Top Security Apps for Apple iPhone or iPad

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Top Security Apps to keep your Apple Smartphones secure and safe


<ul><li> 1. Top Security Apps for</li></ul> <p> 2. Find My iPhoneAvailable for iOS 5 or later versions,the Find my iPhone functionality withiniCloud lets you track your devicewhen it gets lost or stolen.With Find My iPhone turned on, if yourphone is lost or stolen, you can locateit, display a message on the screen,play a sound for two minutes, and lockand/or wipe the device remotely. Youdont need the free Find My iPhone appto find your own iPhone if its lost, butthe app allows you to use your iPhoneto perform the same functions foranother iOS device. 3. Virus BarrierVirusBarrier iOS by Intego allows filesto be securely opened on the iPhone.This app stops viruses and malwarefrom passing through your iPhone,causing damage to your phone orpassing to your computer. With this on-demandscanner, you can validate,view and save any e-mail attachment,file on your device, or file from aremote location (such as Dropbox,Google Drive or SkyDrive) for viruses,worms, Trojan horses, and all otherknown Mac OS X and Windowsmalware.It can be used for iOS 4 or later andcost only $0.99 4. GadgetTrakGadgetTrak offers slightly differentfunctionality from Find My iPhone. Ifyour iPhone is stolen, you can use thedevices built-in cameras to take aphoto of the thief something Find MyiPhone doesnt offer. And while FindMy iPhone allows you to view youriPhones location on a map,GadgetTrak shows your deviceslocation at pre-set intervals, allowingyou to view past locations as well asthe current one.Available on App Store for $3.99 and iscompatible to iOS 4 or later. 5. SplashID Safefor iPhoneSplashID Safe for iPhone enablessecure storage of your onlinepasswords, as well as credit card data,account numbers, registration codesand more. An automatic passwordgenerator helps create strongpasswords, stored data is protectedusing 256-bit Blowfish encryption, andthe app syncs over Wi-Fi with thecompanys desktop software.Compatible with iOS 4.3 for only$19.95 6. 1Password ProAgileBits 1Password Pro offers functionalitysimilar to SplashID, with one keydifferentiator the app offers the option ofsyncing with the 1Password desktopsoftware via Dropbox in addition to Wi-Fi.Your 1Password data are encrypted beforethey get stored or transmitted anywhere,AgileBits explains on its website. If you useDropbox to sync your 1Password dataacross devices, a copy of your 1Passworddata will be stored on the Dropbox system.Even if Dropbox were to be compromised,an attacker would need your masterpassword, which only you know, to decrypt your 1Password data.Available on App Store for $8.99 and iscompatible to iOS 6 or grater. 7. www.VVPhones.comEXPERTS IN MOBILE DEVICES </p>


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