Water Heating Options and Solar Water

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Learn about different types of solar hot water heaters including conventional electric and gas/propane, tankless or on-demand, and solar water heaters. http://wintersunllc.com

Text of Water Heating Options and Solar Water

  • 1. Water Heating
    Water Heating
    Exploring Energy Efficiency Options
    James Pader
    Winter Sun Construction

2. Hot Water Usage:
National Averages
Source: ACEEE
3. 14% of $2200 is $308
Energy Prices Will Increase
Source: http://www.energystar.gov/index.cfm?c=products.pr_pie
4. Water Heating
Water Heating
Types of Water Heaters
On-demand systems heat water for use when needed.
Storage systems store heated water in a pressurized tank.
5. On-demand Systems

  • Also called instant or tankless

6. Water is heated when needed 7. Electricity, natural gas, propane 8. No standby loss from tank 9. Can save energy if hot water usage is low 10. Electric tankless should be used only for remote or seldom-used locations 11. Cost of equipment: $400-$1000