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1. TRANSMISII PRIN CURELE - · PDF fileTransmisii prin curele Clasificarea transmisiilor prin curele, în func Ńie de criteriile mai înainte prezentate, este dat ă în tabelul 1.2

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Text of 1. TRANSMISII PRIN CURELE - · PDF fileTransmisii prin curele Clasificarea transmisiilor prin...

  • Product-Range Industrial Belts


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    mbelt mbelt 4

    mbelt General Introduction 5

    mbelt-SK Wedge Belts to BS 3790 and DIN 7753 Part 1 68

    Wedge Belts USA-Standard RMA/MPTA 9

    mbelt RED POWER Wedge Belts to BS 3790, DIN 7753 Part 1 1011

    Wedge Belts USA-Standard RMA/MPTA 12

    mbelt-VB V-Belts to BS 3790 and DIN 2215 1319

    mbelt-VB/LC V-Beltslight coloured cover fabric 19

    mbelt-LD Light Duty V-belts to USA-Standard RMA/MPTA 19

    Moulded Cogged Raw Edge Wedge Belts 2023

    Moulded Cogged Raw Edge V-Belts 2425

    Moulded Cogged Raw Edge Variable Speed Belts 2633

    mbelt-KB Kraftbands with Wedge Belts 3436

    mbelt-RED POWER Kraftbands with Wedge Belts 3738




    mbelt-KB Kraftbands with Classical V-Belts 3940

    mbelt-KBX Kraftbands with Moulded Cogged Raw Edge Wedge Belts 41

    mbelt-PKR Endless V-Belts with Patterned Top Surfaces 42

    mbelt-KB Kraftbands with Special Top Surfaces 43

    mbelt-ZR Timing Belts 4452

    mbelt-ZR D Double Timing Belts 5253

    mbelt OMEGA Timing Belts Omega A 5459

    mbelt OMEGA Timing Belts Omega B 6066

    mbelt-HTD Double Timing Belts 6772

    mbelt-HTD D Double Timing Belts 73

    mbelt-STD Timing Belts 7476

    S Y

    N C

    R O

    T E

    C H

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    mbelt-ZR Ended Timing Belts made of Chloroprene 77

    mbelt-HTD Ended Timing Belts made of Chloroprene 77

    mbelt-ZRM Polyurethane Timing Belts, metric 7890

    mbelt-ZRM D Polyurethane Double Timing Belts, metric 9194

    mbelt-ZRP Polyurethane Timing Belts 9598

    mbelt-ZRL Open Ended or Joined Endless Polyurethane Timing Belts 99102

    mbelt-CP Clamping Plates for Open Ended Polyurethane Timing Belts 103104

    mbelt-RB Ribbed Belts 105107

    mbelt-DK Double V-Belts 108109

    mbelt-KK Polyurethane V-Belting 110V-Belting with Special Top Surfaces 110V-Belting with Profiled Carrying Surfaces 110

    mbelt-RR Polyurethane Round Section Belting 110

    Splicing Tools 111

    mbelt-OE Open Ended V-Belting DIN 2216, Punched 112

    mbelt-DK Open Ended Double V-Belting, Punched 112

    mbelt-FK Open Ended Conveyor Belting, Punched 113

    mbelt-PKR Open Ended V-Belting DIN 2216 with Special Top Surfaces114

    mbelt-LB Link Belting 114

    mbelt-RF Rubber Covered Flat Belting Type B 50 115

    mbelt-CF Cable Cord Flat Belting 116

    mbelt-HF High Capacity Flat Belts 117118

    mbelt-WR Polyurethane Wide Angle Belts (60) 119120

    mbelt Technical Information 121122

    mbelt Pulleys 123

    mbelt Technical Accessories 124

    S Y

    N C

    R O

    T E

    C H

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    mbeltPower Transmission for perfectionists The bearer of performance

    = mbelt V-Belts

    These are your Advantages:+ Closest tolerances unrestricted

    use in matched sets+ Energy saving operation

    + Reduced vibration + Extended maintenance intervals + Longer belt life

    Mbelt S=C plus and Mbelt Super TX M=S two ways to reach one goal.

    Two completely different constructions: the one wrapped, individually made, piece by piece vulcanised in rotation with a know-how which has continuously been improved for many years. Raw Edged the other, representing a new generation.

    Nevertheless, they have very much in common.Both belt types are being used in the general machine building industry and both are made for optimum performance of users. They are the champions in their range.

    Mbelt S=C plus Power Transmission for perfectionists

    Twenty years of continuous development have made a V-Belt which cannot be more precise. The expression S=C plus has become a synonym for absolute use in matched sets. Machines of every kind are equipped worldwide with Mbelt S=C plus, in every location where specific requirements are demanded.

    Why this is so is shown by the following tolerance list.

    > 1200 2000 2 1 % 12,5 to 20 mm> 2000 5000 2 1 % 20 to 50 mm> 5000 8000 4 1 % 50 to 80 mm> 8000 10000 6 1 % 80 to 100 mm

    V-Belt Datum length Lw/Lp


    > 1200 1600 2> 1600 2000 2> 2000 2500 2> 2500 3150 2> 3150 4000 2> 4000 5000 2> 5000 6300 4> 6300 8000 4> 8000 10000 6

    Section 3V/ 9N from 3V 500 up to 3V 1400 Section 5V/15N from 5V 500 up to 5V 3550 Section 8V/25N from 8V 1000 up to 8V 3750

    Section SPZ from 1212 up to 4500 mm LiSection SPA from 1207 up to 4500 mm LiSection SPB from 1250 up to 10000 mm LiSection SPC from 2000 up to 10000 mm Li

    Mbelt Super TX M=S the bearer of performance

    The Super TX M=S is unrestrictedly usable in matched sets, too. An efficiency of 97 % allows high transmission of power. Like for the S=C plus the highly precise manufacturing process and the matured material technology provide for closest tolerances. The Mbelt Super TX M=S meets all valid standards worldwide for V-Belt sets.

