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By:Friska Amalia(17312039)Kariza Fitri Azalia(17312005)Laksmi Pratiwi(17312027)

INTERIOR DESIGN MAJOR VISUAL ART AND DESIGN FACULTYINSTITUT TEKNOLOGI BANDUNG2015FOREWORDAll praise to our God we pray to our God Almighty. Without his gift, this paper would be impossible to be finished on time and other responsiblethat present. We felt this is challenging to improve this paper as a part of quotation what you give is what you receive then. We choose Indonesia Exim Bank as an office in our research.This paper was written to fulfill the task of Interior Design Studio IV. Office room as main problems to be discussed in this semester, this paper might help readers to know performance and standard the use of current office building. Hopefully, readers can grab more information about the office.Finishing of this paper cannot be separated from the help of several parties. Therefore, we would like to thank Mr. Andriyato Wibisono as lecturer in Interior Design Studio IV. With these beliefs, we believe that this support is an effort to improve the quality of our self and work in the nearest future. We also express our gratitude to them.Although we have been trying to avoid mistakes, we realize that this book still did a mistake as a weakness. Therefore, we hope that readers will pleased to convey critics. Critics is a concern to be perfect. Finally, we hope that this book will bring some benefits to the reader. Particularly, we hope that this paper will inspire the next generation of this nation to be a responsive and resilient generation. Be a generation that full of dignity, creative, and independent.

Bandung, March 2015Authors

1. BackgroundIndonesia is rich of culture. It has more than over 20.000 traditions either from languages, dances, music, or commodities. Indonesia also counted as a country with huge number of populations. It has more than 200.000.000 population and the number of population is inclining year by year. Those statements make possibility of exporting commodities extremely added over year. Exporting local product supposed to be managed by government to improve the value added of Indonesia commodities then help this country to develop the growing of economy.

Obviously, before 2009 export and import local product problems are handled by a BUMN A company belongs to government in which several shares are owned by government and another owned by foreign company or local company. Recently, in 2009 that companys shares started to all owned by government and help government to manage export and import product of Indonesias commodities. This company, named by Indonesia Exim bank (Indonesia export-import bank). This company was rebranded again as a bank which manage national export of finance that given as a costs, an insurances, and Consultation services to another company, either Law Company or not-law Company includes individual and conventional. The company itself can be local company or foreign company.

This companys histories and roles make us interest to know more about the interior role of their building to serve a small either big company to be helped. How the workers commit to work

2. Corporate Identitya. Name of CompanyIndonesia Exim bankb. Type of CompanyGovernment Companyc. Type of PlaceRenting building in 2nd, 8th, 10th, 14th floor of Bursa Efek Jakarta building.d. Short history1999 Build in the Bursa Efek Jakarta building as Bank Ekspor Indonesia that several shares owned by government and others owned by local or international company.2009 Change its name into LPEI (Lembaga Pembiayaan Ekspor Indonesia) as Indonesia Exim Bank and all of the shares owned by government and that this bank responsible to give annual report to the ministry of finance of Indonesia government.e. VisionEncourage Exim bank to be trusted and enable to support inclining productivity of national export through supplying financial, insurance, guarantee, and consultation service that has been planned and continuously.f. Mission Encourage the improvement and development of national export excellent product and highly competitive through financial and guarantee help whether in the country or outside this country then supply export insurance and consultation service to the exporter. Encourage development of low class business and so middle class to improve the product that orientated as export productg. AddressBursa Efek Indonesia Building, Tower II, Floor 8, Sudirman CBD Jl. Jend. Sudirman, Kav. 52-53 Jakarta 12190, Indonesiah. Organization StructureProblem limits: 4 divisions in Indonesia Exim Bank. They are Human Resources Department, Financial Department, Risk Management and Strategic Planning, and Consultation service (2nd floor Tower II Bursa Efek Indonesia Tower). Those department are led by 1 head divisions and organized by 2 head subdivisions with 8 staffs in each divisions. In total the number of workers in those 3 department are 48. There are also 5 office boy in each floor with 2 securities and 1 receptionist. In total, the users are 55 people.

