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    WEEK.01The Ashes 7National Throwball Championship 8Lakeside World Professional Darts Championship 9National Indoor Dodgeball Championship 9

    WEEK.02Dakar Rally 10Nude Olympics 12Beach Volleyball 13Asian Bowling Federation Tour of Champions 13

    WEEK.03Australian Open Tennis 14Euro World Ice-Boating Championships 16Camel Wrestling Festival 17NFL Conference Championship 17

    WEEK.04Kabaddi World Cup 18Korfball Europa Cup 20US Pond Hockey Championships 21Extreme Unicycling Championship 21


    WEEK.01Super Bowl 22Luge World Cup 24Norwegian Reindeer Racing Championship 25Empire State Building Run-Up 25

    WEEK.02Dancesport World Open 27Midmar Mile 28Cane-Toad Racing 28Super 14 Rugby Game 29

    WEEK.03Scottish Curling Finals 30Nordic World Ski Championships 32National Penny Farthing Championships 33Showa-Shinzan International Yukigassen 33

    WEEK.04Winter Olympics 34Golden Shears Shearing & Wool Handling Championships 36Battaglia delle Arange (Battle of the Oranges) 37World Tug of War Indoor Championships 37


    WEEK.01English Premier League 38The Iditarod 40Vasaloppet 41European Athletics Indoor Championships 41

    WEEK.02Modern Pentathlon World Cup 42Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race 44National Sheep Dog Trial Championships 44Cycle-Ball World Cup Final 45

    WEEK.03World Figure Skating Championships 47Trugo 48World Golf Championships 49World Fly-Fishing Championships 49

    WEEK.04Marathon des Sables 51Rip Curl Pro 52Hong Kong Sevens Final 52Dubai World Cup 53



    WEEK.01Grand National 56Amputee African Cup of Nations 58Vertical Blue 59World Sport Stacking Championships 59

    WEEK.02The Masters 60Diving Grand Prix 62Cow-Chip Throwing Championship 63Broomball Seniors Final 63

    WEEK.03BMX Supercross 64Toonik Tyme 66Climbing-Bouldering World Cup 66Mezzalama 67

    WEEK.04ICC Cricket World Cup 68Land Diving 70Pillow Fighting 70Boston Marathon 71


    WEEK.01Buzkashi 73Clipper Round-the-World Yacht Race 74World Snooker Championship 75Hamilton Trophy 75

    WEEK.02World Race Walking Cup 76Corsa dei Ceri (Candles Race) 78ISSF Shooting World Cup 78World Indoor Lacrosse Championships 79

    WEEK.03Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix 80World Series of Birding 82Bay to Breakers 83Europeada 83

    WEEK.04The FA Cup 84Cheese Rolling 86Indy 500 87World Table Tennis Championships 87


    WEEK.01Duanwu Jie (Dragon-Boat Racing) 88Stanley Cup 90Asia Pacifi c Tchoukball Championships 90Indian Premier League Final 91

    WEEK.02NBA Finals 92Le Mans 94Orienteering World Cup 95Giostra della Quintana 95

    WEEK.03Royal Ascot 96New York Yankees Major League Baseball Game 98European Tree Climbing Championships 99World League Water Polo Final 99

    WEEK.04Wimbledon 101Lifesaving World Championships 102Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling 102Calcio Storico 103


    00-intro-yst1.indd 200-intro-yst1.indd 2 30/04/2009 9:28:26 AM30/04/2009 9:28:26 AM


    WEEK.01Americas Cup 106Tri Nations All Blacks Home Game 108Wife-carrying Championships 109La Marseillaise a Ptanque 109

    WEEK.02World Cup Football Final 110Naadam 112Open International Brennball Tournament 112Camel Cup 113

    WEEK.03Tour de France 114World Championship Chess Boxing 116San Fermin Running of the Bulls 117World Marbles Championship 117

    WEEK.04World Games 118Goodwood 120World Toe-Wrestling Championships 120Beer-Can Regatta 121


    WEEK.01Gay Games 122Calisthenics 124Ischgl Ironbike 125World Waterski Championship Festival 125

    WEEK.02World Athletics Championships 126Kings Cup Sepak Takraw 128Professional Windsurfers Association World Cup 129ISC World Fastball Tournament 129

    WEEK.03Il Palio 130Superpesis Pespallo 132European Minigolf Championships 132Henley-on-Todd Regatta 133

    WEEK.04Olympic & Paralympic Games 134World Bog Snorkelling 136Carnegie Challenge Cup 136Cowal Highland Games 137


    WEEK.01All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship Final 139Birdsville Races 140

    Red Bull Air Race 141FIS Grass-Skiing World Cup Final 141

    WEEK.02World Champion Lawn Mower Racing 143ODuffy Cup 144Bossaball 144Yangphel Open Archery Tournament 145

