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Text of I I - isTi.tech.mit.edu/V111/PDF/V111-N9.pdf PAGE 2 The Tech FRIDAY, MARCH 1, 1991 ech E sets:ti

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    ":: :' : ::': :'-"'::'; :::-'~ '....."-'' / .... 'Vipul:,Bhushan/The Tech:Archon FungG' recline;s;in a campset- up byfasfngstudents in Lobby 7. Heais one of five

    students fasting.for-one-Week in remembrance of the people who have been lkilled in Operation- Desert Storm. , - ? LM ,1,,......,._. .. _

    t a'''den's. caseg ranted State psyechiatrist

    - .* ' By.Katherine SWim . In a pre-tfial conference 'yesterday,. Judge .Paul A. Chernoff

    granted to'the: prosecution the'use-of a state psychiatrist to eval- uate Steven A. Baden::'.92 . - .- . Asiistat `:isti'fc{, A/tOimey (Cispin Birnbaun sad. an Jinsanity - plea may be Bide.s priiimar'y' defens/t0',the charges he faces, of burning a dwelling and five counts of aimed assault with intent . o muniiden: @\

    . :. Bade- hb~as ,'`pleatd'ed: irinncent to .the charges b;'rought after, he:s), :s"admitt'ed ,"!o' se~ii~g ~a',fire i'nthe, ksher suite" in, Burton- ' ',,,:CnnerHome Jani 18: -- , ~' : "

    -t' ': ' T 'fa'6.dee' mimtendsi to rely:on a, defense of insaiy"'Bi; bauni] s'aid;,, ,";"an Sdo .fr :the 'defendant [Baden] has ,only- been' evaluted by a psyhiarit : f:his y choosing." ---. ~h'e-status._heaing'date. was set_for. March `25" and' thetrial *1-will octu une-3. . - , - - ' .. "; Bid n-was arreSted Jan. 18 ,after police investigatOrs found a roled-up newspaperin, the. suit'e, bunt on one end,- and the

    p, Vp Wr-mark of gasoline i frintr of all the suifedoors -except the Adoobf;to. Baidns'room,. Later 'th day' B aden amitted ,to,

    ,,~ ,':Baen, is- curreitiy ton- pre-4til, probationwithi htbe conditiOn · ai he:!stay .way: '£rom :M ITh t'and all prosecu{ion' witnesesss .. ,






    .b ,i 4 , t'h, , -N ew s. ,5 .Se. prase : .}-,. ..., i a- · ,- ,,~ /t,~, - 20 '

    . imi.S ltac sB- Umtin :Set ol-neceia tm oi add remoinwl

    thi efflecti~~~~~~~vei98 liiiis - X @ n 6 r f i -J~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    L as To and et-I I I

    By Joey marquez pounas. 'ne robber also naa a The Student Center Committee distinctive thin moustache, the

    24-Hour Coffee House in the police said. Julius A.', Stratton '23 Student So far the Campus Police have Center was robbed twice this no leads and no suspects. winter. The crimes, which Cam- Due -to the sudden nature of

    ->pus,-Activities Complex- program the first -crime, the Campus -coordinato~r-T~d B. Johnson,.said .Police-did not arrive soon enough

    .:were probably committed by the after the "call in," giving the lsame person, resulted'in a loss of robber' enough time to escape. $150; -' The employee was unable to run

    -,,,The first robbery occurred after the robber since he had sole Dec. 14 at approximately 4 am responsibility for the coffee and approximately $80 was sto- house, the police report said, len.. In the second robbery The second robbery, which Jan. 8, the thief made off with occurred at 2:05 am, prompted $70. the coffee house to take action to

    The coffee house did not, suf- improve its security. fer significantly from the two -Campus Police Deputy Chief robberies, Johnson said. James F Mahoney Jr. said he

    Both crimes were committed in the earlv hours of the mornina (Please turn to page 13)

    use iter

    _!- _. _A -__'

    .Bosto'n,attorney discusses draft

  • PAGE 2 The Tech FRIDAY, MARCH 1, 1991

    ech E sets:ti .i :mits. -on master'ys 'pro'gram i.'

    (Continued from page 1) degrees was 10.3 semesters - approximately five years. Th data was collected over the per od .1984-1986. The number repre sents 'an average increase of nir months compared to data take over the period 1975-1977.

    Doctoral evaluations recommended

    For doctoral students, Perkin recommended that department make a periodic evaluation of thi progress made by a candidate i his doctoral program.

    Although the evaluation i expected to be filled out by stu dents as well as faculty, "it J difficult to get a frank and a open assessment from the stu dents," Perkins said. "In cases c dispute, the student is always at disadvantageous position."

    Perkins added, "In institutioni like MIT, the reasons for. th- increase in time for completio are slightly different' Most c our students are supported b research assistantships or fellow ships and hence, teaching load not likely to be the main contrit uting factor.

    "One of the reasons is the ir creasing complexity of the prot lems themselves. Department that are based on experimenta programs, such as biology, shoi a higher increase in time to grad uate than the departments whic conduct;:research on data that i already: ,available, such, as ecc nomics. This is probably due t the fact that it is taking longe time - tO>`set up the experiment now than what it used to take few years ago," Perkins said.

