1 Welcome to Cub Scout Leader Training 2 The Webelos Den Leader

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  • 1 Welcome to Cub Scout Leader Training
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  • 2 The Webelos Den Leader
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  • 3 The Cub Scout Promise I, (name) promise to do my best to do my duty to God and my country, to help other people, and to obey the Law of the Pack.
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  • 4 The Webelos Den Leader: Gives leadership to den program planning Plans, prepares and runs den meetings Leads the den at pack events Works with pack leaders to ensure den success Participates in pack program planning
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  • 5 The Webelos Den Leader Is Supported by the: Cubmaster Pack committee Chartered organization District and council, through Commissioners District Cub Scout roundtables District committee District executive District training team
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  • 6 Leadership Skills for Webelos Den Leaders Teamwork Cooperation Communication Working with boys Attitude Setting the example
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  • 7 Webelos Scout Advancement Encouragement and recognition of achievement Grade-related Webelos leader approves most advancement Parents help with advancement
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  • 8 Webelos Advancement Activity badges Webelos badge Compass PointsCompass Points
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  • 9 The Arrow of Light Highest award in Cub Scouting Only Cub Scouting award worn on Boy Scout uniform Symbolizes transition from Cub Scouting to Boy Scouting Eases the Webelos-to-Scout transition
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  • 10 Webelos Scout Uniforming Sense of belonging Attention Identification with Scouting
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  • 11 Summary: Advancement and Uniforming Grade-based and progressive Webelos leader approves advancement Parents support advancement Leaders set uniforming example
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  • 12 Planning in the Pack Built around monthly themes, activities, and activity badges Annual program planning conference Monthly pack leaders meeting
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  • 13 Webelos Den Meetings Before the meeting Gathering Opening Activity badge fun Preparation (for pack meeting) Closing After the meeting
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  • 14 Great Webelos Den Meetings Are planned well in advance Make good use of all leaders Use Webelos Leader Guide, Cub Scout Leader Book Use pack people resources Anticipate any behavior problems Are FUN!
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  • 15 Great Webelos Leaders Know: Boys need a fast-moving program. Alternate energetic activities with quiet ones. Hands-on is better than lecture. Boys will learn self-control when given guidelines. Codes of conduct work when used consistently.
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  • 16 Webelos Den Overnights Several times each year Parent-son camping Outdoor training available for Webelos leaders Webelos dens may camp with Boy Scout troops
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  • 17 Cub Scout Camping Day camp Resident camp Family camping Pack camping Be sure to include pack camping in your annual program plans.
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  • 18 Webelos-to-Scout Transition: What makes it easy? All Boy Scout requirements are included in Arrow of Light Activity badges are like merit badges Both have outdoor programs The den chief Cooperation of Scoutmasters and Webelos den leaders Same uniform