    WEEK.03FAI World Hot-Air Balloon Championship 146International Wheelchair Rugby Federation World Championships 148PGA Tour Championship 149World Trampolining Championships 149

    WEEK.04AFL Grand Final 151All-Ireland Gaelic Football Final 152Fencing World Championship 153Krystal Square Off Hamburger Eating Championship 153



    WEEK.01World Highwire Championships 156World Masters Weightlifting Championships 158Maloof Money Cup 159Combat des Reines 159

    WEEK.02Commonwealth Games 160World Conker Championships 162Bathurst 1000 162Ironman World Championship 163

    WEEK.03Pan Am Games 164Bridge Day Festival 166Kite-Fighting 167Rubber Ducky Regatta 167

    WEEK.04FINA Swimming World Cup 168World Rock-Paper-Scissors Championship 170Russian College Lapta Championship 171Worldwide Festival of Races 171


    WEEK.01World Bodybuilding Championships 172Motorcycle Grand Prix 174

    Badminton Grand Prix 175Canoe & Kundu Canoe Race 175

    WEEK.02Grand Sumo Tournament 177Melbourne Cup 178Lucha Libre 179World Netball Championships 179

    WEEK.03WFTDA Championship Tournament, Northwest Knockdown 181Asian Gymnastics Championships 182Surin Elephant Round-Up 183World Senior Karate Championships 183

    WEEK.04Heavyweight Boxing 184Flanders Synchro Open 186Underwater Hockey 186Asian Games 187


    WEEK.01Homeless World Cup 188Kings Cup 190Womens World Squash Championships 190Hockey Champions Trophy 191

    WEEK.02Bobsleigh Skeleton World Championships 193Grand Pigeon Race 194Ultimate Fighter Finale 195World Arm-Wrestling Championships 195

    WEEK.03Triple Crown of Surfi ng 196Monster Trucks 198Southeast Asia Games 198National Finals Rodeo 199

    WEEK.04Ba Game 200Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race 202Boxing Day Test 203Festival of the Sahara 203


    INDEX 206INDEX 206

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  • Matthew Hayden (facing) celebrates with teammate Justin Langer after hitting the winning runs of the Fifth Test in the 200607 Ashes series.

    01-jan-mar-yst1.indd 601-jan-mar-yst1.indd 6 30/04/2009 9:44:22 AM30/04/2009 9:44:22 AM

  • Sport sits alongside our capacity to imagine, our ability to speak and our nimble thumbs in the things that make us human. And often in under an hour, sport allows us to exercise all those faculties: screaming our support, imagining a win and using those nimble digits to give an emphatic thumbs-up or perhaps to hold a beer.

    As well as being the great leveller bringing together a bunch of disparate characters for a common cause sport is also a window into the histories and societies of its players and spectators. Its a unique set of circumstances that gives rise to the sport of kabaddi (see p18), for example, Indias national game of chasey in which the raider can only attack on a single out-breath, all the while chanting. Similarly, where else but America could successfully fuse elements of feminism, kitsch and rockabilly to create the high-energy entertainment-on-wheels that is roller derby (see p180).

    A Year of Sport Travel profi les more than 200 sports from around 50 countries. It explains the rules, rituals, clothing and equipment integral to each activity. It tells of the struggles and the glory, the hierarchies and the prizes of sports. It tells what it takes to be a professional in any given fi eld: from social and physical conditioning to actual competition. And it provides tips on what it takes to be a fan, with insights ranging from when its OK to throw your seat-cushion into the sumo ring, to whether to take a tent or sleeping bag to Wimbledons overnight ticket queue. The book also profi les games (as distinct from sports), because youd kick yourself if you left town without seeing the Great Fruitcake Toss or Pooh Sticks

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  • Championship, and features essays on historical sports before big-wave surfi ng, there was big volcano surfi ng.

    A Year of Sport Travel redefi nes the calendar year. Every week of every month profi les four events. One of them could be the inspiration for your next trip. Instead of fi nding Christmas in the fourth week of December, for example, you could fi nd yourself among 200 or so participants running the streets of Kirkwall, Scotland, in a frenzied mass-football match (see p200). It also nails pegs into the ground by which to navigate, so you can coordinate your next trip to coincide with the Olympics (see p134) or the Camel Cup (see p113). You can either plan your next adventure using the worlds sporting calendar as a compass, or travel the world without leaving the couch: A Year of Sport Travel makes both possible.

    However you use this book, youll fi nd sport travel transforming. It traverses continents, cultures and time. It adds to our knowledge, our self-awareness and tantalises our taste for adventure all elements that make us human. And the opportunities are there all year, every year.

    00-intro-yst1.indd 500-intro-yst1.indd 5 30/04/2009 9:28:26 AM30/04/2009 9:28:26