    The extremely positive ratio between standard and Mbelt tolerances is also applicable to these sections.Please take exact data from our technical literature.

    Comparison of tolerance of Mbelt S=C plus versus BS, DIN and RMA/MPTA Standards

    Section Z/10 from 1550 up to 4500 mm LiSection A/13 from 1200 up to 10000 mm LiSection B/17 from 1200 up to 10000 mm LiSection 20 from 1250 up to 10000 mm LiSection C/22 from 1200 up to 10000 mm LiSection 25 from 1400 up to 10000 mm LiSection D/32 from 2000 up to 10000 mm LiSection E/40 from 3000 up to 10000 mm Li

    + 23/ 11 + 27/ 13 + 31/ 16 + 37/ 18 + 44/ 22 + 52/ 26 + 63/ 32 + 77/ 38 + 93/ 46

    S=C plus Tolerances


    Acceptable DIN-Tolerances

    (mm)Wedge Belts to BS 3790 and DIN 7753 Part 1

    V-Belt Inside length Li


    S=C plus Tolerances


    Acceptable DIN-Tolerances

    (mm)V-Belts to BS 3790 and DIN 2215

    Wedge Belts to USA-Standard RMA/MPTAS Y

    N C

    R O

    T E

    C H

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    General IntroductionAll Mbelt V-Belts are manufactured with carefully chosen raw materials utilising continually updated manufacturing me-thods.The modernisation of production proces-ses, large scale laboratory testing, and the careful control of the basic materials will guarantee a consistent quality for every Mbelt power transmission component. Product function, efficiency and durability are of major importance to Mbelt.

    CharacteristicsOil resistantThe oil resistant cover of the belt protects it from contamination by mineral oil/ grea-se splash. Contamination by animal or vegetable oil or water solvent cutting oil will reduce belt life. In extreme cases the use of special construction XOR is re-commended.

    Heat resistantStandard construction Mbelts will ope rate in ambient temperatures up to + 70 C/ +158 F.Higher ambient temperatures will lead to premature ageing and subsequent belt failure. In this case our special construc-tion XHR is recommended.

    Cold resistantStandard construction Mbelt V-Belts will perform satisfactorily in ambient tem-peratures down to - 40 C / - 40 F for wrapped construction and - 30 C / - 22 F for raw edge construction. Under critical conditions practical tests are necessary.

    Anti staticIn order to comply with product safety requirements the specific Anti Static pro-perties of any V-Belts must be tested to ISO 1813. A test certificate will be issued and a 20% surcharge will be applied. Anti Static V-Belts should be specified separately to ensure that the correct certi-fication is carried out (EN 10204 3.1.B).

    Special ConstructionsThe following are examples of surcharges applicable to special construction.

    Smooth running - LR 20%Extra oil resistant - XOR 20%Extra heat resistant - XHR 20%V-Belts with Patterned Top Surface - PKR 200%

    Prices for other constructions on request. Observance of special tolerances will be charged according to actual cost.

    Non standard Lengths and Special Constructions for Wrapped V-BeltsIn the event that fewer production sets than normal are required for a particular special construction wrapped belt (nor-mal-3 production sets) then the following surcharges apply:

    2 production sets 20 % surcharge 1 production set 40 % surcharge Please note that minimum production set quantities may vary for certain special construction belts. If in doubt ask your Mbelt contact.

    Multiple Belt DrivesRequirements for drives using sets of belts often demand belt measurement to form the sets. Mbelt S=C plus and Mbelt M=S belts do not require belt measurement or re-measurement to form sets.

    BM = Bundle quantitiy

    SPZ; XPZ; 3V/9N; 3VX 25 Pieces 10 Pieces SPA; XPA 25 Pieces 10 Pieces SPB; XPB; 5V/15N; 5VX 10 Pieces 10 Pieces 5 PiecesSPC; XPC 10 Pieces 5 Pieces 3 Pieces8V/25N 1 Piece 1 Piece5 25 Pieces Y/6 25 Pieces 8 25 Pieces Z/10; ZX/X10 25 Pieces 10 Pieces A/13; AX/X13 25 Pieces 10 Pieces 10 PiecesB/17; BX/X17 10 Pieces 10 Pieces 5 Pieces20 10 Pieces 5 Pieces 3 PiecesC/22; CX/X22 10 Pieces 5 Pieces 3 Pieces25 10 Pieces 5 Pieces 3 PiecesD/32 1 Piece 1 Piece 1 PieceE/40 1 Piece 1 Piece

    Standard bundle quantities for Mbelt V-Belts

    Section up to 2300 mm up to 5000 mm over 5000 mm(not coiled) (3 coils = 1 piece) (5 coils = 1 piece)

    AbbreviationsLi = Inside length La = Outside length Lp = Pitch length Ld = Datum length

    Technical AccessoriesThe following are available at a nominal charge:

    Measuring gaugesfor approximate length measurement of V-Belts up to 2500 mm.

    Tension gaugesfor the setting of the correct static tension of V-Belts.

    Technical ManualsFor drive design.

    Advice and Drive DesignOur Applications Engineers are always available to give advice and to design drives. This service is free of charge