Man [Anthropology] Let go, Relax Open Unholy Worth Worthy Think worthy Set free, Escape Meet ( + Dat.) All together Once Inexperienced, Ignorant of ( + Gen.) Be hated Be distant Simply Sell Die, Be killed Reply Kill Destroy. Mid. : Die Defend oneself [Apologise]


1000 Greek words pora (-aw), porv postllv posterv prosdkhtow (on) ptomai rgurow (-ou ), vs. xrusw rgurow (, on) rskv ret (-w), riymw (-o), ristow (h, on) vs. kkistow rkv rma (-atow), t rpzv rti, rtvw rx (-w), rxaow (a, on) vs. kainw rxv syenw (w) vs. sxurw skv smenow (h, on) spw (-dow), stu (stevw), t sfalw (w) th (-hw), a=, a=yiw alzomai ajnv atka fyonow (on) fhmi fiknomai vs. prxomai fstamai fnv B Difficulty. Lack Be at a loss Send away [Apostle] Deprive (tin tinoj) Unexpected Lay hold of, Touch ( + Gen.) Silver Silver Please ( + Dat.) Virtue Number [Arithmetic] Best [Aristocracy] Suffice Chariot Seize Lately Beginning, Rule [Monarchy] Ancient [Archaeology] Rule. Mid. : Begin ( + Gen.) Weak Adorn, Exercise Glad Shield City Safe Madness Again Encamp Increase Immediately Bounteous, Ungrudging Let go Arrive Revolt Suddenly


1000 Greek words banv bllv brbarow (on) barw (ea, ) basilew (-vw), bbaiow (a, on) blow (-ouw), t ba (-aw), bizv (nagkzv) bblow (-ou ), bow (-ou ), , botow (-ou ), vs. ynatow blbh (-hw), blptv (dikv) blpv bo (-w). bohyv boyeia (-aw), boulev bolomai bow (bow), and braxw (ea, ) vs. makrw brotw (-o), bvmw (-o), G gamv gelv gennaow (a, on) gnow (-ouw), t graw (-vw), t graw (-vw), t ghraiw, geraiw (, n) vs. now grvn (-ontow), vs. neanaw gfura (-aw), g (-w), , gaa (-aw), vs. ylatta ggnomai Marry [Bigamy] Laugh Noble Race [Genealogy] Privilege Old age Old Old man Bridge Earth [Geography] Become, Happen Go Throw [Problem] Barbarous, Foreign Heavy [Barometer, Baritone] King Firm, Sure Weapon Force Compel Book [Bible] Life [Biology] Hurt Honn See Shout Help ( + Dat.) (Lit. Run to the shout) Help, Reinforcements Take counsel Wish Ox [Bosporos= the ox ford] Short Mortal Altar


1000 Greek words gignskv gnmh (-hw), glukw (ea, ) vs. pikrw gltta (-hw), grfv grmma (-atow), T gumnw (, n) gun (gunaikw), vs. nr D damvn (-onow), dakr (-ow), t dakrv dmar (-artow), (gun) vs. psiw dapnh (-hw), ddoika de deknumi deilw (, n) vs. ndreow dema (-atow), t deinw (, n) depnon (-ou ), t dmaw, t dndron (-ou ), t dejiw (, n) vs. risterw desmw (-o), desmthw (-ou ), desmvtrion (-ou ), t dspoina (-hw), despthw (-ou ), (naj) dxomai vs. ddvmi dv dv, domai dlow (h, on) dhlv (deknum dmow (-ou ), daita (-hw), God, Spirit [Demon] Tear Cry Wife Expense Fear It is necessary Show Cowardly Fear Terrible, Clever Meal Body Tree [Rhododendron] Right Bonds Prisoner Prison Mistress Master [Despot] Receive Bind Want ( + Gen.) Clear Show People [Democracy] Way of life [Diet] Ascertain [Diagnose], make judgment Mind, Judgment Sweet [Glucose] Tongue [Polyglot] Write [Autograph] Letter [Grammatical] Naked, Defenceless [Gymnasium] Woman [Misogynist]


1000 Greek words dinoia (-aw), (gnmh) diafyerv (pllum didskv vs. manynv ddvmi vs. dxomai dron (-ou ), t dkh (-hw), vs. dika dkhn didnai dkaiow (a, on) vs. dikow diplow (, on) dxa dikv dvjiw (-evw), dokv dja (-hw), (gnmh) dlow (-o. dmow, dru (dratow, dorw), t dolow (h, on) vs. leyerow drv drmow (-ou ), dnamiw (-evw), dnamai dunatw (, n) vs. dnatow dsthnow (on) (yliow) dustuxw (w) vs. etuxw dma (-atow), t (dmow) E ar (h)=row), t v vs. kvlv ggw vs. prrv gerv gkalv (atioma gxow (-ouw), t ylv, ylv (boloma ynow (-ouw), t Spring Allow Near Rouse Accuse ( + Dat.) Sword Wish Race (of people) [Ethnic] Mind, Intention Destroy Teach [Didactic] Give [Antidote] Gift Justice Be punished Just Two-fold [Diploma] Apart Pursue Pursuit Think. Impers. : It seems; it seems good (+Dat.) Opinion, Glory [Paradox, Doxology] Cunning House Spear Slave Do [Drastic] Course, Running [Hippodrome] Power [Dynamic] Be able Able Wretched Unfortunate House


