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Microsoft Word - 10_A Long Way Gone_One Pager_21.22.docx10th Summer Assignment 21.22
One - Pager A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier
One - Pager Response: A One-Pager is a single-page response that shows your understanding of a piece of text you have read. It is a way of displaying your individual, unique understanding and response to your reading imaginatively and honestly. The purpose of a One-Pager is to own what you have read. We learn best when we are able to create our own patterns!
The Expectations:
Include a “border” that reflects the novel’s themes. This can include words, pictures, symbols, or quotes from the text. Fill the paper to the edges.
Ex. Create a border around your paper using three important quotations that show themes from the reading (stating the theme you are referring to with each quote).
Creatively display the title of the text and the author’s name somewhere on the page where the reader will notice it.
Include TWO notable quotes, phrases or passages that are important to the understanding of the text. Include quotation marks and an in-text citation.
Draw/Create THREE images that stand out to you that represent the narrator, the conflict, and the setting of the text.
Consider TWO connections between what you have read and the modern world. Express them in words and/or pictures.
Draw/Create TWO images that represent TWO of the following motifs and explain their significance. Ex. dreams, outdoors/nature, storytelling/folk tale, astronomy, or rap music
In the finished product, your audience should be able to understand and relate to something about the literature from reviewing what you wrote and illustrated.
The Specifics:
1. USE A LOT OF COLOR, patterns, texture, writing styles, photographs, etc., to illustrate your thoughts and ideas clearly and creatively. Be neat, but your ENTIRE PAGE should be filled with these elements.
2. No space should be blank or left in pencil (unless you’re using colored pencils to sketch). 3. Your full name and class period should be on the BACK of the one-pager. 4. Your artwork must fit on an 12 X 18 sheet of CONSTRUCTION paper, portrait or landscape, as long as all
the specs adhered to expectations. (You will receive a zero if you change your paper or size.) 5. Your answers must cite textual evidence using a citation (page number/s). If your passage/quote is a
part of dialogue, include the character's name who said it. 6. FILL THE PAGE UP!
What N O T to do:
Do NOT use both sides. Do NOT change the size of the paper. The specs are a 12X18 piece of construction paper. Do NOT merely summarize—you’re not retelling the story. Do NOT think half a page will do—it won’t be accepted. Make the paper rich with “quotes” AND
10th Summer Assignment 21.22
10th Summer Assignment 21.22
10th Summer Assignment 21.22
10th Summer Assignment 21.22
10th Summer Assignment 21.22