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Gujarat Differently See & Do Heritage City of Ahmedabad, World Heritage Site of Champaner The Blackbucks of Velavadar, Beaches and Churches of Diu, Legendary Lions of Gir, Princely States of Gondal & Morbi, Spectacular Landscapes of Kutch Ancient Town of Dholavira Stay at: Luxury Resorts & Palaces Airports: Ahmedabad | Baroda | Bhavnagar | Jambnagar | Rajkot | Bhuj | Kandla Visit www.ecomantra.com/trip/3 for info Ecomantra nature adventures pvt. Ltd. 501, Skyline Epitome, Kirol Lane, West Vidyavihar, Mumbai 400086 To book this trip call us at 9122.6128 0100 or email us at trips@ecomantra.com

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1. In the news Gujarat has a 1600km coastline thats more than twice that of Maharashtras coastline and an easily accessible destinations with 9 functioning airports for such a small state. Ahmedabad, known as Manchester of the East and a proposed world heritage city has many ne monuments, Mahatma Gandhis ashram, and in calico museum, one the worlds nest textile museum. Champaner & Pavagadh are world heritage site that will intrigue the intrepid traveller. Stop over for the night in a luxury lodge in Anand, milk capital of India The Blackbuck sanctuary as the name itself suggest is famous for its blackbucks, beautiful, fast creatures, with around 3500 in and around the park, which sport elegant spiralling horns Special Place to Stay - Heritage Palace Luxuriously Appointed Rooms & Suites Special Place to Stay - Wilderness Lodges Special Place to Stay - Lodge Interiors See - Ancient Sea Port of Lothal See - WHS of Pavagad Champaner Go - Wildlife Safari & Blissful birding Go - Wildlife Safari & Blissful birding The world heritage sites of Champaner and Pavagadh along with Lothal are a must see Satpuda has wildlife sanctuaries and forested hill stations with many things to do for everybody Special Place to Stay - Heritage Haveli Hotel Special Place to Stay - Interiors See - Sun Temple of Modhera See - Rani Ki Vav Ahmedabad is the administrative and cultural capital of vibrant Gujarat PLACES IN GUJARAT UNIQUE EXPERIENCES STAY FOR 1 Ahmedabad Pleasure Palaces & Sacred Rivers 3 Days 2 Champaner & Lothal Amazing Architecture & Lost Port of Lothal 1 Day 3 Velavadar WLS Blackbucks And Florican Country 2 Days * Ecomantra Differently experiential holidays are thoughtfully & intelligently designed. Each module or place typically can be done in 2 to 4 days as recommended above. You can tailor-make your holiday from 2 to 15 days by choosing either 1 getaway or all 6 in the sequence mentioned E C O M A N T R A N A T U R E A D V E N T U R E S P V T . L T D . 501, Skyline Epitome, Kirol Lane, West Vidyavihar, Mumbai 400086 To book this trip call us at 9122.6128 0100 or email us at trip3@ecomantra.com Visit www.ecomantra.com/trip/3 to know more about Gujarat Differently Gujarat Differently www.ecomantra.com/trip/3 E X P E R I E N T I A L T R A V E L 03A 2. Champaner & Lothal Ancient Architecture and Lost Port of Lothal Champaner and Pavagadh, dating from 2400 BCE is the gateway to Panchmahal and a world heritage site. Lothal is a prominent ancient urban city of the ancient Indus valley civilization and dates back to 2400 BCE. Anand nearby is where you will stay in a comfortable resort See & Do - Champaner, Pavagadh, Ancient Port of Lothal, Stay at - Luxury Resort Airport - Baroda at 49 Km | Ahmedabad at 137 Km Nearby Towns - Lothal from Champaner (162 Km) | Velavadar (206 Km) 3. Velavadar National Park Blackbucks And Florican Country An ongoing successful conservation program for the Blackbuck, a beautiful, fast creatures, with around 3500 in and around the park, which sport elegant spiralling horns, the Wolf and the Lesser Florican (a bustard) among others now attracts nature lovers to this unique park See & Do - Walk, Jungle Jeep Safari, Blissful Birding, Stay at - Luxurious Wildlife Lodge Airport - Baroda at ? Km | Bhavnagar at ? Km Nearby Towns - Diu (225 Km) | Gir (96 Km) | Palitana (85 Km) 1. Ahmedabad The Heritage City of Ahmedabad Ahmedabad has been inhabited since the 11th century, when it was known as Ashaval and is the present capital of Gujarat. The city has been proposed as a world heritage site and has beautifully restored old city, ancient temples, mosques, monuments, step wells & museums See & Do - Rani Ki Vav, Calico Museum, Mahatma Gandhi Ashram Stay at - Heritage Palace & Heritage Havelis Airport - Ahmedabad at 