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  • 8/13/2019 089a Asmaul Husna


  • 8/13/2019 089a Asmaul Husna



    A name is a mark or a sign which serves as a symbol for therecognition of a person or a thing. We recognise something orsomeone by their name. A name evokes a wide possible rangeof opinions and emotions. The more knowledge you have of athing or a person, the stronger the emotion when the name iscalled out. For instance, the words, ma, mum, mother,mummy, evoke love and affection whilst the word ghostevokes fear, mystery.. The power of a recognisable name is becoming increasinglyvalued and valuable. Consider the sponsorship at sportingevents and the advertisements you see everywhere. In thiscase the name calls to mind goods of particular quality from aparticular source.When you remember someones or somethings name, you arepaying it them a subtle compliment. You are saying to it them

    that they have made an impression on you and it gives them asense of importance. Similarly when you do not recallsomeones name it indicates their lack of impression on you.The word name is therefore synonymous with the wordreputation or character when it comes to human beings.The acquiring of knowledge about the attributes of Allah isclosely related to our knowledge of recognition of Allah.

    Just as we identify a writer from his/her style of writing and byparticular words and phrases which are peculiar to him/her; inthe same way every creation of Allah performs the followingtwo main functions:a) Identifying it's Creatorb) Projecting the attributes of it's Creator and recognising the

    purpose of it's creation.

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  • 8/13/2019 089a Asmaul Husna


    ASMAA UL HUSNAThe most beautiful names (of Allah)

    Say (O Muhammad): Call upon Allah or call upon The Merciful,whichever you call upo n, He has the best names..

    Suratu Bani Israil 17:110

    The word Allah in the Quran is the name of an essence of His99 beautiful names and qualities like Merciful, Kind,Knowing... Whatever little information the human being can get aboutAllah can only be acquired through His names. Otherwise, wehave no access.Allah's attributes are utterly separate from ours and cannot beexamined through a comparison with our attributes. Forexample, when we boast of our knowledge, we are not oneand identical with our knowledge. During infancy there was notrace of learning or knowledge in our beings, but later wegradually acquired a certain amount of knowledge by learning.The attribute of knowledge is an accident and our essence is asubstance; each is independent of the other. But the case ofthe divine attributes is fundamentally different. When we saythat Allah is all-knowing, what we mean is that He is the sourceof knowledge: the attribute is not something other than theentity it describes although it is conceptually distinct. In reality,His attributes are identical with His essence; for His essencedoes not constitute a substance to which accidents might

    adhere. He is absolute being, identical with knowledge, power,

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  • 8/13/2019 089a Asmaul Husna


    life, stability and realization; He is not subject to any mental orexternal limit or restriction.

    Our whole word in essence is a name of Allah because nothingwhich exists can come into existence automatically.These qualities and Names are therefore an infra-structure forhuman akhlaq because in Islam, the human being is therepresentative of Allah. The Prophet (S.A.W.) has said:

    Adopt the akhlaq of Allah In the same way, in order to arrive at the ideal society of theQuran, we must build our society with the Divine Qualities.The human being in social life needs peace in his life and As-Salaam Peace is one of the Names of Allah. A person alsoneeds kindness and forgiveness for well being in individual lifeas well as in society and Ar-Rahmaan and Ar-Raheem are twoof His names.Society likewise in order to attain solidarity, power andconfidence needs eiman faith. Al- Mumin The believer is oneof the Qualities of Allah.In order to attain control over our affairs and independence wemust develop strength within ourselves. Al-Qawiyyu -ThePowerful and Al-Ganiyyu The Independent (rich) are two

    more of His Qualities.The human being and human society is distinguished by havingcreative ability, and inventiveness. Al-Khaliqu The Creator, Al-Baariu The Originator, Al-Musawwiru The Fashioner areamong Allahs other Names and Qualities. If you were to play tennis, you would not go onto the courtwith bedroom slippers. Similarly, we have to learn and apply

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  • 8/13/2019 089a Asmaul Husna


    the right name and thus the right akhlaq in the appropriatesituation.

    All the Asmaaul Husna - qualities can be reflected in our soulsindividually and our society be filled with peace, purity,kindness, faith, confidence, honesty, trust, knowledge,awareness, dignity and might.

    Each name of Allah is a Dua in itself . When reciting any one ofHis beautiful Names, ponder over them and try to apply themto your life..

