100 Things I'Ve Learned About Photography

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<ul><li><p>8/12/2019 100 Things I'Ve Learned About Photography</p><p> 1/3</p><p>100 Things Ive Learned About</p><p>Photography</p><p>Since I found photography two and a half</p><p>years ago I have learned different things</p><p>which I would like to share with you todayThese lessons have !ade !e richer and I</p><p>hope that you will find the! refreshing and</p><p>inspiring on your "ourney with the ca!era#</p><p>too</p><p>1 $ever do photography to beco!e a rock%star</p><p>&amp; 'n"oy what you are shooting</p><p>( Prepare well for your shooting# reali)ing that your battery isnt charge when youre setting</p><p>up for that sunrise shoot is too late*</p><p>+ Always take one war! gar!ent !ore than you actually need with you</p><p>, Pay attention to your thoughts and e!otions while you are shooting</p><p>- Set goals you can achieve</p><p>. /rite tips about photography# because writing is also learning</p><p> $ever go shooting without a tripod</p><p> 2e pleased with the little prosperities</p><p>10 2uild relationships with potential photo buddies</p><p>11 /atch the place you want to shoot first with your heart then with the ca!era</p><p>1&amp; Always stay cal!</p><p>1( 3now that you tend to overesti!ate yourself</p><p>1+ Perspective is the killer</p><p>1, 4edicate yourself to photography# but never browbeat yourself too !uch1- Take part in a photography co!!unity</p><p>1. 3eep your ca!era clean</p><p>1 $ever co!pare yourself to others in a better or worse conte5t</p><p>1 6ind your own style of photography</p><p>&amp;0 Try to co!pose !ore and to hit the shutter less</p><p>&amp;1 Seek out and learn to accept criti7ue on your i!ages</p><p>&amp;&amp; 4o so!ething different to recover creativity</p><p>&amp;( 8et inspiration fro! the work of other photographers</p><p>&amp;+ 9ritici)e honestly but respectfully</p><p>&amp;, 8et feedback fro! your lady</p><p>&amp;- 4ont copy other photographers style&amp;. 2e bold</p><p>&amp; Take care of the golden ratio</p><p>&amp; 10!! rocks*</p><p>(0 Take selfportraits</p><p>(1 :ead books about photography</p><p>(&amp; To give a landscapephotograph the e5tra boost# integrate a person ;!aybe yourself</p></li></ul>