1000 Greek words e=dow (-ouw), t ekw, t ektvw ekv emi emi ergv vs. v ernh (-hw), vs. plemow evya kastow (h, on) kterow (a, on) kklhsa (-aw), kplttv kplhjiw (-evw), ktw vs. ntw kn (osa, n) vs. kvn lttvn (on) vs. mezvn, plevn lanv lxistow vs. mgistow, plestow lgxv leuyera (-aw), vs. doulea leyerow (a, on) vs. dolow lpw (-dow), lpzv mpeirow (on) vs. peirow mpodn nantow (a, on) ndew (w) ndon vs. jv niautw (-o), nioi note ntw vs. ktw jafnhw (fnv) japatv jesti Form Reasonable Naturally, Probably Yield Be I shall go Prevent Peace Be accustomed Each Each of two Assembly [Ecclesiastic] Strike with panic Panic Outside Willing Smaller, Fewer Drive Smallest, Least Examine, Refute Freedom Free Hope Hope Experienced in ( + Gen.) In the way, In one's path Opposite, Hostile Lacking, In want Within Year Some Sometimes Inside Suddenly Deceive It is lawful ( + Dat.)


1000 Greek words jetzv jtasiw (-evw), jv vs. ndon oika ort (-w), painv vs. mmfomai panrxomai pegv peita, e=ta pieikw (w) piyuma (-aw), piyumv pilanynomai vs. mmnhmai pistmh (-hw), pstamai pistol (-w), pitdeiow (a, on) pitdeia, t pitrpv pomai (kolouyv) pow (-ouw), t rgon (-ou ), t rgzomai rhmow (h, on) riw (-idow), rxomai (banv) rvw (-vtow), vs. msow rvtv vs. pokrnomai syw (-tow), syv sylw (, n) spra (-aw), sta (-aw), , sxra (-aw), sxatow (h, on) vs. prtow tarow (-ou ), terow (a, on) Examine, Review (an army) Review Outside [Exotic] Seem, Be like Feast Praise Return Hasten Then, Next Fair, Reasonable Desire Desire ( + Gen.) Forget ( + Gen.) Knowledge, Understanding Understand Letter [Epistle] Convenient, Useful Provisions Entrust Follow ( + Dat.; Word [Epic] Work [Energy] Work Deserted [Hermit] Strife Come, Go Love Ask (a yuestion) Clothing Eat Noble Evening Hearth Last Companion One or other of two


1000 Greek words ti toimow (h, on) tow (-ouw), t (niautw) e vs. kakw egenw (w) (gennaow) edamvn (on) eergthw (-ou ), eyw (atk eklew (w) emenw (w) vs. dusmenw enouw (oun) eprepw (w) erskv erw (ea, ) vs.stnow etuxw (w) (edamvn) vs. dustuxw exomai ex (-w), xyrw (, n) vs. flow xv, sxv vw (v), Z zv vs. poynskv zegnumi zgon (-ou ), t zhlv zhma (-aw), zhtv H bh (-hw), gemn (-now), gomai dh domai don (-w), dw (ea, ) Youth Leader [Hegemony] Lead ( + Dat.), Consider Already Rejoice Pleasure [Hedonist] Sweet, Pleasant Live Yoke Yoke Envy Penalty Seek Still Ready Year [Etesian] Well [Eulogise] Noble Fortunate Benefactor Immediately Glorious Favourable Loyal Seemly, Glorious Find Broad Fortunate Pray Prayer Hostile : A private enemy Have Dawn


1000 Greek words yow (-ouw), t Custom [Ethics] kista vs. mlista Least kv vs. oxomai Have come liow (-ou ), vs. selnh Sun [Heliograph] mra (-aw), , mar (-atow), t vs. Day [Ephemeral] nj misuw (eia, Half [Hemisphere] peirow (-ou ), vs. nsow Mainland suxaiow (a, on), suxow (on) Yuiet suxa (-aw), vs. yrubow Yuiet suxzv Be yuiet ttomai vs. kratv Be defeated ttvn (on) vs. plevn, mezvn Less Y ylamow (-ou ), Room ylatta (-hw), vs. g Sea ynatow (-ou ), vs. bow Death yptv Bury yrsow, yrsow (-ouw), t Courage yarsv, yarrv vs. yumv Be encouraged yrasw (ea, ) vs. deilw Bold yttvn (on) Yuicker yama (-atow), t Wonder yaumzv Wonder (at) yeomai Look at [Theatre] yew (-o), God [Theology, Atheist] ye (-w), yeow (a, on) yerpvn (-ontow), yerapev yermw (, n) vs. cuxrw yrow (-ouw), t vs. xeimn yevrv (yeoma yhrv, yhrev yr (yhrw), , yhron (-ou ), t ynhtw (, n) (brotw) vs. ynatow Goddess Divine Servant Attend Hot [Thermometer, Thermos flask] Summer Look at Hunt Wildbeast Mo