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  • RingCentral Phone

    User Guide

  • RingCentral Phone | Table of Contents


    4 Welcome

    5 Whats New5 Google 4.0 Update

    6 Prevent Music on Hold on Conference Bridge

    7 Supported Languages7 Fax Templates

    8 Product Tour9 Product Tour (continued)

    10 Product Tour (continued)

    11 Download and Install the App11 System Requirements

    11 PC

    11 Mac

    12 Log in to RingCentral Phone

    13 Set Your Default Number

    14 RingCentral Global Office Support

    15 Favorites

    16 Contacts: Add or Update Your Contacts List16 View Your Contacts

    16 Updating Your Contacts List

    17 Updating Your Personal Contacts List17 Add a Contact

    17 Edit a Contact

    17 Delete a Contact

    18 Adding a Photo Avatar to any Contact

    18 Add an Avatar

    19 Favorites: Create a List of Favorite Contacts19 View Your Favorites List

    19 Make a Contact a Favorite

    19 Google Contacts Integration

    19 Remove a Favorite Contact

    20 View Presence Status of a Favorite Contact

    21 Set Your Own Presence Status21 Use the RingCentral Icon to Change Presence

    22 Make a Call23 HD Voice and Secure Call Indicators

    23 VoIP Unavailable

    24 When Youre on the Call

    25 Call Management

    26 Answer a Call26 Pick up the call

    27 Respond with a Courtesy Message

    27 To respond with a prepared message

    27 To respond with a custom message

    27 To respond to an urgent request

    28 Screen Voicemail

    28 Screen the call

    28 Send the Call to Voicemail

    28 Forward the call

    29 Call Switch

    30 Call Screening

  • RingCentral Phone | Table of Contents


    31 Switchboard Support

    32 Call Recordings

    33 View or Listen to a Message33 To View Your Messages

    33 Voicemail-to-Text Transcription

    34 To Listen to a Voicemail Message

    34 To Read a Text Message

    34 To View a Fax

    35 Send or Receive a Text Message

    36 Hold an Audio Conference Call36 To Hold an Audio Conference Call

    37 Launch an Online Meeting

    38 Send or Receive a Fax38 Send a fax:

    39 Set Caller ID for Faxes

    40 View Your Call Activity Records

    41 Personalize RingCentral Phone42 Sound Menu

    43 Calls Menu - General44 Calls Menu - Incoming

    45 Calls Menu - Outgoing

    46 Messaging Menu

    47 Contacts Menu - Integrate with Microsoft Outlook

    48 Contacts Menu - Integrate with Mac Address Book

    49 Join Now

    50 Hotkeys for Microsoft Windows

    51 Hotkeys for Mac

    52 Technical Support

    53 About

    54 Head Up Display

    60 HUD Call Monitoring

    61 Active Call Layout

    62 Park Locations at HUD

    63 Check for Updates

    64 Give Us Feedback

    65 Log Out of RingCentral Phone

  • RingCentral Phone | Welcome



    RingCentral Phone turns your PC or Mac computer into an all-in-one communication hub completely synced to your office network so you can collaborate with your colleagues and clients anywhere you have a broadband connection and a headset.

    With RingCentral Phone, you're ready to communicate as soon as you log in to your computer, no matter where you are. RingCentral Phone combines the call handling power you expect from your desk phone with the collaboration tools you rely on mostlike texting, conferencing, and faxingso you can stay productive with fewer devices to worry about. RingCentral Phone is easy to install and even easier to use. Well show you how.

  • RingCentral Phone | Whats New


    Whats New

    Google 4.0 Update

    RingCentral has implemented Google version 4.0 for improved interface and new feature functionalities.

    You can obtain a copy of this from the Google Chrome web store by entering, RingCentral and selecting RingCentral for Google.

