1 Purchasing Services. 2 Objectives  To get to know our customers and introduce the Purchasing team  To learn more about your faculty procurement needs.

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Purchasing ServicesObjectivesTo get to know our customers and introduce the Purchasing teamTo learn more about your faculty procurement needsTo address your questions and concerns relating to the procurement process at McGillPurchasing PresentationIntroduction of Purchasing TeamNormand Lagu e-Procurement Project Manager Suzanne Boyd e-Procurement Project Coordinator & BuyerPierre Leblanc Senior Buyer Office and IT ProductsNancy Duplessis Senior Buyer Scientific ProductsPierre Landry and Frederic Beaudry Senior Buyers - CFIAnna Gentile Buyer Facilities Management & DevelopmentLinda Rosser, Maureen Turvey & Crystal Yu Support StaffKathy Zendehbad Associate DirectorPurchasing PresentationReengineering of the Purchasing ProcessesWhy?To support the Universitys renewed focus on governance and controlTo promote institutional fairness, transparency and accountabilityTo comply with the Regulations Relating to the Approval of Contracts and Signing AuthorityTo adopt best business purchasing practices Purchasing PresentationReengineering of the Purchasing ProcessesExamples of best purchasing practicesPurchase through McGill contracted vendorsPublic tendering for all acquisitions valued at more than $100KFollow an adequate purchasing cycleIssue a purchase order to the vendor prior to the receipt of goods/servicesPurchasing PresentationReengineering of the Purchasing ProcessesFollow an adequate purchasing cycleRequestor obtains quotations (ideally from more than one vendor)Requestor completes a purchase requisition (departmental/financial approvals)Purchasing Services reviews the purchase requisitionPurchasing Services creates a purchase order (PO)Purchasing Services obtains the approval(s) of the designated signing officer(s)Purchasing Services issues the PO to the selected vendorVendor delivers the goods/servicesRequestor acknowledges reception of the goods/servicesMcGill issues paymentPurchasing PresentationReengineering of the Purchasing ProcessesWhy is it important to issue a PO prior to receiving the goods/services?Reserve and encumber the funds in advanceComply with financial approvalsComply with the Regulations Relating to the Approval of Contracts and Signing AuthorityEstablish the terms and conditions of purchase Protect the Universitys best interestPurchasing Presentation Communication ChannelsWe want to communicate with our customersPurchasing web site: www.mcgill.ca/purchasingPurchasing listservPurchasing newsletterDepartmental visitsProcurement training courses (under development) and we seek your feedbackPurchasing Presentation MMP - McGill MarketPlaceMcGill MarketPlace MMPWhat is the McGill MarketPlace?Where can I find it?Why should I use it?How do I get trained?Purchasing PresentationMMP - McGill MarketPlaceWhat is MMP?Web based online ordering systemIncluding over 30 vendorsHosted catalog or punchoutA variety of products from test tubes to toner cartridgesVirtual shopping mallOperational in 56 campuses across North America Purchasing PresentationMMP - McGill MarketPlaceWhere can I find it? Minerva Finance (Fund) Administration McGill MarketPlaceFIS UsersValid PCardPurchasing PresentationMMP - McGill MarketPlaceWhy should I use it? Single user ID and passwordShop from multiple online catalogs from contracted McGill vendors or other preferred vendors, using the popular "shopping cart" modelSearch for products by keyword, part number, category or vendorPurchasing PresentationMMP - McGill MarketPlaceWhy should I use it? Compare products from different vendors before purchasingSave a list of favorite products, i.e. frequently ordered products, for faster online shoppingView order history and details Will replace the Banner and Minerva purchase requisition formPurchasing PresentationMMP - McGill MarketPlaceHow do I get trained?Purchasing websiteOnline videoPrintable how tosIndividual trainingFaculty/departmental visitPurchasing PresentationMMP - McGill MarketPlaceQuestions?Suzanne BoydTel: 514-398-5027Email: suzanne.boyd@mcgill.ca Normand LaguTel: 514-398-3540Email: normand.lague@mcgill.ca www.mcgill.ca/purchasing/buy/marketplacePurchasing PresentationPurchasing ServicesThank you!


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