1 Client Service through RESPECT ™.  RESPECT  Respond quickly to client needs R = Respond

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Text of 1 Client Service through RESPECT ™.  RESPECT  Respond quickly to client needs R = Respond

  • *Client Service through RESPECT


  • Respond quickly to client needsR = Respond

  • Clients come first

    Acknowledging waiting clients

    Ready, observant, and attentiveBeing responsive means:

  • Educate clients, empower them to better utilize your services and make the best decisionsE = Educate

  • Informing them of additional programs or servicesProviding resourcesAdvising clients of next stepsDo they have Educating clients means:???

  • Solution focused, clients are looking for solutions, NOT excusesS = Solution

  • Not passing the buck or placing blame on othersAvoiding negative languageReassuring the client Understanding the issueImproving on the processBeing solution focused means:

  • Professional, treat every client interaction with professionalism, integrity and respectP = Professional

  • Dressing appropriately for your positionNo personal conversations Eye contactAddressing the client by nameDeliver what you promiseAppreciating the opportunity to assist themEnsuring youve met their needsBeing professional means:

  • Empathize, identify with the clientE = Empathize

  • Acknowledge the clients feelingsBe sincerePractice active listeningTo empathize means:

  • Courtesy, treat all clients internal and external with patience, politeness and sincerityC = Courtesy

  • Greeting the clientUsing the magic wordsListeningExplaining not tellingShowing courtesy means:

  • Teamwork, collaborate with clients and co-workers to provide the best possible serviceT = Teamwork

  • Offering assistanceAsking for assistancePartnershipTeamwork looks like:

  • RESPECT your clients as you would want your family and friends to be respected!

  • RespondEducateSolution FocusedProfessionalEmpathizeCourtesyTeamwork

    The RESPECT Customer Service Model was created by Paul L Marciano, PHD., President of Whiteboard LLC.Great customer service starts with..

    Stopping tasks to assist customers.Eye contact, smiling, saying Someone will be with you shortly.Looking for the next customer to walk through the door.Not allowing a phone call to distract you from a customer standing in front of you; offer to call them back but make sure you do.Letting customers know what else you can do for them, did you know that we have/canProviding references to other valuable resources, Our website contains additional information and links to./that you may find helpful.Letting customers know how they can save time.Knowing next steps helps them think ahead to expedite processes and avoid delays.Asking them what else they need to know or have answered.Even if the customers problem is not your fault, reconciling yourself to the fact that this is your responsibility because you represent your organization/department/Avoid language that is negative or blames the customer.Letting the customer know you are going to help them solve their problem/issue and that you understand the problem.Involve co-workers as needed, but dont dump the customer onto another co-worker.Is there a process that needs to be fixed/changed so the problem doesnt repeat? Understanding why the problem occurred will help you make improvements to the existing process.Dressing like you belong in your department.Customers should have to listen to your personal conversations, they dont care what you did last weekend.Looking your customer in the eye helps make a connection and is reassuring to.Using their name makes your interaction more personal and adds to that connection factor, but keep it professional not familiar.Value your own word, act with integrity; if you say, do.Acknowledge your appreciation for the opportunity to serve the customer, I was glad/happy to help you with this problemMake sure you have completely satisfied your customers needs, Is there anything else I can assist with?

    .Let your customer know you understand their feelings of frustration.Show compassion, apologize that theyre having to experience this.Actively listen to the customer, both their verbal and non-verbal communications; repeat back their issues/concerns, helps to demonstrate your understanding of the situation.Being welcoming, greeting them, Good morning, how can I help you or Good morning, well be with you in a moment.Use those magic words we all learned in school Please, Thank you, May I, Youre Welcome, .(how many more can you think of) Have a nice day., So glad I could help.Listen to the customer, let them tell you the situation; they didnt come into play 20 Questions, so dont guess at what the problem is.Walk them through the solution; if they need to go to a different department, explain the where, the why and the who, instead of we dont do that, you need to go to xxx. Similarly with phone calls, transfer them and tell the person youre transferring them to the situationRemember courtesy is the antidote for rudeness!!Dont wait to be asked, offer your assistanceWhen you dont know the answer for a customer, ask your team matesYour co-workers are your partners in serving your customers, BUT they are also your internal customers, treat them with the same RESPECT you would any customer walking through your door.You should treat your customers as if they were your guests.