    Improves: Basic click-to-dial and SME on any web page. Updated interface similar to RingCentral Phone Parity improvement for call controls supported in

    RingCentral Phone (except call merge and call park) Business SMS and internal text messages Google and RingCentral Directory Directory access from SMS and from Dialing Voicemail/Fax Teleconference RingCentral Meeting scheduler Google Calendar Integration Detailed contact card Google activity card

    Introduces New Features Using Google 4.0 Access to a new persistent tab from any web page Inbound call notification on RingCentral badge; this is in

    addition to browser notification. Change presence status New call handling features:

    Send incoming call to voicemailForward incoming callReply to incoming call with text message

    Switchboard Support

    Introduces live answer capability to inbound calls. (Additional call information is exposed when in use.) After live answer to call, attendant can see all destination

    into which the customer is calling and can quickly find the correct person.

    A recent call list contains the top 10 recent numbers used for transfer.

    Search and filter options that allow the user to view contacts from different sites or filter the full list of sites and access contacts at a lower level in the hierarchy.

    The use of this feature depends on multi-location availability for a specific account.

    See page page 32 for more information.

    Call Screening

    Users answering a call are able to hear the callers recorded name an use the IVR prompt to answer the call. See Call Screening on page 31.

    Caller ID

    The Outbound Caller ID is set to your company name by default.

    In some geographic areas, your ability to use your user name (first name, last name) for the outbound caller ID is enabled. This is not supported in the United States. To use this feature, users must contact RingCentral Support to enable it. When enabled, the tick box appears in your software.

    International SMS

    Enables customers to send international SMS messages. For US and Canada only. Contact your account representative for availability. See International SMS on page 36.

    Language Support

    Two languages will be supported in this release: Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese. New fax templates will be available for Brazilian Portuguese only. For a list of supported languages, see page 8.

    Voicemail-to-text Transcription Support

    Voicemail-to-text transcription will now be supported for users in the United Kingdom. This feature allows you to read

  • RingCentral Phone | Whats New


    transcriptions of voicemail messages without having to listen to the messages. See View or Listen to a Message on page 34.

    Prevent Music on Hold on Conference Bridge

    If enabled, a subscriber using the conference bridge with Music on Hold has this capability:

    When placed on hold, for example when answering incoming calls, or the user places the call on the active bridge on hold, music on hold is prevented from playing and allows other participants on the bridge to continue without disruption. Default: music on hold, music is not played on the

    RingCentral Conference call. On-Demand: recipients connecting with music/prompts are

    not heard on the RingCentral conference call.

    For more information, see the Office@Hand User Guide.

    Premium Conference Numbers

    If an international dial-in number for RingCentral audio conferencing does not offer toll-free access, you can purchase a toll-free or international number for a conference bridge. This is enabled through RingCentral Self-Service or by submitting a ticket.

    Setting Default Number

    You can set your direct number or main company number extension displayed on the top panel of the phone. See page 14.

  • RingCentral Phone | Supported Languages


    Supported Languages

    The following languages are supported by RingCentral from release 10.0. The user interface in applications and online account reflect the regional settings.

    English (US) English (UK) English (Australia) French French (Canada) German Italian Japanese Portuguese (Brazilian) Spanish

    Set the Language

    Select new languages in the Regional Settings menu.

    Fax Templates

    Fax templates for added languages are available. Fax templates do not support non-ASCII characters. Older Cisco and some Polycom (VVX101/VVX201) models may not

    display non-ASCII characters properly on devices. Characters might display improperly when using intercom and page.

    Note: Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese have not been integrated into Q365, SFDC, Zendesk, MS Dynamics, Global c2D, or Microsoft Outlook.

  • RingCentral Phone | Product Tour


    Product Tour

  • RingCentral Phone | Product Tour


    Product Tour (continued)

  • RingCentral Phone | Product Tour


    Product Tour (continued)

  • RingCentral Phone | Download and Install the App


    Download and Install the App

    Its quick and easy to get RingCentral Phone installed on your computer. Before you start, check the system requirements to ensure that your computer can use RingCentral Phone.

    To download and install RingCentral Phone:

    1. Log into your RingCentral online account.2. Go to the Tools menu and select RingCentral Phone.3. Download the version of the app compatible with your computer,

    either PC or Mac.


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