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Strategic Thinking 2011 wheresjenny.com Strategic ThinkingVocabulary Holistic: Considering a system as a whole, not as a collection of parts.Integrated: To form into one whole; to make entire; to complete; to renew; to restore; to perfectImplementation: The process of putting a decision or plan into effect; executionInnovative: Introduction of a new idea into the marketplace in the form of a new product or service or an improvement in organization or process.Imperative: An essential or urgent thing

2011 wheresjenny.com Strategic ThinkingVocabulary English French holisticHolistiqueintegratedintgrimplementationexcutioninnovativenovateurimperativeimpratif 2011 wheresjenny.com Strategic Thinking

What is Strategic Thinking?A series of questions created to help generate a new way of thinking about a problem or issue. 2011 wheresjenny.com Strategic Thinking4Why think strategically?Save time and effort

Attract fundingGet people on boardEnhance chances of successTry to take over the world!

2011 wheresjenny.com Strategic ThinkingSkills for Strategic Thinking

Have a VisionDo not be HastyMake Time

Have Clear Milestones

Use a Team

Learn from Experience 2011 wheresjenny.com Strategic ThinkingHave a VisionThey are great at both thinking with a strategic purpose as well as creating a Visioning process. They have both tools in their kit and they use both to complement each other. This form of supportive thinking and seeing the future, creates a way of thinking and evolving strategy that is focused and yet broad.Make TimeIn a busy businesses and organisations, be they small or large, making the time is vital. At the top of their game key strategic thinkers take time out. Maybe a retreat (maximum points!); maybe a day in a hotel foyer; maybe an afternoon somewhere/anywhere, with a blank sheet and a thinking hat on. Whatever works for them - but they do it.Are Not HastyThe clue is in the description, Strategic Thinking is not about today, tomorrow or next week. In close partnership with holding a clear vision for the business future, these two create the tomorrows of the future. But not tomorrow! This is shaping, coaxing, tuning for a quality business performance in the years to come. Great exponents take time to fine tune, revise and engineer quality futures!Learn from ExperienceOver time, these folk use their experiences, small and large, to think better on strategic issues. This makes their use of this time really efficient and particularly effective. There are learned short-cuts to the perhaps more formalized strategic planning process and experience is a huge, valuable added bonus.Use a TeamBy utilising more than just their own brain (though this is vital for some of the process!), those great at Strategic Thinking bounce ideas off others in the workplace and encourage their input above and beyond their delivery of the day job. The old adage that 1+1=3 in the input of thinking is hugely valid. And 5 people make a much more significant contribution than 2 - and so on!Have Clear MilestonesBy creating checks in their thinking, to review progress, they have the opportunity to tweak. They have an innate ability to spot the twists and turns necessary. A 5,000 mile journey by a jet plane reaches the destination only by regular and consistent course checks and adjustments.

6Find Strategy in Everyday Tasks.Crossing the road

Finding out how to put 20% of your salary in savings

Finding out how to make a new dish with leftovers in the fridge

2011 wheresjenny.com Strategic ThinkingWhats their strategy?

Move early to the next battlegroundIntroduce a new piece to the game boardLock up resourcesAlly with a partner outside your market 2011 wheresjenny.com Strategic ThinkingWalmart - While large retailers such as Sears, JC Penny, and Kmart positioned stores only in large city and town centers, Walmart took the opposite approach: it focused on smaller towns, in part to avoid direct competition, and in part because it believed the battleground would shift, moving toward small towns and suburbs as consumers began migrating to suburban neighborhoods and subsequently preferred suburban to city-center retail stores.

Honda - Honda opted to partner with a family-owned bicycle firm. By partnering with Hero, Honda could potentially convert bicycle dealers into motorcycle dealers and could source materials through Heros vast distributor network. Hero Honda used Heros experience managing independent dealers to establish a powerful network of 5,000 outlets.

Pepsi/Coco-Cola Coco cola added a new player to the board: independent bottling subsidiary Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE). This enabled it to compete effectively with Pepsi for regional grocery chain customers, while also achieving significant cost savings by renegotiating superior terms with suppliers and retailers, merging purchasing, and cutting its workforce by 20 percent.

iPod - But Toshiba had recently developed a revolutionary new hard drive that would allow Apple to introduce an MP3 player that approximated the size of flash-memory-based players but held ten times the number of songs. That allowed Apple to make its move: it purchased Toshibas entire inventory of these new hard drives to prevent competitors like Sony from following too closely. By locking up Toshibas supply, at least temporarily, Apple made it impossible for competitors to match the iPods performance.8Grammar Topic Theyre, Their or There 2011 wheresjenny.com Strategic ThinkingTheyre, Their or There

These threehomophonesoften lead to difficulty. Try to make sure that you know which is which:

"they're"is perhaps the easiest to remember. It is the shortened form of"they are".For example: They're catching a flight at 11.45.

"their"means"belonging to them".For example: Their house is in Elm Street.

"there"has two uses: 1) to mean a placeFor example: The post office is over there.

2) with the verb "to be" (in phrases like "there is", "there are" etc)For example: There are 26 letters in the alphabet. 2011 wheresjenny.com Strategic ThinkingDirections: Fill in the blanks with the appropriate choicetheir, there, or they're.

1. __________ going on vacation next week.2. They love __________ neighborhood.3. __________ is a banana on the table.4. Liza Minelli is right over __________.5. Those kids look like __________ having fun.6. The expressions on __________ faces gave them away.7. I like these flowers because __________ colorful.8. __________ the only relatives I have left in the world 2011 wheresjenny.com Strategic Thinking