1 Documenting Your Project. 2 Documenting your Project Insert Banner Comments in your code Comment - coding statement used by humans not the compiler

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  • Documenting Your Project

  • Documenting your ProjectInsert Banner Comments in your codeComment - coding statement used by humans not the compiler or interpreterEach organization may have different requirements, check with your instructorExplain purpose of each major sectionSee example on next slide

  • Banner Comments************************************* Programmer: Carlotta Eaton Date: June 30, 1998 Source: Hello World.vbp ID: Chapter 2 Hands-On 1 Purpose: Practice steps to create a Visual Basic project Inputs: None Returns: None***************************************

  • Documenting Your ProjectFollow Code Conventions, and Print your CodeConventions make your code easier to read and understandUse block indentingPrint code and put in documentation folder

  • Distributing Your ProjectRemove all bugs firstCreate an executable file Pull down File menu, and select Make Project exe command or Use Package and Deployment Wizard (previously called Setup Wizard)

  • Document and Distribute Your First ApplicationHands-On Exercise 3 (p.73-78)Open the Hello World ProjectAdd Banner CommentsAdd Procedure CommentsSave and Run the ProjectPrint the ProjectMake an EXE file Test your Executable Project

  • Summary ...Key terms defined such as compiler and executable fileUse a systematic process to create a Visual Basic projectSpend more time planning and designing and less time writing, testing and debugging

  • SummaryStep-by-Step Process1. Define the problem2. Design and Plan the Solution3. Build the Program4. Run the Program5. Test and Debug 6. Document your project7. Compile and Distribute

  • Practice with Visual Basic1. Birthday Card (p.81)2. Package and Deployment Wizard (p.83)

  • Case StudiesSpecial Occasion CardThe Development ExchangeVisual Basic NewsgroupsVisual Basic Coding Conventions

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