These image will inform the whole organizational structure of Indonesia Exim bank

The workers from Finance Department have a duty to manage the process of finance document. They also process the income and outcome for the company. The workers from Human Resources Department have a duty to recruit best people to work and improvement of the workers. They also manage the need of workers and the need of every department to improve their productivity. Besides, they also prepare and process the need of guest that come to Indonesia Exim bank. The workers from Risk management and strategic planning have a duty to make a research from every action that will do or have done by Indonesia Exim bank to the entrepreneur. The workers from Consultation service has a duty to advise every client with their company if want to sell them overseas to have a service and insurance there.

Job DescriptionProblem limits: 4 divisions in Indonesia Exim Bank. They are Human Resources Department, Financial Department, Risk Management and Strategic Planning, and Consultation service (2nd floor Tower II Bursa Efek Indonesia Tower).Director Legalize every report from every divisionMeeting with every head divisionMeeting with client

Head of DivisionMeeting with head subdivisionLegalize every report from his subdivisionMeeting with his guest from outsideMeeting with clientMeeting with every division and director

Head of SubdivisionMeeting with head division and head another subdivisionLegalize every report from his staffMeeting with his guest from outsideStaffMeeting with another subdivisionMake a report everydayMeeting with his guest from outside

ReceptionistManage letter and files from outside officeDeliver letter and files from outside of office to the workersDeliver internal needs of worker to OBManage the meeting time of every division

Office BoyMaintain the cleanliness of office roomHelp the needs of every worker in this office

SecurityManage the security of this officeSecure the office room if there is important guest

CourierDeliver the data sending in form of paper in every division Deliver the data to another companyi. Corporate Image General Analysis This Logotype using logo and typography. This logo formed as a circle covered by an arrow and their color is blue placed in the center of the logotype. The typography is also using blue color with font Estrangelo Edessa. There is an accent color in x alphabet with light blue color. Font AnalyzingEstrangelo Edessa is used in this logo, this font type has strict form with straight line with curving edges, seems formal and flexible. Its also support the vision of the company that owned by government and to be trusted by every Indonesian entrepreneur. Color AnalyzingThe font type and the logo type use navy blue color. It visualize the vision of the company which encourage the trusted from Indonesia entrepreneur to manage their finance of product export. Navy blue is a color that visualize water which has a characteristic of calmness and trustworthy.

3. Existing IssuesProblem limits: 4 divisions in Indonesia Exim Bank. They are Human Resources Department, Financial Department, Risk Management and Strategic Planning, and Consultation service (2nd floor Tower II Bursa Efek Indonesia Tower).

3.1 Operational Systema. Flow of DocumentThe document consists of two type of driveway, it is external and internal flow of document. From the outside, the procedure is the first document received by the receptionist, submitted to the director of the division and to head of the subdivision and then to his staff. For data in inside of office, employees can communicate and send the following documents via intranet and lotus notes files sharing between employees. Files of 10 years offices report has to be sent to the MMI at Cikarang, data in package will be sent over. Files above 10 years report will be destroy and burned at MMI, the digital data will be removed from the server.

Flow of Document of External Files

Flow of Document of Internal Files

b. Users Activity

Usually users are working in the weekday from Monday to Friday. Office boy will work early before the staff start to work. In Saturday, office boy, courier and securities has a shifting work to this office to maintain the cleanliness and secure the office during weekend. Several room also used as table tennis room by courier. In daily work day this office is also used full day till 22.00 or sometimes 24 hours so that several workers need to stay and seldom to sleep there in their workplace.

c. Work scheduleThis office officially open at 08.00 until 17.00 in week day. In weekend they tend to open this office from 10.00 until 17.00. However, this office sometimes used 24 hours by the workers if needed.