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1 Group Benefit Program offered thru National Business Group (NBG) petinsurance.com/nbg (866) 332-7620 *Please note : In order to click on plan specifics and rates please view in slide show mode.

1 Group Benefit Program offered thru National Business Group (NBG) petinsurance.com/nbg petinsurance.com/nbg (866) 332-7620 *Please note: In order to click

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VPI Customer Care
Health Insurance Plan for Pets
Nation’s largest and oldest provider of health insurance for pets
Protecting hundreds of thousands of pets since 1982
Our policies cover thousands of medical problems and conditions related to accidents, emergencies, poisonings and illnesses (including cancer).
Low deductible
Outside California, policies are written by the
National Casualty Company.
an A+15 rated company. (subsidiary of Nationwide Enterprises)
Plans licensed in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia.
Fast claims payment turnaround.
Wellness Care: 2-3 business days
Medical Claims: 7-10 business days (when medical records are not required)
Completely portable.
VPI is the only national pet insurance company that is self contained.
We write the business
Nine out of 10 veterinarians who recommend a brand of health insurance for pets recommend VPI Pet Insurance.
Indemnity product
Veterinarians control the medical decisions
Use any licensed veterinarian anywhere, even when you’re away from home.
Employees enjoy a 5% NBG discount on core policies 10% discount if 2 to 3 pets are enrolled
15% discount if 4 or more pets are enrolled
of your employees’ families!
VPI Pet Insurance Avian & Exotic Plan
Rates are determined by state, species & age.
Click here for rates in your state:
(group discount included)
Thousands of medical & injury related conditions are covered
Plan pays 90% of the corresponding benefit schedule allowance for eligible expenses
Benefits start over if pet is referred to a board certified specialist
Click here to view a sample benefit schedule (Superior Plan)
Low deductible
vaccination & routine care coverage
Optional coverage that helps pay for regular preventive care for dogs and cats with no deductible!
(Only $99 a year or $8.25 per month)
Up to $213 in annual benefits available
Annual physical exam
or comprehensive health screen
Note: Supplemental & Routine Care Endorsement available for Birds.
Visit us Online
All pets 10 years of age and older are required to submit medical records.
Owners that disclose medical problems may be asked to submit medical records for potential pre-existing conditions.
A pre-existing condition is an injury or illness contracted, manifested or incurred prior to the policy’s effective date, unless such injury or illness has been cured and there has not been a reoccurrence or manifestation of the injury or illness requiring treatment.
Like most insurance policies, we have some exclusions to keep the policy premiums low and affordable and include:
Elective procedures
Hereditary/congenital problems
Pre-existing conditions
Policyholder receives a pre-printed claim form and can visit any licensed veterinarian.
Easy claim filing
Policyholder pays the veterinarian and then submits the claim to VPI for reimbursement.
Very little paperwork
Policyholders can…
Policyholders can…