10 Commandments for Catholics

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10 Commandments for Catholics. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>10 Commandments for Catholics</p> <p>10 Commandments for Catholics12CommandmentYou shall notWhat it means for Catholics1 .. have other Gods before me.- avoid putting anything before God (idolatry)- worship God, both in private and public- do not put faith in superstition- avoid sins of irreligion (e.g. atheism, simony, sacrilege)2 ..take the Lords name in vain- avoid using the name of the Lord, Jesus, Mary and the saints in offensive ways- do not swear false oaths, avoid perjury- a persons Christian name should be respected3 - ..forget to keep holy the Lords Day- recognize Sunday (the Resurrection) through Mass, avoidance of work.- Sunday should be used for rest, family, cultural and social activities- do not make unnecessary demands on others on Sundays34 dishonor your parents-authority given by God, for our good, is legitimate- family life is the basis for a happy society- parents should educate and encourage their childrens vocations- we need to support authority and uphold good morals within our societys authorities5--kill- all human life is sacred from conception to natural death- do not murder all people are the image of God- legitimate defense is a duty- protect embryos avoid abortion, avoid reproductive technologies that lead to the destruction of embryos.- suicide and euthanasia are forbidden- we must do whatever we can to avoid war46 commit adultery-chastity is the integration of sexuality within a person sexuality is not only physical in nature- we are all called to live a chaste life- men and women are equal in dignity- avoid masturbation, fornication, pornography, homosexual practices- children are a gift from God avoid artificial contraception- adultery, divorce, polygamy and free union threaten the dignity of marriage7 steal- we should share what we have and what weve earned- do not take things which dont belong to you- people should not be enslaved, bought or sold- we need to protect the Earths resources- animals need to be protected not abused- human labour has value in the eyes of God58 bear false witness against your neighbour- avoid hypocrisy- always tell the truth- do not be afraid to talk about God, spread the Gospel- respect others reputations- telling the truth is connected to the Golden Rule- Keep professional secrets; sacramental seal (Reconciliation) 9 covet your neighbours wife- avoid lust- purify the heart and practice temperance (self-control)- use prayer, chastity and purity to assist in controlling lust- be modest, have patience, decency and discretion10 covet your neighbours goods- do not be jealous of someone elses things, power or advantage- envy is the sadness felt at the sign of anothers goods and the desire to have them for yourself- avoid envy through good-will, humility and trust in Gods providence- we much detach from riches to enter heaven</p>