10 New Year Resolutions for 2013

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10 New Year Resolutions for 2013When it comes to New Year resolution, every one of us is unsure whether he or she can keep it up for too long or not. Still people makeNew Year resolutionsand try to make them succeed. While making aNew Year resolution, we often forget about our capabilities and this is one of the major reasons, why we fail again and again. It is advised to make the resolutions for New Year in a practical way, with which you can stick.Given below are thetop 10 New Year Resolutions, which people commonly make:1. Spend more and more time with family2. Control obesity3. Quitting smoking and drinking4. Motivate more on your wellbeing5. Get rid of all debts6. Help others in need7. Will be merciful8. Will get more organized9. Will obey the eldersWE often tell people that teaching is not what WE do- it is who WE are. It is apart of OUR everyday life. WE were inspired by OUR students, friends, and family who want the best for OUR students and children. You all fuel OUR soul and guide US in this amazing journey of teaching!English is taught as a second language in all primary and secondary schools in conjunction with its status as a second language in the country.Learners are taught the English Language to enable them to use the language to further their studies and for work purposes. For those who have the facilities, the use of English in ICT has been included to enable learners to access knowledge on the internet and to network with people both locally and proficiency in or overseas. This is in keeping with the growing use of English in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).AimsThe English syllabus aims to extend learners' English Language proficiency in order to meet their needs for English in everyday life, for knowledge acquisition, and for future workplace needs.ObjectivesThe English language enables learners to :1. Form and mantain relationships through conversation and correspondence;take part in social interaction; and interact to obtain goods and services.2. Obtain, process and use information from various audio-visual and print sources; and present the information in spoken and written form;3. Listen to, view, read and respond to different texts, and express ideas, opinions, thoughts and feelings imaginatively and creatively in spoken and written form; and4. Show an awareness and appreciation of moral values and love towards the nation.THE ENGLISH PANEL ORGANIZATIONAL CHARTTUAN OMAR BIN AHMADPRINCIPAL OF SMKTTJEN. AKASHAH ISMAILSENIOR ASSISTANT OF ACEDEMICPN FARIDAH JAAFARHEAD OF LANGUAGE DEPARTMENTPN. SHARA'YAH MANSORHEAD OF ENGLISH PANEL English Teachers :1. Learn AWord A Day 2. 'ILove Reading' Programme 3. 'I Am Excellent' 4. Extra Classes for SPM and PMR students 5. English Week Activities 6. In-House Training for English Teachers 7. Workshops on Answering Techniques for SPM and PMR students