1 Draft Ethnography Outline

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Kierston Sharp November 7, 2012 English 1101-028 Tattoo Artists and Literature

A. Intro a. Unlikely people to engage with literacy but they do all the time i. Articulating the different ways they do interact (thesis, roadmap) B. Where did it come from? a. Tattoo history i. Origins and roots ii. Societal views as theyve changed (then and now) iii. Modernization of tattooing 1. New machines 2. Customization of designs 3. Artistic expression back on the rise from scratch shops 4. Legends of vintage tattooing C. Business aspects a. Interaction with customers i. Talking customers out of a tattoo they dont feel comfortable doing ii. Helping them find what is best for them 1. Making sure that they see your expertise iii. Easing the anxiety of first-time customers iv. Negotiationg fair prices and ensuring returned business v. Speaking to customers during the tattoo to keep their mind off of the pain b. Tattooist knowing the law i. Laws against tattoos ii. Documentation they have customers sign (consent) D. Tattooists engaging with texts a. Tattoo magazines b. Sayings in different languages c. Protocol manuals d. Needle/ guage markings e. Values E. conclusion