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  • 8/13/2019 089a Asmaul Husna



    Allah in the Quran says:

    Remember your Rabb within your nafs, humbly and fearfully,not loud of voice, in the morning and evening.

    Suratul A-raaf 7:205

    In Al-Kafi, a hadith reported from Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir(A.S.) states;It is written in the Tawraat that has not been altered thatMusa (A.S.) asked his Rabb: Ya Rabbiy! Are You near me sothat I should pray to You in whispers or are You far so that Ishould cry out to You? Allah revealed to him: O Musa! I am

    the companion of one who remembers Me!

    Imam Khumayni (A.R.) writes:Remembrance is a result of contemplation. Contemplation isthe search and remembrance is its attainment.Although the remembrance of Allah is a quality of the heart, itis better that the remembrance by the heart is followed by oral

    zhikr . ..Our shaykh, the perfect aarif Shahabadi would say:The zhakir (one who remembers), during zhikr must be likeone teaching words to alittle child that has not yet learnt tospeak. He repeats the words until the childs tongue opens andthe latter utters the words. After that the child has articulatedit, the teacher follows the child and his fatigue caused byrepetition is removed, as if he has received an encouraging

    assistance from the child. In the same way, one who does zhikr

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  • 8/13/2019 089a Asmaul Husna


    must teach zhikr to his heart which has not learnt to articulateit First it is the tongue which is zhakir and following it, theheart too becomes zhakir with the aid and instructions fromthe tongue.

    Prophet Isa (A.S.) had asked Allah who the nearest person tohim on the earth at that moment was and Allah had given himthe directions to find her. Allah had called her a Mu'mina. Hermark was that she was a rememb ering abidah of Allah. Hefinds her. She was a being without legs, arms, and eyes.Homeless and destitute, she was left at the mercy of thepassers by to give her something to survive on. Yet with hertongue, she was busy thanking Allah, and praising Him callingout: Ya Allah! Alhamdulillah. You have granted me so much,how will I ever thank You. You have granted me what You havenot granted so many more. Why? I don't know. It is only amanifestation of Your grace. Alhamdulillah....

    Prophet Isa (A.S.) greeted her and she responded back withbetter ones, addressing him as Rooh Allah. He was perplexed.He asks her: O' Mu'mina! what is it that Allah has granted youthat you are so thankful for? Surely Allah is gracious. But inyour case, one mig ht see how much Allah has not given you. O' Rooh Allah she responded "He has granted me Hisremembrance. He has withheld from me feet that might walk

    on the path of haaram. He has withheld from me hands thatwould act on haram. He has withheld from me eyes that wouldglance at Haram. Yet I do recognise you without their aid. Andmy tongue, He has occupied with His praise. Alhamdulillah.Tell me how many has He blessed as such?"

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    In the religious terminology of the world, we fond that everyhuman being in his/her own way and dialect, has given somebeautiful name for the Rabb of the heavens and the earth.

    The English and other allied European languages call their Rabbof the heavens and the earth. The word God comes from theGermanic word Gott meaning the supreme or ultimate reality,the being perfect in power, wisdom, and goodness who iscreator and ruler of the universe. (Extract from MerriamWebstr Collegiate Dictionary) In the Latin dominated languagesof Western Europe, the term used for God is Deus (Dieu inFrench, Dios in Spanish, Dio in Italian). In all these Deusmeans heaven.

    The Hindu word for the Almighty God is Pramatma. In Sanskrit(ancient Indian language) Atma means soul and Pram -atmameans the great and holy soul or the holy spirit. Despite thefact that Hindus believe that God is everything and everythingis God, the classical name for this Supreme God is Om whichmeans Guardian or Protector.

    In Jewish scriptures He is known as Yhwh/Elohim translated inEnglish as the Lord God. Yhwh , Yehova, Yahuwa all mean thesame thing. Ya both in Hebrew and Arabic means Oh! Huwaor Hu means He in Hebrew and Arabic. So Yehowa means OhHE!Now lets look at the word Elo him which is made up of Eloh +Im. In Hebrew, the suffix Im is a plural of respect. Eloh or Elah

    or Ilah means God.

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    The name Allah solely belongs to the One and Only God. Itcombines all His names attributes and needs no introductionfrom others, whilst the other n