 Welcome! March 18, 2014 1/5/2016.  Explore your personal interests.  Learn more about careers in healthcare.  Help you discover your Career Path

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Text of  Welcome! March 18, 2014 1/5/2016.  Explore your personal interests.  Learn more about...

  • Explore your personal interests.

    Learn more about careers in healthcare.

    Help you discover your Career Path.


  • Have you ever had a job that you did not like?

    What did you learn about yourself?

    A goal is - a dream with a plan and a deadline.


  • Each of us has a unique set of skills, interests, abilities and personality styles we use to get our work done.

    We tend to be happiest when were pursuing those things (job duties & task) that are in alignment with what comes natural to us.

    Many employers refer to this as Job Fit.


  • **

  • When you reflect on your own personality, what are the words that come to mind?

    What are the things in life that bring you joy?

    What are occupations, professions, careers you are currently interested in?

    What connects and disconnects do you see and feel between your left and right hand columns. **

  • Organizes Occupations6 clusters12 regions26 career areas (similar jobs)Graphically shows how occupations relate to each other through primary work tasksA personalized report is providedReport suggests Map regions and career areas on the World-of-Map for more exploration


  • Computerized QuestionnaireAnswer questions based on like and dislikeGenerates a list of careers based on your answersIndicates best careers based on your personalityCareers are classified into Job Zones (little preparation to extensive preparation)Provides numerous careers for each Job Zone


  • Government Website Helps people research jobs and careers.www.Mynextmove.orgTied to the results of the computerized Career Interest Profiler.Results should tell youThe characteristics you have What jobs they could fit.**

  • Government Website - www.onetonline.orgA great tool for career exploration and job analysis!Can search jobs by industry or related job family.Can search jobs based off your own interests, skills, and knowledge.

    Tied to the results of the computerized Career Interest Profiler.

    Results should open your eyesRealize your own personality traits and how they correspond to particular jobsDiscover the skills and abilities needed for the job.Recognize the amount of education and preparation required for the job.Gather information regarding wages and employment opportunities.


  • Operations/Non-ClinicalPatient AccessHealth Information ManagementFinancePatient AccountingLEANSocial Work

    ClinicalLaboratory ServicesNursingPhysician/Physician AssistantRespiratory TherapyRadiology/ImagingNeuroscienceOncology


  • RespectEnergyWork EthicFlexibility

    Open to LearningDiversityCompassionPatience


  • AfterYou have done researchYou know your personality, interests, and how they will fit the jobNowStart your career pathGain experienceInternVolunteerNetwork


  • Build your skills and your resumeCommunity work is a great way to build your resume and your skillsDevelop a Career NetworkCommunity involvement is one of the best ways to make connections and foster relationshipsEnhance Your Education One of the best ways to learn is through experience.


  • For those just entering the workforce or transitioning to a new field, internships offer a terrific opportunity to get your foot in the door. Often internships provide the springboard to a full-time or permanent position within the company or your field of interest.**

  • The Opportunity to Help Others

    A Challenging and Fast-Paced Work Environment

    Industry Growth

    Flexible Hours

    Competitive Pay and BenefitsJobs in DemandRegistered Nurses

    Medical Assistants

    Patient Care Assistants

    Business Office Coordinators

    Entry-Level positions**

  • **Resume Format-Name-Career Objective-Qualifications-Employment History-Chronological order-Education

    Tailor Your Resume-Match job description-Showcase your qualifications related to that position

    Resume Tips



    The career coaching process can help you discover the career that fits you a career that matches your interests, skills, and personality. The career coaching process can help you explore potential career options in a logical and comprehensive way and it can help you discover exciting opportunities that fit you.