10 Km | Baroda at ? Km Nearby Towns - Anand (202 Km) | Champaner (97 Km) | (57 Km) 2. Go - Traditional Havelis and Vintage Cars Special Places to Stay - Interiors Special Places to Stay - Luxury Tented Resort Special Places to Stay - Traditional Bhunga See - Morbis old gates, bridges and Havelis See - Endemic Wild Asses of the Kutch See - Ancient Temple of Najhatrana Special Places to Stay - Palace Resorts The palaces and havelis of Morbi are a delight for the intrepid traveller Kutchs local artisans embroider the nest designs in India Go - Wildlife Safari & Blissful Birding Special Places to Stay - Interiors See - Ancient Jain Temples & Church at Diu Special Places to Stay - Wilderness Lodges Kanha and Bandhavgarh are the premium wilderness destinations to spot the elusive cats PLACES IN GUJARAT UNIQUE EXPERIENCES STAY FOR 4 Diu & Gir Legendary Lions & Beautiful Beaches 3 - 6 Days 5 Gondal & Morbi Palaces & Vintage Cars of Princely States 3 - 4 Days 6 Kutch & Dholavira Spectacular Desert & Ancient Civilisation 2 - 4 Days Gir is as of now the only and last abode of the Asiatic Lions. Its perhaps not so well known that it is equally well known in the international birding circuit for its blissfulbirding. Watch the snappy crocs after you have your ll of watching the majestic Lions. Diu nearby has old Portuguese fort, churches and a peaceful beach. Gondal and nearby Morbi are the former princely states of Gujarat with lovely palaces, temples and a unique landscape that is liked by the family In the northwest, the Rann of Kutch, a dry saline desert habitat of the wild ass and ocks of amingos in the salt plains. Kutch is technically an island with many wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and princely states. The Indus River once owed through Kutch and along the route once inhabited by the 5000- year-old Indus Civilisation until a massive earthquake in 1819 altered its course, leaving behind this salt desert Gujarat Differently www.ecomantra.com/trip/3 E X P E R I E N T I A L T R A V E L 03B 6. Kutch & Dholavira Spectacular Landscapes & Ancient Civilisation Stay in a Bhunga, a traditional home of the Kutchis that remains cool when its blistering hot outside and pleasant when its cold in the night, all decorated with traditional motifs and draped with ne embroidery. Dhola Vira is a well preserved indus valley town that is 4000 years old. See & Do - Wild Ass, Little & Greater Rann of Kutch, Dholavira, Lakhpat Fort Stay at - Vernacular Resorts and Luxury Tented Resort Airport - Bhuj at 60 Km | Kandla at 66 Km | Rajkot at 268 Km Nearby Towns - Kutch to Dholavira is 118 Km | Ahmedabad (149 Km) 5. Gondal & Morbi Palaces & Vintage Cars of the Princely States The princely states of Gondal & Morbi has many heritage buildings and palaces. Gondal has many palaces on gentle river and a amazing vintage car collection. While Darbargadh, Mani Mandir, Secretariat, Suspension Bridge & Art Deco Palace are must see places in Morbi See & Do - Riverside, Orchard, Darbargadh Palaces, Marine National Park Stay at - Heritage Palace Resort Airport - Jamnagar at 47 Km | Rajkot at 313 Km | Kandla | Bhuj Nearby Towns -Morbi is 100 Km from Gondal | Mandvi (200 Km) 4. Diu & Gir Legendary Lions & Beautiful Beaches of Gujarat The only abode of the Asiatic Lion with a phenomenally successful conservation program has resulted in the problem of the plenty for gir forest. Diu, an old portuguese town has ne beaches, whitewashed churches, an imposing fort, a gorgeous climate and fresh sh feasts See & Do - Jungle Jeep Safari, Blissful Birding, Somnath Temple, Junagadh Stay at - Luxurious Tented Beach Resort and Wildlife Lodges Airport - Rajkot at 163 Km | Jamnagar at 214 Km Nearby Towns - Diu to Gir is 64 Km | Gondal (174 Km) | Porbandar (208 Km) 24 TRIPS BY ECOMANTRA ACROSS INDIA Nobody covers India like we do. Click on the destination below to visit the itinerary in detail on our website eBrochures: 1 East & South Rajasthan | 2 North West & Central Rajasthan | 3 Gujarat | 4 Central India | 5 Mumbike | 6 Maharashtra | 7 Konkan | 8 Goa & Karnataka | 9 Beaches & Hill Stations of Karnataka | 10 Temples of Karnataka | 11 Nilgiris | 12 North and Intrepid Kerala | 13 Central & South Kerala | 14 East Coast & Andaman | 15 Orissa | 16 Sikkim & Bengal | 17 Arunachal | 18 Assam | 19 Kumaon & Garhwal | 20 Himachal Pradesh | 21 Kashmir and Ladakh | 22 Agra Differently | 23 Monsoon in Himalayas & Western Ghats | 24 Golden Triangles of India