Essential of printed circuit boards in electronics

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1. Welcome to 2. 3Mil line PCBWithout the Printed Circuit Boardsthe device cant simply work and willbe just a dead piece of plastic, albeita bit good looking piece of plastic.The best thing about Printed CircuitBoards is that they are foundvirtually everywhere in almost everyelectronic device.30U Gold fing 3. 24 Layers PCBHybrid PCB 4. Standard FR4 PCB4Layer Al PCB 5. Flex PCBFlex-Rigid PCBThe circuit board manufacturers China havebeen global leaders for their quality and costefficiency which is surpasses almost every othermanufacturer by far. These manufacturers havetaken it upon themselves to make and supplyhigh quality Printed Circuit Boards at low priceswhich then automatically reduces the price ofthe appliance or devices too.These Printed Circuit Boards are essentially themost important part of almost every electronicdevice out there and they are also massproduced which makes them quite common inalmost all electronic devices. 6. 55#Road II Dapu GangtouindustrialShajin Town, Shenzhen 518000P.R ChinaTel No: 86-755-23146495Fax No: 86-755-23058012Email:- Pcb@ntcircuits.com