© 2000 Scott Moses Action Management Process Scott Moses Assistant Professor School of Industrial Engineering.

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2000 Scott Moses Action Management Process Scott Moses Assistant Professor School of Industrial Engineering Slide 2 Your Career Requested to do more than you will have time to do Im Swamped, I Am Working 18 Hour Days and Still Couldnt Get It Done Responsibility continues to grow the gap between requests and completions actually increases. The result? Voice mails and e-mails dont necessarily get responses People fail to meet commitments Meetings are canceled when people don't show up Effective management requires prioritization, delegation, and tracking of tasks I Dont Have Adequate Staffing to Do That Individuals and teams need to control WIP (Lead time proportional to WIP) To control the output of a factory running at full capacity, you must selectively control starts and manage WIP. High levels of WIP will increase Cycle Time and result in Poor Quality Output. Slide 3 Commitments Successful people keep their commitments by choosing their commitments Simply let your Yes be Yes, and your No, No -- Jesus (Matthew 5:37) Slide 4 Action Management Process A -- Active Action Actions that are currently being worked on B -- Action in Backlog Actions that are going to be done but are not currently being worked on C -- Action Under Consideration Actions identified as potential good ideas but not yet sanctioned D -- Action Delegated Actions delegated to another person or group E -- Action Ended Before Finished Actions terminated for whatever reason F -- Action Finished Actions completed with deliverables achieved Slide 5 5 Action Management Process Active Actions 1234512345 A Delegated Actions 123123 D Finished Actions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 F Ended Actions 123123 E Backlog Actions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 B C Considered Actions 123123 Slide 6 6 The Basic Process Process All Active Actions Relative Priority? Should Any Be Ended? Process All Finished Actions Were The Deliverables Achieved? What Feedback and/or Learnings Do We Need to Process? Process All Delegated Actions Who Owns These? Are They On Schedule? Should Any Be Ended? Process All Backlog Items Are They Still Valid? Should Any Move To Active or Ended Status? Process All Considered Actions Move Any to Backlog? Any New Ones to Add? Should Any Be Deleted? WEEKLY PERIODICALLY Slide 7 My Implementation: Tool Word Document MS Word Outline View Heading Item Notes XX:XX Appointment Notes Item Notes Heading Assign Keyboard commands to easily Promote, Demote, Move Up, Move Down Slide 8 My Implementation: Documents Active.doc: Active This Week Calendar.doc: Calendar Scheduled events and appointments for next week and beyond Weekly.doc: Weekly Template Regular meetings (class) Weekly-repeating Items Monthly.doc: Monthly Template Yearly.doc: Yearly Template Birthdays, Car registration Slide 9 My Implementation: Process Progress Each Item that is Ended or Finished: Move from current location in Active to the Ended or Finished list for this week Each week: Save the list of Ended and Finished Items as YYMMDDfinished.doc Weekly Planning Copy the Weekly Template into the Active list. Add Items from Calendar for this week. Select Items to be done this week from the Backlog and Consider lists. WA CalABA C A E F Slide 10 My Implementation: Process Delegate (Also if asked for response or bought something) Put on Delegated list: MM.DD Description Each week: Review the Delegated list and make follow up calls Monthly Planning Plan to do the Items on the Monthly Template Annual Planning Copy the Items from the Yearly Template into the Calendar Mon YearCal A D Slide 11 Other Notes Why keep lists of Ended and Finished Items? These can come in handy Retrieve notes on Ended Items that get resurrected Retrieve notes on Finished Items that are needed later you will have a good idea of roughly what week you made that phone call etc and can retrieve your notes You may want to have subcategories in the Backlog and Consider lists for different categories of work. Slide 12 My Implementation: Example ACTIVE THIS WEEK Items to do this week THURSDAY Appointments and Items to do on a certain day FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY ACTIVE (Continued) NEXT WEEK Items that must be done next week that you become aware of this week DELEGATED 04.01Description ENDED Item and description FINISHED Item and description Slide 13 My Implementation: Example CALENDAR MARCH Undated item MM.DD Item description APRIL MAY WEEKLY THIS WEEK MONDAY HH:MM Regular appointment TUESDAY SUNDAY NEXT WEEK ENDED FINISHED Slide 14 My Implementation: Example YEARLY JANUARY FEBRUARY DECEMBER Slide 15 2000 Scott Moses To view this presentation, go to www.ecn.ou.edu/moses/www/teaching.htm and click on the link for Action Management Process www.ecn.ou.edu/moses/www/teaching.htm


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