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<ul><li><p>Do You Want to Be a Better iPhone Photographer? </p><p>The iPhone 5 is an exceptionally powerful photography tool. Its 8MP camera packs a punch and enables you to take </p><p>great photographs whose quality and resolution can rival the many digital cameras out there. With the right set of </p><p>accessories for your iPhone, you can take your iPhone photography to the next level. There are different iPhone </p><p>accessories that you can use to improve your ability to take great pictures. Learn about 3 essential accessories that </p><p>every aspiring photographer needs to take better photographs with their iPhone. </p><p>Essential Accessories for iPhone Photography: </p><p>iPhone Photography Accessory #1: Flexible iPhone Tripod </p><p>There are various flexible leg tripods available in the market for your iPhone. </p><p>These tripods are lightweight and durable. You can easily carry the tripod with you </p><p>in your regular suitcase or backpack and set it right. </p><p>One of the biggest problems with hand-held photography is the shakiness. Most </p><p>novices shake a lot when clicking photographs. And if your environment is a shaky </p><p>environment such as a car, you'll find the quality of your images to be even worse. </p><p>That's where such a tripod becomes extremely valuable. A flexible leg tripod can </p><p>help you take great one-snap photographs or long videos without any shakes. </p><p>iPhone Photography Accessory #2: Shutter Remote for iOS </p><p>If you are hunched in front of your iPhone, attempting to get the shot, you </p><p>might miss out on directing the scene. With a shutter remote, you can </p><p>control the iPhones camera shutter up to 35 feet away. This is especially </p><p>helpful if the director of the photo needs to be included in the photo. </p><p>In addition to controlling the camera shutter, the remote can control Siri, </p><p>play music and movies, start navigation and more. An all-around useful </p><p>accessory that wont disappoint. </p><p>iPhone Photography Accessory #3: Smartphone Dolly </p><p>If you're are serious about creating movies and cinematic-quality footage with </p><p>your iPhone, the Smartphone Dolly ranks as a supremely versatile and affordable </p><p>means of creating scrolling, panning and other video shots that were previously </p><p>only accessible to those with pro-level equipment. Now anyone with an iPhone </p><p>can create HD video with ultra-smooth panning and tracking with the uniquely </p><p>designed Smartphone Dolly. </p><p>This versatile device works when your iPhone is in or out of a case. With an </p><p>adapter, you can use it with a GoPro as well. Additionally, the mount is detachable </p><p>and can be used with any standard tripod. </p><p></p></li></ul>