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<ul><li><p>10 PR Commandments for Doctors </p><p> A reportermay contact your medical practice asking to interview you on a hot health care topic or compelling patient story. While some doctors are naturals in interviews, many will be doing a print or broadcast interview for the first time. Here are 10 tips to help make that interview turn out great! </p><p>1. Know your facts Before your interview with a reporter, compile a few bullets of specific messages (talking points)that you want to convey about a new procedure or piece of equipment. </p><p>2. Set yourself up as an expert When you see an article that you know something about, email the reporter and present your thoughts, adding that you are always available for comment on similar topics. </p><p>3. Be prepared to offer real patients to reporters The news media need your knowledge, but patients humanize a story so line them up in advance. Youd be surprised at how many are willing to talk to the press or be on TV. </p><p>4. Dont say something is 'off the record' Unless you know the media person, there are no guarantees that you will not be quoted. Never say something you dont want to see in print or on the air. </p><p>5. Dont ask a reporter to review his or her story before it goes to print Writers do not have to have your approval for an article they write even if it includes your quotes. Some magazines will have a fact checker call to make sure your product information or quotes are accurate. </p><p>6. Actdont react If you get a call from a reporter about an issue in your specialty, take a breath, ask to call them back in five minutes and then jot down your thoughts on paper. </p><p>7. Youre not holier than the press Be natural, down to earth and friendly, not stern or patronizing. </p><p>8. Be careful not to speak in jargon Make sure that you talk about medical terms in plain English. Most reporters do not have an M.D. after their names. </p><p>9. If you are quoted in a story, send an email or even a hand written note thanking the reporter </p><p>This goes a long way. 10. Be careful playing favorites with reporters </p><p>If you are involved in an important news story, its best to distribute a press release or statement to everyone. The exception is a major breaking story where you might consider going to AP to get the story out to everyone for you. </p><p>TellemGrody Public Relations, Inc 30745 Pacific Coast Highway, Ste. 243 </p><p>Malibu, CA, USA Zip: 90265 </p><p>PH: (310) 313-3444 </p>http://tellemgrodypr.com/</li></ul>