10 Event Marketing Tips Using Social Media

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Social Event Marketing Top Ten contains actionable tips for making your event buzz using social media. Presented by Melonie Gallegos on October 25, 2012 to professional corporate planners at an event hosted by The Performance Group.


<ul><li> 1. Social Event Marketing Top 10Copyright 2012 Fandom Marketing | @fandommarketing</li></ul> <p> 2. Melonie 12 years in advertising and digitalGallegosmarketing Social marketing strategist,Fandom Marketing Co-founder, Minglestreamtweetwall Officer, Social Media Club SanDiego Member, American MarketingAssociation Northern California native, CSUSacramento alumni - degree inmarketing communications We throw a lot of events! The Social Hour, Social Media Day, tWineup, workshops, book toursCopyright 2012 Fandom Marketing | @fandommarketing 3. Welcome to the social web #API#SM#measureOpenGraph Copyright 2012 Fandom Marketing | @fandommarketing 4. Social event marketing is growing + Social MarketedTraditional EventEvent 40% use social media for event marketing. (Hubspot 2011)Copyright 2012 Fandom Marketing | @fandommarketing 5. Social event marketing top 10 #eventCopyright 2012 Fandom Marketing | @fandommarketing 6. Tip #10: Determine where attendees hang out onlineCopyright 2012 Fandom Marketing | @fandommarketing 7. Tip #9: Repurpose content to beeverywhere your audience isCopyright 2012 Fandom Marketing | @fandommarketing 8. Tip #8: Make something worth sharing and enable sharingtoolsCopyright 2012 Fandom Marketing | @fandommarketing 9. Tip #7: Use influencers to help drive attendanceTwitter personalities,bloggers,weblebrities, topicexpertstreatthem like press&amp; VIP guests. Copyright 2012 Fandom Marketing | @fandommarketing 10. Tip #6: Ditch contest forms forsocial sharing promotions that drive word-of-mouthCopyright 2012 Fandom Marketing | @fandommarketing 11. Tip #5: Showcase people togenerate excitementCopyright 2012 Fandom Marketing | @fandommarketing 12. Tip #4: Host conversations online leading up to the eventCopyright 2012 Fandom Marketing | @fandommarketing 13. Tip #3: Use social sharingRSVPs RSVPShare Build AudienceCopyright 2012 Fandom Marketing | @fandommarketing 14. Tip #2: Make taking and sharing event photos EASY &amp; FUN on Twitter, Facebook, InstagramPhoto booth w/social sharing!Facebook tagging! Step n repeat photo opps on arrival! Copyright 2012 Fandom Marketing | @fandommarketing 15. Tip #1: Connect people during the event in real time conversationsCopyright 2012 Fandom Marketing | @fandommarketing 16. What do event attendees wantto do in real time? Track live event information and news. Share the good times: Whats the #Hashtag? Ensureits on event signage, presentations and tweets. Check-in on Foursquare and Facebook Places. Live stream, video, tweet and blog. Share photos and videos on Facebook, Instagram,YouTube, Ustream. Network in real life (IRL) using social networking. To get featured on Minglestream tweetwall or otherforms of display by the brand/event host.Copyright 2012 Fandom Marketing | @fandommarketing 17. Get more social marketing tips Follow me on Twitter @melonie Blog: brandswithfansblog.com Presentations: slideshare.net/fandommarketing TipoftheDay: fandomdaily.tumblr.comCopyright 2012 Fandom Marketing | @fandommarketing </p>