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Top 4 Portable Solar Power Kits These Truly are the Best Solar Kits For: *Campers *Adventurers *Survivalists *Military Personnel *Consumers Who Need Emergency Power Solutions

Portable Solar Power Kits

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Portable solar power kits and chargers are one of the best investments mobile owners can do and it is also the best way to stay powered up and connected with family & friends.

Text of Portable Solar Power Kits

  • Top 4 Portable Solar Power Kits
    These Truly are the Best Solar Kits For:
    *Military Personnel
    *Consumers Who Need Emergency Power Solutions
  • 1st Solar Power Kit
    Base Camp Solar Kit
    What Is It?
    Why Does It Matter?
    Who Would Use This?
    How Much?
  • What Is It?
    This all-in-one solar solution are for those serious campers who need power for their portable heaters to laptops their professional sized digital cameras. But if you needed some serious power in case of a power outage then owning this solar system would be able to keep you off the grid and keep your electronics, hot plates and many more devices powered up.
  • Why Does It Matter?
    In case you have not noticed there are many signs from the Bible to the government indicating some sort of crazy global disaster that could devastate millions of people and that circumstance, could be in the near future. Being prepared now could honestly save you the huge headache of doing the preparation while millions of others are doing it. Plus supplies will be much less reachable & limited.
  • Who Would Use This?
    *Campers & Outdoor Adventurers
    *Consumers from countries where the electricity source is rare.
    *Outdoor Professionals-Military, Photographers, etc
    How Much?
    $1,800-$2,100 Dollars
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  • You Thought That Was Powerful?
    The Next Solar Kit Is:
    More Powerful
    Different Models
    Varying Prices
  • 2nd Solar Power Kit
    Power Source 1800
    Power Hub 1800
    PowerHub Plus 1800
  • What Is It?
    All of these solar power kits are full scale solar panels that are able to produce electricity and store it in its massive battery bank. With 3 models to choose, you can be sure to have a mild or extreme solar back up power system.
  • Why It Matters?
    A recent poll indicates a rising trend in the need for suvival gear. Whether this trend is because of increase in the national population or not, the trends have shown to be on an incline for the past 3 years. Having a system in place now before a disaster or serious EMP happens is by far the smartest move that families can take.
    • Features:
    *1800 watts *Integrated handles for easy transportation.*Overload and over-temperature protection to ensure longer PowerSource life.*Sealed, non-spillable 51 amp-hour AGM battery*Recharges from the included solar panel or from home AC wall outlet
  • How Much Power?
    All these units are able to provide power to the battery banks which stores 1800 watts of power. If you needed power for your stove, microwave and just about anything else you would be able to do that quite easily.
    ThinkNo Power=Cold Food & Sick Children & No Cell Phone= Disconnected from family, No Lights=Falling Injuries
  • Who Would Use This?
    *Home owners
    *Military personnel
    *RV Owners
    How Much?
    $1,700-7,000 Dollars
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  • Listen Up Most Convenient Portable Solar Power Kits:
    Cell Phone Owners
  • Do You Need Portable Solar Power:
    College Students
    Everyday Consumers
    Weekend Campers
    Serious Adventurers
    Emergency Survival Gear-Solarized
    If You Fit Any Of These Categories, Pay Attention!
  • 3rd Portable Solar Power Kit
    We Recommend These 3 Solar Chargers For You
    *Nomad 7M Solar Panel Charger
    *K3 Solar Charger
    *Revolve Solar Charger
  • Why Do These Solar Kit Chargers Matter?
    Great QuestionHow many mobile devices do you have?
    -These solar chargers are the hottest
    chargers because 5 billion people in the world own a mobile device, that is only in the cell phone category. Not including GPS, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras and these chargers are spreading across the globe to provide ample portable mobile power.
    Possibly More?
    -Buying these solar chargers provide you with the ability to charge many devices instead of having to purchase individual chargers for each device.-What a drag that can be.
    -They also include an internal battery pack that can have your mobile devices last up to 4 hours or more!
  • 3 Portable Solar Chargers That Rock
    Nomad 7M
    *Charges most devices within 1-3 hours
    *Folds up
    K3 Charger
    *Most powerful internal battery pack
    *Built in Wind Turbine & Solar Panel
    *Comes in 2 colors
    XeMini Solar Charger
    *Charges over 3,000 devices
    *Can charge two devices at once.
    *Fits in your Pocket
  • How Much?-Worth every penny if your mobile dies often or you are camping.
    Nomad 7M Solar Panel- $79.99
    K3 Charger-$89.00
    Revolve Solar Charger-$69.99-$79.99
  • Attention All Hikers & Campers
    Next Solar Power Kits Are For Campers & Hikers That Need Powerful Solar Power Kits That Are All-N-One!
  • 4th Solar Power Kit
    Sherpa 120 Explorer Kit
    *Total Power
    *Affordable Price
    *On Demand Power
    *Easily Portable
    *Light Weight
  • Why Does This Matter?
    *Total Power-Having lots of power(up to 120 watts) is perfect for campers, hunters and other recreation adventurers especially when you need massive power for cameras, heaters and hot plates.
    *Affordable Price-Prices are high enough for small devices but this item includes a solar panel and battery pack as well as an inverter.
    *On Demand Power-Maybe the sun has gone downand you still need a charge, charge your item via the battery pack and the solar panel.
    *Easily Portable Solar panel folds up and can be stored in your bag. And the battery pack and inverter are no bigger than a laptop.
    *Light Weight-No more than 7.5 lbs total
  • Who Will Actually Use This?
    *Nature Photographers
    *Mountain Climbers
    *RV Owners & Campers Who Only Want 1 portable power source instead of many systems.
  • How Much?
    The Costs from
    $759.95 o $799.99
    Pretty Reasonable Once You Realize You Receive A Solar Panel That Is Mono-Crystalline, Battery Pack and Inverter and you can always add more into the system as time goes on.
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  • Where Do You Go From Here?
    Depending on your lifestyle..You probably want to see more solar kits in order for you to make the best decision.
    Check OutLivEcoFriendly.com