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2007 DataCore Software Corp DataCore Announces SANsymphony 6.0 Enterprise Edition Slide 2 2 Briefing Topics SANsymphony 6.0: A New User-Driven Era SAN Domains -Intelligent Quality of Service Virtual SANs Span the SAN Network Configuration versus Device level -Group Operations, Wizards, etc. Unified Channel Architecture Fibre Channel and iSCSI New Intelligent Storage Infrastructure Diagnostic Sub-system High-Availability GRID N+1 Data Protection and Scalability State-of-the-art Automation and Auto-provisioning New Virtualization Services -SANmotion data migration for Windows -CDP and time addressability through Traveller CPR SANsymphony 6.0 the first half of Virtualization II Slide 3 3 SANsymphony 6.0: A New User-Driven Era in Storage and SAN Infrastructure Management Just buying more hardware would not have solved our problems. We needed a smarter approach that would allow us to control and automate storage across our entire environment, and decided to go virtual with DataCore. Once you do so and look back, the old storage box approach seems so primitive. SANsymphony 6.0 made the jump easy. We run DataCore in tandem with VMware and together they allocate resources as needed, where needed, over our IP and Fibre Channel networks. Instead of wrestling with hardware, SANsymphony has made storage a network utility a service for our users and applications. - Michael Gayle, Director of IT, Calvary Chapel. Slide 4 4 SANsymphony 6.0: A New User-Driven Era in Storage and SAN Infrastructure Management Storage virtualization is a game for experienced players. During the six years that DataCore has been in business they did the basics and learned a lot from their customers. They are applying this knowledge now in building a platform for the future that addresses a range of services that newcomers have yet to fathom. After the announcement of Enterprise Edition 6.0, if someone thinks DataCore is a niche player, think again! The timing couldn't be better as we see 2007 as the "year storage virtualization goes mainstream." Arun Taneja, Founder, President and Consulting Analyst of the Taneja Group. Slide 5 5 SANsymphony 6.0: A New User-Driven Era in Storage and SAN Infrastructure Management DataCore Softwares SANsymphony 6.0 represents the next generation of virtualization. It begins to change the focus of the conversation from how companies manage their storage to how they manage their enterprise. - Jerome M. Wendt, Chief Analyst and President, Datacenter Infrastructure Group Inc. - Industry-standard storage and infrastructures can be managed as sets of services and shared resources that can be dynamically defined for and allocated to different business units or projects. - IT Managers can regulate and automate adding capacity, data protection levels, and performance non-disruptively based on business demand. - Storage hardware failures can be automatically overcome with no or minimal disruption. - Business data can be protected with no impact to production SLAs. - Applications can be provisioned with storage instantly and recovered at the same or remote locations easily regardless of the operating system and hardware. Slide 6 6 SANsymphony 6.0: Next Generation Storage Services Intelligent SAN Domains Quality of Service (QOS) Management Hybrid FC and Enterprise iSCSI Automatic Thin Provisioning Tiered Storage Classes Data Replication Services Remote IP Mirroring Mirror & Spanned Storage Pools Distributed Resource Pooling Resource & Performance Monitoring Extensive Diagnostics and Report Tools Data Protection Services Performance Acceleration Span the SAN Group and Pool Commands New Virtualization Services and more - CDP Time Addressability, SANmotion, etc. Slide 7 7 SAN Domains: Intelligent Virtual SANs within the physical SAN which dramatically improve Resource, Performance, and Quality of Service (QOS) Level Management. Flexible SAN Domains match organizational needs Slide 8 8 Tiered Storage Classes Storage matched to application Takes into account - Criticality differences - Performance Level - Cost for service delivery Premium arrays Lower cost storage Slide 9 9 Centralized Storage and SAN Infrastructure Management and Control Slide 10 10 SAN Domains: Performance, Usage and Monitoring Slide 11 11 Multiple collaborating SANsymphony storage domain server nodes manage and control the SAN infrastructure, SAN domains and the network storage pools; working to allocate resources, regulate performance and services, define mirror relationships, automate capacity provisioning, monitor status Span the SAN Usability and Productivity Services Slide 12 12 Span the SAN Usability and Productivity Services Manage, Monitor & Control the Many! Slide 13 13 Enhanced Productivity Manage Groups of Objects Apply operations and policies against Entire groups of resources. Example: Select Group Enable: Snapshots, AIM Async IP Mirroring H/A Network Mirrors, Set Volume Size Slide 14 