    Soninffsaid, "It is difficult tc force the PhD program .into common mold and to insist on certain time to graduate,' an, hence we must expect a wider to] erance in the time to comple tion," Sonin said.

    "'Mahy times we do not knom the 'specific 'reasons for th increasing trend and hence ther is no S'pecific way by which w can enforce a time to graduation for PhD candidates" he-added.

    Nationwide concern over duration of doctoral program, There.~-has been nationwid

    concern.- over the time student take to complete graduate pro grams in American universities.

    A policy statement- issued b: the Association of Graduat Schools in November 1990 noted "Many :students [who enroll in doctoral programs] are takin, too long to complete their de grees. In 1988, the median 'regis

    tered time to degree was 6. - years." is The report- further estimate ri- -that the average attrition rate : i e- the. do ctoral programs -is -5 n. percent.,. en The report identified "exces

    sive teaching"' as armajor contrit utor to the prolonged time fo completion of doctoral degrees The report noted further tha

    ns "graduate students becom its caught in a financial vice, wit he teaching as their sole source c n support.

    "The emergence of new an is specialized subfields may lead t u- an accumulation of new 'options is in graduate study. If unchecke n by faculty counsel, the student u- can postpone their advancemen

    to candidacy through a real o a perceived need to · demonstrat

    mastery of several subfields'," thi ,is report stated.-

    .le ,The AGS report-was circulate n at a February meeting of -thi

    Committee on -Graduate Schoc VU1

    ~~~~~- - ~ ~ ~ ~ ;.·. · 'h . : E


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    It .

    )r :, ~: : ; ' . . . . :' ' :: i~i:(1)/:i;::)!/:?;{ipul BhushanlThe Tech .e 'Jeremy M. Wolfe PhD 81 explains the randomness of vision in humaqn-life during his:

    'Speech "From the Invisible-to the,.institute." Over 300 students,,attended ,the speech,, Tuesday night in Kresge-Auditorium, The MIT Lecture Series. Committeewhich spon-.:]

    -d sored "the lecture, billed it'as the "last chance. to hear-Wolfer W hie he is:still an MIT ie '-professor." Wolfe was denied tenure last Spring, a-decisiomnthat.upset many of his:. , DI students.

    y rouicy (C~ ) ,- Perkins said, "The-contents of '' a s the, report and the relevance of A ivva rLtf:ast Tor eek - their recommendations to MITwill be discussed in detail in our (Continued from page 1) : tens of thousands who have beenything aboutthe - [CGSP's] subsequent meetings." Planning for the fast- began in killed.", - . war,":she:said. - ~- Studies indicate that the time response to the allied forces'- (In a televised address Wednes- Anotherreason Pyne gave for s for completing doctoral degrees initiation" of a ground warla'st day evening, President George her. .involvement was the contin l has increased by one year at the weekend. But with news of r Bsh oclaimed allied -victory ued need to raise.!awareness and

    v University of California at Berke- military success in the liberation and announced that a cease-fire inform people-about the situation . ley and the University of Michi- -of KuWait, the purpose of the ,ould begin that night.at. 12:00. in; the. Middle-:,Eas-. "People h gan over theperiod 1984-1986. fast turned to remembering "the am EST.) aren't gettingthe right informa-"To~~ a ' ,: of - ' : ; a r nte-t, .ngh'intherig h ionfomas ' : : i: :'~ i " !~-:,. "To a-lot of people it's the end. tion: or enough:-i nformati'n," she ,- ~ n~fnn n~fnrn~_~"of a war and'a time to' cele: .said.';.:.'..':":t:_'.....':.':,:::.::.:a:..r d a time to cele-'said.Boston =~ ~..~,=~ educates~=-=vl~ ~,r~,~,~,~,.~,-~,r. -. :':., brate," said Hninhnin Pyne.G, D~espite;:-a .general:'feeling :ofstudent om',n~~ '~ ~I~ -Irlll~a'~a~f~ii Q:" ' who intends to fastwuntil today. frustration,,- man~;yactivists saiddraftm proced~vm ·wm~m~. :l[~ ,~a~v~, ~,,uresv~;; i· "One:of the reasons why we're they were pleased :by`:! the response

    (Conti"ued from-page 1) Also-if a student were drafted,, here is because we want people to. ':tthey:were receiyifrom the MIT he would have ony 10 days: to, :stop and: think.. A...A lot coc0mniuui-ty&:;.. :.

    - process. After receiving a notice file a. discharge for medical, :reli- people have died." :The numberof people who'e a that he has been drafted, a stu- gious or dependency reasons, or Pyne's statements:' echoed the s!oppel by, has'?been tremen- a dent has 10 days to respond. He as a conscientious objector. : concerns of both fasting students dons,";Bel.-Hsaid~i// "We've been d" will -then be-summoned to take A conscientious objector and theirsupporters for -Iraqi ca- ;iving.out:a -lot of blackand' - - his. physical. If a student:,passes -would have.hiscaser