Test iniţial la Limba engleză An şcolar 2014-2015 1. Complete the conversation: A. Hello. What’s your name? B. Suzanne. ______ ______ ? A. My name ______ John. Where _______ you _______, Suzanne? B. I _____ from London. ______ ______ you from? A. _____ ____ from New York. 2. Complete the sentences with some or any. In our classroom there are _______ books on the floor. There aren’t _______ plants. Are there _______ Spanish students in your class? There aren’t __________ Chinese students. We have _______ dictionaries in the cupboard. There aren’t ______ pens in my bag. 3. Put the words in the correct order for the restaurant. 1. coffee/you/like/some/would/? _____________________________________________ 2. table/two/a/we’d/for/like/ _____________________________________________ 3. menu/have/we/the/could/? __________________________________________ 4. included/service/is/? __________________________________________ 5. first/pate/I’d/like/the __________________________________________

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Test iniial la Limba englezAn colar 2014-2015

1. Complete the conversation:A. Hello. Whats your name?B. Suzanne. ______ ______ ?A. My name ______ John. Where _______ you _______, Suzanne?B. I _____ from London. ______ ______ you from?A. _____ ____ from New York.2. Complete the sentences with some or any.In our classroom there are _______ books on the floor.There arent _______ plants.Are there _______ Spanish students in your class?There arent __________ Chinese students.We have _______ dictionaries in the cupboard.There arent ______ pens in my bag.3. Put the words in the correct order for the restaurant.1. coffee/you/like/some/would/?_____________________________________________2. table/two/a/wed/for/like/_____________________________________________3. menu/have/we/the/could/?__________________________________________4. included/service/is/?__________________________________________ 5. first/pate/Id/like/the__________________________________________4. Choose words to complete these sentences. There are three extra words in the list.1. I was ___________ in London, __________ 16th June 1942, __________ three oclock ________ the morning. I was a beautiful ______________.2. I had a very strange ____________ last night. I was in a big red Rolls-Royce. We were going ________ York, and we were ___________ very fast in the dark, without _____________. Suddenly I __________ a white horse in the road ______________ front __________ us. Then I ____________ up.3. What did she want? I dont know. She ________ so quietly that I couldnt _____________ what she said.4. Whats that noise in the street? Look ___________ the window and see whats ____________.again at baby born dream driving happening hear in in lights long of on out of saw shop spoke to woke 5. For questions 1-10, read the text below. Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line.For thousands of years the owl has been a (0) creature which has had a special (1) ______________ for people. Primitive people had many superstitions about the owl, (2) ______________ because of the strange sound of the cries it makes. In many parts of Europe, the hooting of an owl is (3) _____________ to be an omen of death.In Ancient Greece, the owl was a symbol of (4) ______________ so it was closely linked with the female (5)______________Athena.The owl is a bird that really comes to life at night and its whole body is (6) _____________ suited to this way of living.An owl has very (7) ___________________ hearing and a remarkable (8) _______________ to see in the dark. If there are any other animals around at night, it will hear them (9)_____________________, and because the owl is so (10) ______________ of its territory, it will frighten them away with some strange hoot.CREATEMEANMAINTHINKWISEGOD