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Robert Pratten The Storyworld of Things @robpratten

The Storyworld of Things

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The world is a canvas for storytelling. This presentation discusses how storytellers can use open data and new hardware opportunities to create dynamic, persistent storyworlds.

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2. Twine, a wireless sensor, was inserted into this soft toy and used to send orientation events (face down, lying on back, sat up) to Conducttrso that the toy could tweet and call the owner 3. http://airpi.es/The AirPiis an automatic air quality & weather monitoring device powered by a Raspberry Pi temperature, humidity, air pressure, light levels, UV levels, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and smoke level 4. CO affectscharacters moodtone of tweets & blog postsgame difficulty?Character responses change based on air quality in Mumbai, IndiaIf air quality is good, shes happy otherwise shes grumpy or sad 5. Social Media, Email, PhoneSensor networkAudience interaction with a story online on social media and email was used to personalise a virtualreality (VR) experience using Unity engine and Oculus Rift. See Meet Lucy on next slide. 6. Live VR event in which the simulated environment is personalized based on prior interaction with characters online 7. Real locationExtra-storyGuided adventureSelf-explorationReal historyOnline 8. PublicDataCorporateDataPersonalDataConducttrcan use real-world data as game mechanics to drive a story or rewards 9. Real locationDynamic WorldNarrativeReal history 10. StoryParticipation 11. StoryParticipation 12. Interactive LayerIF this happens THENNarrative LayerJOHN is very ANGRYContent LayerSEND a TEXT messageExperience LayerOMG! I cant believe [email protected] 13. Kernels Key events. Narrative moments where the course of events is decided (Seymour Chatman 1978)SatellitesMinor events. do not entail any choice, but serve to flesh out the consequences and details of the kernels (Seymour Chatman 1978) 14. World BuildingResponsive/Reactive/Interactive EnvironmentNarrative (stories from Author)Narrative (stories from Author)Personal StoriesSatellitesKernals 15. Accelerometer motion dataAmbient temperatureDetect user inputControl onboardLEDsVibrate a buzzer/motorTiny microprocessor for embedding in clothes, wristbands, toys etc. 16. Mobile app talks to metawaredevice and to Conducttr.Conducttr remembers game state, plot points and can communicate to actors as improvisation cues 17. Accelerometer can post tweets and Facebook updates,Social network activity can vibrate/flash devicesCollective behaviour can publish a video or ping the deviceTemperature change or other emotional indicators can change colorsor publish blog posts