1 SharePoint Saturday #spsclt Introduction to Cloud SSA.

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3 SharePoint Saturday #spsclt Cardinal Solutions Thank you sponsors!!


1 SharePoint Saturday #spsclt Introduction to Cloud SSA 2 SharePoint Saturday #spsclt Hiran Salvi Sr. Support Escalation Engineer Microsoft Corporation Introduction to Cloud SSA 3 SharePoint Saturday #spsclt Cardinal Solutions Thank you sponsors!! 4 SharePoint Saturday #spsclt 5 SharePoint Saturday #spsclt SharePoint On Perm Environment with Cloud Search service application (SharePoint 2013 with August 2015 CU or higher or SharePoint 2016 Beta 1 Supported content sources SharePoint Server 2007, 2010 or 2013 Fileshares, BCS connectors* Office 365 subscription that includes SharePoint & have Activated Users Directory Synchronization of AD users and groups Environment with Office 365 Basic requirements Additional requirements for search previews Reverse proxy back to on-premises WAC server 6 SharePoint Saturday #spsclt DirSync SP 2013 SP 2010SP 2007 Fileshares BCS Cloud SSA Search Index Logical architecture: crawling On-Perm Office 365 7 SharePoint Saturday #spsclt SIDS m msOnline- OnPremiseSecurity Identifier S PUIDPUID-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXX Security principals can be managed on-premises and synched to the cloud by using the DirSync tool. The object in the Azure Active Directory now mirrors the object in the on-premises Active directory. 8 SharePoint Saturday #spsclt Mapping of Access Control Lists User SIDs are mapped to PUIDs Group SIDs are mapped to Object IDs Everyone and Authenticated users are mapped to Everyone except external users 9 SharePoint Saturday #spsclt Cloud SSA SPO Search Index Logical architecture: query On-Perm User issues a query from Office 365. Users token contains online identity and group memberships. User isues a query from a site on- premises. This sends over users on-prem claims to SPO token gets rehydrated with online claims as user is authenticated against Office 365. Office 365 10 SharePoint Saturday #spsclt If a user gets on-perm document in the search result while searching in O365, it is because user have access to the document on-premises User must be signed into on-premises environment to open/access the actual document. 11 SharePoint Saturday #spsclt SUPPORTED Custom IFilter BCS connectors Search Connectors On-premisesIn cloud(O365) NOT SUPPORTED Content that requires custom security trimming NOT SUPPORTED Site collection level schema mapping Custom security trimming Custom entity extraction Content enrichment web service All index and query related settings are managed in SharePoint Online For On Perm Data Crawling and parsing are managed on-premises. For O365 Data Crawling and parsing are managed in O365 12 SharePoint Saturday #spsclt The property can be used to restrict a query for online/on-premises results, as a refiner or in a result source 13 SharePoint Saturday #spsclt Get Results for SPO only Content {searchTerms} IsExternalContent1 Get Results for On-Perm Only Content {searchTerms} IsExternalContent=1 Alternate way to get {searchTerms} ( Path:http://sp2010 OR Path:file://fileshare OR Path:http://sp2013/sites/testsitecoll) 14 SharePoint Saturday #spsclt Questions? 15 SharePoint Saturday #spsclt Resources


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