14 Consolidate & Automate Storage Resource Management Slide 15 15 Simple Point, Click, Drag and Drop Mappings Slide 16 16 Extensive Command and Control Structure Plus Intelligent Diagnostic Sub-systems - Disk Manager - Fibre Channel Manager - iSCSI Manager - Disk Path Manager - Diags and Support Info - Trace Console Slide 17 17 Next-Gen N+1 GRID Scalability, Business Continuity and Data Protection Map any virtual volume to any app server Only virtual volumes are paired not SDS (not a cluster, not a dual controller) Nodes do not share state High-availability (H/A) virtual volumes are independent of hardware failures including any SDS Faster restoration of H/A on failure Optimally amortizes cost of redundancy Slide 18 18 Performance and Availability Beyond DualN+1 Ultra High-Level Availability Enterprise Performance Scalability Beyond Dual Controllers Beyond Clusters 1 2 3,4,5 Slide 19 19 Each SANsymphony Storage Domain Server SDS adds to SANs I/O Budget Incremental Cache Incremental Bandwidth Incremental Ports Increased Resiliency I/O Operations Per Second 2.2 GB/sec 1.1 GB/sec 3.3 GB/sec Throughput Per Second N+1 GRID Scalable Performance Slide 20 20 High-Availability and Disaster Recovery Between unlike storage Sync or Async Mirroring IP mirroring No channel converters Unlimited distances Bi-directional One-to-many Many-to-one Slide 21 21 Enterprise iSCSI and Network Agnostic "SANsymphony 6.0 makes it practical to build robust, scalable SANs using standard IP networks and LANs utilizing iSCSI protocols." Industry first solution to support path failover across either Fiber Channel or iSCSI or both. FC primary path and iSCSI secondary failover path or vice versa. N+1 architecture upgrade and scale storage servers using iSCSI links Network-wide storage services available over iSCSI and or FC infrastructures. IP-based, Synchronous and Asynchronous remote site disaster recovery services SANmotion services over iSCSI for simple data migration. Diskless Boot from SAN and rapid emergency recovery for iSCSI IP SANs. iSCSI serves: Microsoft Clusters, VMs (e.g., VMware ESX) and Blade Servers. In order to gain modern storage functionality and failover protection features, one often has to give up iSCSI altogether. DataCore rectifies that." - Ziya Aral, CTO and Chairman, DataCore Software Slide 22 22 First True Enterprise iSCSI Alternate Paths Primary Paths Network H/A Mirror Flexible Multi-Pathing Primary Paths can be FC And Secondary Paths iSCSI Or Vice Versa Comprehensive End-to-End, Multi Path SAN Failover. Across FC, iSCSI or Both, resulting in true wire agnosticism without sacrificing enterprise capability. Slide 23 23 Network Agnostic Unified Channel Architecture Multi-vendor Storage Devices FC and or iSCSI VMwareUNIXWindowsMacOs Linux Storage Virtualization Server Nodes Application Servers Slide 24 24 Powerful Data Migration and Re-Purposing Services Easily migrate the old to the new SANmotion, Proxy Volumes, New Thin Provisioning Storage Pool Classes Simple to Replace or Repurpose old arrays Enable Virtualization Features and Services as you need them Slide 25 25 Automated Storage Capacity Management State-of-the-art Thin Provisioning Very large virtual disk assigned to each server Small fraction of real capacity allocated to each virtual disk Storage pool contains just enough space to meet near-term demand for all servers SANsymphony automatically allocates additional space based on actual disk use SANsymphony 6.0 adds new classes of H/A Thin Provisioning Pools plus Hot Swap capabilities 6 * 2 TB = 12 TB Virtual 4 TB Physical Slide 26 26 Advanced Automation Services Auto-Failover and Smart Auto-Recovery Services Prioritize data volume recovery to speed up critical business applications Applications are not equal! E-mail Exchange, DataBase, Customer Support, Order Entry. Slide 27 27 New Virtualization Services SANsymphony + Traveller: Virtualization Meets CDP Flexible both in time (any) and space (virtual) Hardware independent Software Design Timeshifting and Virtualization Productivity Open and Scalable Cross-Application: Exchange, SQL, Sybase, Oracle, etc. Cross-System: Windows/Linux/VMware/Netware/MacOS/Solaris/AIX/UNIX Cross-Storage: Open and Mixed Vendor Storage Pooling Cross-Site: Failover protection (another room, building, campus) Non Disruptive to Operations, Agent Free and Host Transparent Zero Impact Backups, Behind the Scenes Business Continuance and Recovery No software agents and host based mirroring impacts and bottlenecks Time Addressable Storage: Dial back the clock true state restoration Slide 28 28 MakeTime #1 SANsymphony Integrates New Classes of Virtualization Services that span the SAN topologyTraveller CDP Traveller Timestamps and Logs All Changes Application Layer Image MakeTime Virtual Volume Change Log File Test Servers MakeTime #2 Time Restored Good State MakeTime #3 Backups Application Transparent Business Continuance Other Apps. MakeTime #4, #5, #6 Travel in Time Fast R